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  1. Any thoughts on BAT as a crypto, if it will keep climbing, where it may end up? I have just enough that it could be worth something if this ever exploded, but I also want to be realistic.
  2. Payment sent, but Venmo was acting oddly, so please let me know if the money actually shows up. The bank I have on the Venmo account recently merged with another bank, so I'm not sure if that's part of the problem since the original bank has a new name now.
  3. I'm in between games and consoles (waiting to upgrade my XB1), so I finally popped in Witcher 3 GOTY Edition and am finishing the updates. I've heard great things so I'm excited to give it a go...
  4. GM, any thoughts on Cobalt? I've seen some swings the last few weeks but a general direction downward...
  5. Still holding my BAT, keep going up
  6. Now officially in the green on COBCF, at least temporarily. I've held it this long, so I may as well keep holding and see how it goes.
  7. Love this thread and all the wisdom you guys are throwing around - it gets me my gambling fix in small amounts
  8. Currently involved in BLPG, GTEH, PLYZ, and UNVC, and free rolling on CBBT. Wish I was a big baller like some of you, as it would be a lot nicer to be free rolling 50,000 shares of CBBT instead of 2700
  9. The wife and I have tickets to this as well, and are still trying to figure out if our tickets are even good.
  10. How much higher can CBBT run? I'm freerolling but am wondering if I should just bank the profit
  11. I can't speak for others, but in my case for my job from time to time I have to go into locations where the patients are all high risk. The company procured enough doses for the patients and employees, and after the frontline workers and patients were taken care of, the rest of us were allowed to get it.
  12. I'm three days in on mine after the first shot and so far it's been fine other than some arm soreness the first night about 6-8 hours after the shot. I'll update if anything changes, although one of the nurses I spoke to when getting the shot said her armpit lymph nodes became sore about a week after the first shot. She also said that one or two other nurses who got their shot at the same time reported this as well.
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