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  1. Hey, great game! You never know how these things are going to go--I was really lucky this week. Happy holidays to you!

  2. Thanks for kicking my butt!

    5 stars!

  3. You are definitely a 5-star FBG. Some serious ownage by you in the Rolle thread!!!

  4. I'm kind of disappointed, I always thought shuke's hair would be more like his avatar's...
  5. 33 years old??? WTF?

  6. He should have brought a bigger stick.
  7. What reach? You're 5'8""im long limbed.my dress shirts are 35/36.Do you have a very hairy back? I'm just sayin'... because I'm trying to determine if I should be picturing you as a doughboy or a big, round monkey.
  8. I always wondered if Flatbush was really like that old Stallone movie... I think it was "Lords of Flatbush." Seemed pretty ShaNaNa'ish.
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