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  1. Yeah, that sucks. True. But ouch my wallet.
  2. I’m ok with another red day and my worst month ever (so far) because I’m pretty sure I’m winning the power ball tonight. it’s at least as likely as BLDP finishing green tomorrow.
  3. I've now used all the free cash to try and average down on TLRY, RIOT and BLDP. Need some bounce fellas.
  4. Wish I had held so I could find out wth is going on with the calls!
  5. I have an online fax thingy that apparently isn't working according to the 102 year old who is trying to fax me something.
  6. I have one of those online accounts but I don't know anyone who can send me a test.
  7. I'm about to eat some serious #### when the bell rings.
  8. I’m no expert but I think you need it to be darker to see the lights. The sun doesn’t really set in July.
  9. Trader Joe’s had flowers. Vermeil sleeps in his own bed tomorrow!
  10. Why won't they let you work from home? That is just silly.
  11. Tried to order flowers today and SURPRISE... global flower shortage. So handmade kids cards and I’m going to try to get her drunk with early cocktails. 50/50 chance of a couch night.
  12. My employees aren’t allowed with cold symptoms. That’s what sick days are for. The next big battle for employers is going to be staff mental health. Keeping sickos out is an easy first step in keeping other staffers happy.
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