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  1. Oops. Having Metcalf too helps take the sting away. I’m just glad to see Woods involved. Great game for him.
  2. I've got him on the bench again. I want to play him but just can't trust him right now.
  3. Dammmmit. It's gone up .0000005 since I realized I can't own it!
  4. Still can't figure it out. Set up Coinbase account, set up wallet, but when I go to buy no SHIB. Can a teenager please come help me?
  5. Really need a vid card. We should start a support group.
  6. Thought I signed up for an open beta but after I download , installed, recovered my origin account it told me I had to preorder.
  7. Is this a good day to get into UUUU?
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