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  1. Thanks for kicking my butt!

    5 stars!

  2. You are definitely a 5-star FBG. Some serious ownage by you in the Rolle thread!!!

  3. I'm kind of disappointed, I always thought shuke's hair would be more like his avatar's...
  4. 33 years old??? WTF?

  5. He should have brought a bigger stick.
  6. What reach? You're 5'8""im long limbed.my dress shirts are 35/36.Do you have a very hairy back? I'm just sayin'... because I'm trying to determine if I should be picturing you as a doughboy or a big, round monkey.
  7. I always wondered if Flatbush was really like that old Stallone movie... I think it was "Lords of Flatbush." Seemed pretty ShaNaNa'ish.
  8. OK, this thread is fascinating, but I'd prefer that you leave descriptions of FBG's private sections out.TIA
  9. Sorry, trying to get some work done also. I'll come back later this afternoon and finish it.Might feel better to finish the story, then the work.Fresh mind.
  10. Dude, I don't think hugging her is going to fly. What were you trying to do?
  11. Well, if you took the entire Reds bullpen prior to the All Star break and had them pitch in the AL, their combined ERA would have been over 10.00... The 6.75 A.L. ERA is probably equivalent to a 5.0 in the NL and is a better-than-average Cincinnati pitcher .
  12. My dad has a rental that he's trying to sell in Dayton, Oh. The current renter has just moved out and my dad (retired) is tired of dealing with the property, as he's never made any money off of it. He called me today, as he's dealing with 3 or 4 potential buyers... all of them are contractor-types that want to buy it cheap, fix it, and flip it quickly. I know this will be low $$$ for you guys that are making $ in RE, but houses in the area are selling in the low 60's. My dad owes just over 51K on the house, and think it needs more than 10K, to fix it up. He's tried to sell it before while he was renting it out and never had any luck, now he's dealing with the "we buy all houses" types to get rid of it. He hasn't received any offers in writing yet, but should be soon. His problem is that they all seem to be saying that they need to fix it before selling (duh), and they're looking at some creative arrangements. How do these deals typically work if the buyer doesn't want to get the house loan in his name until AFTER it's fixed? It sounds like they want my dad to pay for the repairs before they close on the house... As a related note, the Dayton GM plant is going to be closing in the next year and there are a couple of other large businesses downsizing/closing. My dad is thinking the property will be worth less in a couple of years.
  13. Backpacks are fine... the rules say no outside food and/or beverages but the majority of families with kids bring them. If we have the double stroller, we bring a cooler to the park. The security guards will make us open up the cooler and sometimes move some of the bottles/food around so he gets a warm fuzzy that we're not smuggling a bomb. The first couple of times we went, I was a little nervous about bringing drinks, etc. but that passes quickly. Just do it and don't think twice about it.
  14. Considering the divisional opponents, I'm really not sure why you didn't take that bet.
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