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  1. Pocket for me, but if the shorts I’m wearing have small pockets I will put the phone in my saddlebag
  2. I got kinda wild last night. Had: Henhouse Mandela Effect IPA Moonraker Amelia Coconut IPA Altamont Maui Waui IPA Altamont/Alvarado St Collab IIPA
  3. Looks like what I would expect the MyPillow website looks like.
  4. So I went out mountain biking again for the first time since crashing. Came home in one piece this time, thankfully. When I got to the regional park where I like to ride I was heading to the first trail and on a bridge that crosses a creek when I saw some splashing in the water. I thought it must be an abnormally large fish that somehow got washed into the creek from the dam upstream. I pulled over to check it out and it turned out to be two river otters playing. Not only had I never seen one in the wild, but I didn’t know we had them in California, much less the Bay Area. Later on a
  5. I like this. I think it would be even better if we pooled our resources with an international coalition so that there is limited overlap in testing/research during the approval process.
  6. This would be an interesting topic of discussion. I've read harsh criticisms of the FDA and have also read about how valuable they can be. I know they're not perfect, but how do we find a balance between the safeguards they are supposed to provide and the roadblocks they create?
  7. I'm not buying this. There have been wealthy people that have passed away that I'm sure also had access to top notch healthcare similar to Rudy and Trump.
  8. If you're going to go there, then we might as well call mass shooters "law-abiding gun owners".
  9. I haven’t paid the closest attention, but I don’t think the allegations are that Biden committed fraud
  10. How is overturning the election pro-democracy? I’m not following you on this at all.
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