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  1. Did you miss the part where a bunch of High School kids got attacked all over the media after they had racism directed towards them? People were foaming at the mouth and even calling for violence against them and were clearly not the agressors. That was anti-white racism, right in your face. And the jumping to conclusions was because of the idea of white privilege. This meme is floated to you to keep you stupid. The real privilege is being born rich. This is divide and conquer of poor people, simple. Human cattle. Does not matter what color you are if you're born rich.
  2. I see too much hypocrisy to just blame the white man for some problems, prevents people from thinking deeper and finding solutions, prevents personal growth, I think the white privelege meme creates a mindset of victimhood and paranoia in some people, and is overall damaging to people of all races. I've seen it negatively affect the lives of the people you say you want to help. I'm not sure if you're really implying that no white male can be discriminated against but I hope that is not what you are saying.
  3. Bye everyone. It's been short lived fun. After a few days it's gets stale rehashing the same arguments here. Love thy neighbor. Treat others as you want to be treated. ✌
  4. This is my last post on these boards and you [Henry Ford] are the epitome of why. Dominated by people looking to cast judgements and make enemies of others. I have a mixed race son and have busted my ### and worked very hard for people of all races. I have friends that were born in Guatemala, Jamaica, DR, Senegal, among other countries. Yeah my boy from Senegal speaks French so he's legit. There's a major disconnect with a lot of people here and the real world. Bye.
  5. Lol okay then. What is your point. I wasn't speaking about any large groups of people or only myself.
  6. So what can be done about white privelege, just randomly cursing out white people for their skin color, or acting standoffish or aggresive around them all the time? Because that's the general response from minorities I am around who are triggered by "white privilege".
  7. Just saw this mural. Sure as #### looks like a Mike Vick mural that someone put Kaep's head on at a later time. The glove on his hand is a style worn when Vick was playing and Kaep wasn't in the league yet. His arms are darker and thicker and lacking the visible tats like Kaep. The head just looks weird. Is any story real anymore?
  8. HFS thank you for this guy 😂 My brother had an '05 Equinox and it was hot garbage. No idea if they are better now.
  9. I understand this and I am all about using positivity for improvement. Maybe you're right. But I think my sentiment comes from feeling like there's more of a hollow attempt to portray an image that we are getting better or working on our faults than actually doing that. And I think that is supported by evidence in the rising homelessness, drug addiction and overdose deaths, and rising suicide rates. And I have a real problem that mainstream media was used to sell the populace on the bailouts which enabled insolvent banks to evict people from their homes and keep homes vacant in their possession while more people were made homeless. It's total corporate welfare and hardworking Americans got screwed and no one is talking about it. I would like to hear some more discussion about bridging the gap between bank owned vacant properties and homeless people. And then you can play your cute little commercial and maybe I'll say yeah, it's real, Jeep and CBS and Wells Fargo and all the politicians actually give a #### about Americans, awesome 👍 👍
  10. Did this guy see a ghost or something? Take some bad drugs? Why does C.J. Anderson need to mentor him and keep him focused? He looks scared on the field. Wonder what happened.
  11. If Chip Kelly would have said anything negative he would be called racist. I think the guy is good enough to compete for a starting gig. But the circus he made of himself will create a distraction for a team that may make it not worth it to use his football talents. My question is this: So if all the teams simply don't want to sign him because his politics will create a negative distraction, does that mean he is being blackballed?
  12. While possibly true, the commercial does simply not at all resonate with my American experience, still waiting for the good honest American people to show up. So to me it's just a commercial to make a dollar nothing more.
  13. My thought is that as usual a giant corporation will pull nationalistic heart strings to make a buck and that this commercial is a far disconnect from reality. I did not see any poverty or homeless people in the commercial. It will be a very successful commercial for them.
  14. Ok, you ignored my question, but I did provide you an answer that when someone attempts to kill you for being American, or white, it may turn you into a jerk racist, not saying it should, but it happens.
  15. I'm told that certain slang terms for homosexuals are very offensive and should not be used. Eminem uses them frequently and his songs and casts a very bigoted view of homosexuals and somehow the guy is on BET and touted as some kind of activist against Trump. Total lunacy. Don't get it at all. Guy is a huge bigot but it's ok if you rant about Trump. All Northam has to do is spin this about how he learned and how this taught him what he needs to know to fight Trump and he may be back in good graces.
