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  1. Careful. You’re not wrong, but I’ve gotten a few TOs for pointing this out
  2. Nice. Mine is all original with 383, 4-speed and 3.91 in the rear. Sadly I don’t really get it out much anymore with all the kids sports. Have been contemplating just selling the thing, but if I do I doubt I’ll ever get another car like it again
  3. Of all the people to lecture us on hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance….
  4. This is bull####, like 99.9% if your posts. We had an investigation regarding Russia because we demanded evidence…. Regarding Kavanaugh we also demanded an investigation based on the evidence we had, but the GOP didn’t want to hear it.
  5. Drinking some hazy IPAs from Monkish tonight. Their hazies are about as good as it gets
  6. Which circus? The Cyber Ninjas, or the actual circus next door to them?
  7. Why would the experts need assistance from the amateur partisan hacks that were so untrustworthy regarding the previous audits?
  8. I’d like to see us cut government spending overall, but there is zero chance that alone will cure the budget deficit. The reality is that we need spending cuts and increased revenue. The whole “our tax cut will be budget neutral due to increased GDP as a result of our tax cuts” never works. I feel like I should pay considerably more taxes than someone making $30k per year, and I’m happy that I can afford to do so. If I made $300k I wouldn’t be upset that I have to pay more than I am now. I consider that the cost to live in a functioning, just society. We aren’t going to cure our budget deficit with Bladerunner’s proposal that a few people volunteer to pay higher taxes, so it’s a completely disingenuous proposal. People in this country often have an irrational hatred of taxes
  9. She's an attractive blonde girl, and the person she had spent months with in a van suddenly appears halfway across the country without her and acts as if there is no problem. Most missing persons cases we have no clue who the person was with and when.... which leads to dead ends. The YouTube/IG/vlog stuff just adds fuel for the amateur sleuths.
  10. This is such a mind-numbingly stupid argument. If we are going to fix the budget we all need to be in it together, not just a handful of middle class individuals who want us to be fiscally responsible.
  11. Need to get Jordan Klepper on scene to uncover the details.
  12. Kelli Ward: The most important thing we as Republicans can do is follow anything President Trump, as our leader, endorses. It worked so well for them in 2020.
  13. You’ve been waiting to say that regardless of the results, haven’t you….
  14. Is this in reference to Maricopa County not handing over their routers?
  15. No, what he said was bad was that Dominion had lost the trust of too many voters.
  16. I don't know what level of error is acceptable, and I'm fine with doing audits/recounts. Here's the thing though. Prior to CN, AZ has already looked into this.....twice. You chose to ignore and not trust their findings, but now you're suddenly critical of people dismissing the results of an audit.
  17. I'm sure this was what Trump was concerned with when he said "I just want to find 11,780 votes"
  18. I'm sure there is always some error, and if the margin of victory is a couple hundred votes it should be looked into. When the margin is 11,000, that's a much taller hurdle
  19. The goal was to cast further doubt. I’m sure the final report will attempt to do this despite the numbers I’ll add that the audio KD posted from Chucri that GatewayPundit tried to spin into Dominion being bull#### was him actually saying that there has been nothing done wrong by Dominion other than losing trust with the electorate and that even if they continue to be 100% legit their image has already been tainted too much. The problem is that it was him and his fellow Republicans casting that doubt, and causing people to lose trust in Dominion.
  20. The goal was to cast further doubt. I’m sure the final report will attempt to do this despite the numbers.
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