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  1. Horrible pass interference on the hail mary by the bolts. We'll take it
  2. I mean. I don't know what to think. At least Staley has some balls.
  3. Recently I like to get in near 100 and out at 120(ish).
  4. I'm going to unload at some point today methinks. Offramp appearing on the horizon for NRGU too.
  5. Rolling with Metcalf and Woods as my 1-2. "Concern" is probably not the right word, but with Lockett and Kupp running circles around them I'm pretty jealous.
  6. Missed my entry point on NRGU. But the light is blinking...
  7. Epic horrible play calling and an officiating miss gonna doom the Broncos on the blue against OSU.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by work trucks, but they are driving (see what I did there) the move to electric.
  9. And nobody that goes pays for what they wear. It's a showcase for designers of clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc.
  10. Yes, specifically the Costume Institute which has an amazing collection. I was lucky to get an after hours tour one year through work. Still waiting on my Gala invite.
  11. I can't be 100% sure but I think I heard this song for the first time this year during a drag show at a local bar during pride week. Crowd went NUTS. Solid tune.
  12. Out of NRGU again for another 18%. Loving the swings on this. Wish the pot stocks would start swinging again...
  13. Can someone with more time please cross reference the "lawyer - up" crowd with those denouncing Black Lives Matter?
  14. This said, I think the studio version of this song is better than the performance.
  15. I'm a fan of their early stuff and I think their current album is a great pop listen. Come at me.
  16. Without having seen it I’m going to guess it’s because AUS features fewer insufferable idiots?
  17. Agreed. You can get the beer pretty much anywhere in Manhattan right now.
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