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  1. Averaged down AITX and ZOM. Still a bit underwater on both. RBNW, DIGAF, ETFM all sucking it as well. I'm not adding anymore to those at the moment.
  2. The consensus wisdom is this is too high with earnings about to drop. I though am buying trying to average down from buying in too high several weeks back. Standard disclaimer, I'm a moron.
  3. Don’t ask important questions of a 20 share GME owner.
  4. Wish I had averaged down yesterday when it was below a dime. I'm finally green on it again. Will probably unload it and look for a lower entry.
  5. I’ve written this before but I don’t believe this is possible. The platforms themselves sell their own exclusives and all the major publishers have their own desktop clients. GameStop would have to buy a major publisher or two in order to compete with exclusives. I don’t see it happening.
  6. I'm starting an new acronym; FOSI. Fear of staying in. Think I'm getting out of a few of my pennies for a bit staring with this one when it goes green for me!
  7. I have separate watch lists for each, stonks, SPACS, Pennies, etc. Don't know about positions.
  8. Back in RIOT. God help me. I would cash out my greens if I had any. STRAPPING IN!
  9. AITX and ETFM recovering some. ZOM and RBNW (why do I have this?) killing me.
  10. RIOT was right in the sweet spot but I was too scared!
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