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  1. To be fair, those are a little more difficult to remove. I doubt the people with these bumper stickers are flying Hillary flags in their yards. I'll give the Trump bumper stickers a pass, but I don't understand the yard signs and flags that I see around town. One dude here has like a 20-foot Trump flag on his roof to go with the one flying on his flagpole and 10+ signs in his flower beds. It's bizarre.
  2. Sorry to hear about getting COVID @krista4. At least you're continuing to lose weight. Not that we expected anything less from you.
  3. 44% of Republicans indicating they support Trump over the party is signaling a drop in support for him? That seems like a huge number
  4. I was on a big ramen kick last year. Brown rice ramen noodles, bok choy (sliced), mushrooms (oyster mushrooms would be perfect), green onions, and tofu. Sometimes I would marinate the tofu in soy/miso/ginger/garlic/chili overnight. I would alternate between shoyu and miso broths and would always add the mushrooms to the broth to add flavor.
  5. This looks good. FYI, Trader Joe's always sells farro. When I went 100% WFPB last year it was one of my staple items. Adds a satisfying texture and tastes good.
  6. Big Basin is awesome, but it got hit very hard by the fires last summer. Not sure what state it's in right now.
  7. Agreed. I wish more politicians had the ability to say "I don't know" instead of pretending to be experts in all things.
  8. Did a big (as in a lot of people) family bike ride for Mother's Day. 13.5 miles, burned a little over 800 calories. The grandparents were all riding e-bikes. My daughter is riding a single speed 20" bike, so she was a bit outclassed. I got my workout in by pushing her up the hills and when she was gassed at the end (it was a hot day) I pushed her so should could just coast and I ended up setting the pace for the group. Definitely got my heartrate going having to push an extra 60-70 pounds of dead weight at the end of the ride.
  9. It was a pretty underwhelming answer to a question that nobody on planet earth has an actual answer to.
  10. 20 mile ride on the hybrid and burned 1,100 active calories. Felt like death for most of the ride and was questioning my fitness, but ended up with PRs on 10 Strava segments. It makes a difference riding with my super fit neighbors because they push me to ride harder than I would solo.
  11. I thought I got banned again when I got that error.
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