  16. Has anyone attempted to murder you for being white or an American? I know some people like the one you speak of and many of them were raised by people who were shot at and saw there friends get killed for being American. I think that's where it comes from.
  17. George Bush started a war that cost trillions of dollars and killed thousands of people (including innocent children). Bullets tore through flesh, depleted uranium bombs blew up civilians, good young patriotic healthy Americans were killed by the enemy. George Bush cited the precense of "weapons of mass destruction" as a reason for starting this war. When none were found he just joked about it. If that doesn't help you understand what they think of you I don't know what to tell you. Trillions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of lives are nothing but a joke to them.
  18. Best part: it was an Israeli company and my boss was born and raised in Israel, told me he drew swastikas on his front door as a child because he thought they looked cool. LOL. I guess the Israeli police gave his Dad a real hard time about that.
  19. I had to work closely with one of the biggest Trump haters there. He started everyday scouring the internet for the latest thing Trump had done that pissed him off. He was stressed everyday about Trump. He started drinking more and being more combatitive with everyone over irrational things. He then began missing work weekly and was fired. Had been at the job over 3 years. I learned a lot from the experience.
  20. I can't speak for all of them but yes some directly attributed their current attitude towards every white person to how they felt about the President.
  21. LOL I worked in a warehouse that was 95% Puerto Rican people and I needed the job so I couldn't complain. Some co workers were open that they hate white people now. One guy stared me down for minutes without saying a word first time he saw me. Apparently he had just got out of jail and was surprised to see a white guy who was friendly with other Puerto Ricans.
  22. I've owned and worked on too many cars than I care to remember. My Subaru Impreza is in a class all it's own. I can buy older ones and get them running well for less than 2 grand usually. Ultra reliable, 28mpg average, fabulous all wheel drive system which is important because I live in the Northeast. When we had that first snowstorm of the season I passed 100's of abandoned vehicles that cost 20 times what I paid for my car. That makes no sense to me. My Lexus was nice and probably the second best car I owned. But not a fan of the front wheel drive. I'm not opposed to other brands but I will probably always have a Subaru around. They have been ridiculously good to me.
  23. And being a tall white guy working a city that is primarily non-white was never an issue, until this past summer a guy just driving down the street slowed down and yelled "#### you you white #####!". I defintely think this was related to the Trump hoopla. I heard it direct from some of my Puerto Rican co workers that they now hate white people because of Trump. One guy was so triggered everyday about Trump he couldn't function and lost his job. So somehow some liberals are openly racist towards me and other "white people" now and feel justified because of Trump's action. That doesn't compute for me and not a good way to get people to your side.
  24. I know someone who said that a decade ago and obviously it was stupid then and is stupid now. But that sentiment existed long before Trump. As for myself having worked extensively in inner cities and with legal immigrants, my experience and knowledge tells me that what the "Left" wants for undocumented immigrants is totally irrational. It is creating a fiscal and criminal disaster in this country and I saw it with my own eyes, this encouragement for people to cross the border ends for a lot of them holed up 10-12 people in a 1 bedroom apartment, children trafficked, men selling drugs, women prostituting. The government simply cannot afford to keep up. The cartels are entrenched here and I think they should be taken out also before wanting to bring more people in they can use. I did not vote for Trump and I'm not a fan but if he somehow did manage to secure the border I think it would be a great thing for people on both sides. When this country has thousands of American homeless children and a rising suicide rate and dropping life expectancy, plus an insane world record debt, it seems irresponsible for everyone to take on more risk and financial liability. But that's just me.
  25. That is why there is more outrage now but my premise is that maybe the whole season would be different if officials were accountable or could get a review right. Go back to the last Eagles - Cowboys game and the Cowboys fumbled the opening kick off an Eagles recovered, no Cowboys were even near the ball. Refs gave the ball to the Cowboys who won by less than a touchdown. If you watch the NFL closely you will find horrible calls all season long even with the replay. So it is not logical to me to get all bent out of shape about 1 game changing call in the playoffs, but I understand why people do. If the NFL ran a nearly flawless ship I may care more but it usually seems some team is favored by the refs and allowed to get away with stuff. The last year the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, their DB's held likely crazy to get there and it was usually ignored. Its not hard to lock a guy up when you never let go of his jersey.
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