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  1. I have a Lionel Wabash Cannonball from around 1972 up in my rafters, right next to my Atari 2600. Not worth much, but just don't seem to want to sell them.
  2. Jan 31 Well not unexpectedly after last week I did not hit 240 on my bday yesterday. On the bright side I was 247 so only up 1 pound from low, but still below my 252 start and next week is shaping up to be a bit easier with more ability to exercise. April 2nd Hit 239 today. Watching what I eat, trying to avoid wandering into the kitchen, and getting up and moving more. Also, I see this thread most everyday and just seeing it helps to keep me on track. Congrats to all of you sticking with it and getting healthy and thanks for pulling me along. Have a soccer tournament in Veg
  3. Just south of Carmel -- Point Lobos. The waves crashing on the rocky coast is pretty impressive. You can drive right up to the coast line or do some hiking. Will probably see otters and seals and depending on the time (early spring) maybe whales.
  4. I bought 10 shares at $271.90. A minnow helping out.
  5. GTEH has been mentioned before and it was up over .01 last month and now sitting below .005. Any thoughts on if this might be worth throwing a few dollars at? Twitter search is all over the place so not very useful.
  6. RBLX at 61 (30 shares) on Etrade RBLX at 64.50 (60 shares) on Scwhab
  7. This from the statement -- probability of "discharged alive" at Day 28 (28% versus 11%) -- makes it seems the number of deaths is much higher than 10 and 15.
  8. Survival benefit: There was a 24% reduction in all-cause mortality (primary endpoint of the study) in the leronlimab versus placebo. So there was 166% better rate of leaving the hospital alive, but only a 24% reduction in all cause mortality at the end point? Anyone one have an explanation on this?
  9. Discharge alive: In addition, patients who received leronlimab demonstrated an improved probability of "discharged alive" at Day 28 (28% versus 11%), a 166% better rate than in the placebo group. Guessing a bit on the numbers (it was 2/1 LL/placebo I think), but is this saying that 12 out 43 who got LL lived while 31 died? And 17 of 19 on the placebo died? And this did not include any that might have died later. These numbers combined with hearing the vaccines are 95% effective keeping you from going critical makes me want to get the vaccine asap.
  10. The Lupton spike. He sends out email to paid subscribers and stock instantly spikes 5%. ETA -- actually spiked up 11% before dropping to about 7.5%. Volume went from 200,000 prior to now over 2,200,000. Man, the potential to exploit your following is crazy huge here. Hmm.
  11. I cannot see $FORT in Schwab or Etrade. Is the symbol "FORT"?
  12. His rec came out around 3:10pm and FUSE at 11.08, everyone who got it started buying and it was 12.07 at 3:14. Not a bad gig, get paid to send out a recommendation after starting a position in said recommendation.
  13. Just sold SFIO to cover investment, now free rolling 11,000 shares. Free rolling 18,000 AITX (lucked in to selling at .19 to cover initial investment) UNVC needs to get moving, only up 30% so far. Kudos to the recommenders!
  14. I would be worried if not for Civicbird76 stating on the internet that UNVC could be $20 by the Super Bowl! Still holding!
  15. Well not unexpectedly after last week I did not hit 240 on my bday yesterday. On the bright side I was 247 so only up 1 pound from low, but still below my 252 start and next week is shaping up to be a bit easier with more ability to exercise.
  16. I am out of Naked. Bought at .90 yesterday around 11:30am California time. Sold 25% at 3, 25% at 2.51, and remaining 50% at 2.12. May miss the grand slam, but I'll consider this a home run for an Australian apparel company that makes sexy swimwear. Good luck to those staying Naked!
  17. I went to the classic trade page (there was a link on the page where it failed). That worked, may have just been lucky though. Now I see Naked is halted
  18. Finally, was able to sell 25%, so free rolling with 75%. Go Naked, be happy!
  19. Schwab not allowing me to sell my NAKD
  20. I also bought in my Etrade account today at .1. Figure if it is going to explode, don't want to have to wait until I retire to get at the money! If it hits $20 I will join the team in Vegas! Go Team.
  21. Jumped on board at .085 yesterday. Go Team!
  22. Figured I'd buy 2000 at .90 for the heck of it. Figured they have to be $1 by May to stay on Nasdaq. Or by noon today. Crazy
  23. Just sold 7000 AITX at .199 (bought .054) so now free rolling with 18,000. Now I need to scroll up and get in on some of these other ones. Thank you for this thread!
  24. Cresco Labs has been good to me so far. CRLBF. This one kept popping up in Motley Fool, etc... type articles as a pot stock to watch. After reading about it a few times I got some at $11.86 on Jan 6. Currently up 20%. I am holding it.
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