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  1. Wish I had averaged down yesterday when it was below a dime. I'm finally green on it again. Will probably unload it and look for a lower entry.
  2. I’ve written this before but I don’t believe this is possible. The platforms themselves sell their own exclusives and all the major publishers have their own desktop clients. GameStop would have to buy a major publisher or two in order to compete with exclusives. I don’t see it happening.
  3. I'm starting an new acronym; FOSI. Fear of staying in. Think I'm getting out of a few of my pennies for a bit staring with this one when it goes green for me!
  4. I have separate watch lists for each, stonks, SPACS, Pennies, etc. Don't know about positions.
  5. Back in RIOT. God help me. I would cash out my greens if I had any. STRAPPING IN!
  6. AITX and ETFM recovering some. ZOM and RBNW (why do I have this?) killing me.
  7. RIOT was right in the sweet spot but I was too scared!
  8. Crap, what happened? Step away from my desk for 40 minutes and come back to a blood bath.
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