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  1. Offense: LARams Defense: AZ Used: Off - Tenn,Az,Balt,Lac,-,KC Def - Denver,Clev,LV,Cin,-,Pitt
  2. Offense: KC Defense: Pitt Used: Off - Tenn,Az,Balt,Lac,- Def - Denver,Clev,LV,Cin,-
  3. 273.2 good for 12th place. Best week ever by far.
  4. Mentioned before, but sold my $12 Tom Brady for $660 (then had 15% deducted for the sell fees). Looks like it is now going in the $400 range. Sold $12 Jeter for $160. Looks like Jeter is now around $90.
  5. Offense: LAChargers Defense: Cin Used: Off - Tenn,Az,Balt Def - Denver,Clev,LV
  6. Offense: Balt Defense: Las Vegas Used: Off - Tenn,Az Def - Denver,Clev
  7. Thanks for thr reminder. Offense: Arizona Defense: Cleveland Used: Off - Tenn Def - Denver
  8. I thought we were supposed to have our offense score match our defense score. Dang. Will adjust strategy for next week.
  9. Tommy sold for $633, so net of about $530 on the $12 "investment". Jeter only $165ish so far.
  10. Prices are down to lower $600's. I just put Tom up for sale. If he sells I will end up paying 8X in fees over what I bought the NFT for in the first place. Resale is quite the racket.
  11. Brady looks to be $655 now. Just bought the $12 Jeter #875.
  12. Commissioner for 32nd year of our league. Pretty easy now that it is on myfantasyleague.
  13. Looks like price has about doubled. My $12 Brady currently has a low list of $377
  14. My daughter ended up in a similar situation her freshman year. She decided to do sorority rush in order to meet people. She ended up meeting girls with similar interests (musical theater in her case) and joined that sorority. She went from miserable to happy with a fun social life and many new close friends. Related, back in my day the dorm floors had all sorts of "get to know you" events the first weeks of school. They were sometimes awkward, but everyone was in the same boat and that is how I met a ton of people early on. With my daughter, there was nothing along the "get to know you" events. Seemed like most rooms had roommates who knew each other and most had their doors closed all the time. The university's really need to do a better job with integrating the incoming students so they don't end up with good kids miserable in their dorm rooms. Wish you the best of luck.
  15. The new signed Tom Brady NFT went on sale -- 100 at $250. I was about 19500 in line. They are now for reselling at $9000. Not a bad racket for Autograph -- sell it for $250 and then make $900 when it resells. DFK gets $450 on resell.
  16. Based on what I see, the $12 NFT I bought is selling around $180-$190 range. There were 5000 sold originally. The $100 Ruby Premier is approaching $3000. There were 375 sold originally.
  17. Just looked and 572 (out of 5000) of these things are currently listed for sale. There is a 15% commission you have to pay on the sale. Prices range from $170 up to $69,696,696.69 for #69. I don't see a way to find out at what price any of these actually sold at or how many may have sold.
  18. Had $14 in an old draftkings account, but now I have $2 and #4640/5000 Tom Brady NFT. No one is looking at #4640 for free! May try to buy a digital bike and put my digital Tom Brady football card in the spokes of my digital bike. Will check tomorrow to see what these things are going for
  19. I was going to try and do the first one since I have some money over in Draftkings. $12 for one of 5000 Tom Brady NFTs.
  20. Just sold in Huntington Beach for $541/sf and the new buyers gutted it. They had just sold their smaller (but nicer) HB home for about $770/sf.
  21. Bought TRCH at $5.12 last week. Sold 1/3 at $6.30 Friday, 1/3 this morning at $9.50, and final 1/3 at $10.04 May not be optimal but 65% in a few days is hard to pass up.
  22. Whatever it was sure tanked DPLS. Quite the swing today.
  23. I got 2000 at 1.02 earlier today. Up to 1.08 after hours.
  24. I purchased a Hyundai Tucson end of April and so far it has been great. Through Costco got it for $20,300. It was the SE model, the bare bones model. I am 6'3 and plenty of room for me and the person sitting behind me.
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