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  1. Here is how to get the best deal on a new car. 1. Go to your credit unions and call a few banks and get pre-approved. 2. Go to www.cars.com and "build" the car you want. 3. You will get the MSRP & Invoice 4. Email the internet sales manager an offer for the car you are buying that is $2000 below invoice (minus all bonuses/rebates/dealer cash) 5. Negotiate to $700-$1000 below invoice 6. If you have a trade in, goto Carmax or any other dealership that will buy your car outright (get a couple of offers). 7. If the offer at the dealership is more than the ot
  2. Im really really looking for a reason to start him this week. Would you mind elaborating on your gut feeling? The reason he missed the 2nd half last week is very cloudy.Miller still needs a couple hundred yards to get to 1000. Miami needs some sort of goal for this game, getting Miller 1000 yards seems like the only thing they got. Plus Miller should be very angry due to lack or carries and impending free agency.Have been a fan of his since his Canes Days, never seemed to play with an abundance of passion, think he's going to transfer his built up anger into production this week, as if he
  3. Snead reminds me of a Welker, Amendolla type. Ppr gold.
  4. I think they are both solid backs. Miller is in a contract year and Miami is going to have to maneuver some cap space. Miller is also still very young. I think both have upside and I'm not always an advocate for handcuffs. but if there is a scenario where taking a flier on a handcuff could net 2 starting rbs, this is an ideal scenario.
  5. any insight on him from the herd? Seems like a decent devy prospect.
  6. offered him for Abdullah straight up a week ago and was turned down. that may be a good thing.
  7. 39/688/4 are his stats of you throw out his last game. Not saying that he's not underrated, but that is a warning sign to me. He caught 1 pass 3x and 2 passes 3x.
  8. I don't disagree with the above, count me in as not surprised if Duke has a better career than Gordon camp.
  9. I really like his vision and the way he sets up blocks at the second level.
  10. man, I don't see nfl teams taking a risk that high in the draft. there are a few nfl darling teams that won't get fried for doing so. Crowell albiet less talented went undrafted with fewer issues.
  11. I could see Houston taking him. he's an n+1 player and that's Gaine's philosophy.
  12. Cream will.rise to the top, Miami will get the oline issues fixed and he will start producing. Buy him now on the bye. He's a mid rb2 the rest of the way. Great time in dynasty to go get him. Rotoworld)Lamar Miller played on 45-of-59 snaps in Sunday's loss to the Ravens. Analysis: Miller only saw seven touches in the game, but this usage was extremely encouraging. During the first four weeks of the season, he only played on 50.7 percent of the snaps. The massive bump suggests the Dolphins coaches might finally be starting to trust Miller in more situations, thus putting inferior talent Dani
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