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  1. Probably depends on if the video card is integrated into the motherboard or not (if it is, then no dice). What's the model number of the Asus laptop?
  2. Paid, same numbers please. Jules says his is on the way as well, same numbers
  3. In for 5mil since I had $50 burning a hole in my pocket
  4. Jules confirmed he did. His neighbor had the package as it was raining when it was delivered, so the neighbor grabbed it to avoid the box getting soaked. The neighbor brought it over to him last night
  5. Packages shipped from myself and Jules to the territory South of the River Ohio and the long tidal river state. I won't be back in the office until tomorrow to get the tracking info, but I'd assume 3-4 days for both based on where the packages are going to. Apologies for the delay, but unless you're a shmedium the supply was limited around here on t-shirts.
  6. Package will be shipping out on Monday and I'll update the spreadsheet. Jules says his should be shipping on Monday as well.
  7. How much do you think the 12 will drop once the 13 is announced? My daughter wants the 12 in purple, and is currently eligible for an upgrade to her 8. She's paying, so of course she wants it right now, but I told her to have patience and wait for the 13 announcement (I think she said that's on the 14th?).
  8. Sweet, sweet haul from AAA - holy cow, dude, that's one awesome box! I'll post pics and details later tonight when I'm home from work, but this is just tremendous work on your part Still have two shirts to get, almost everywhere I've been is out of anything other than S and M. Too bad, too, because a couple of the places have righteous shirts
  9. Mine will be delayed until the weekend, as the rest of the shirts I want are still out of the required size. May have to go to the backup plan for the shirts, but have plenty of beer and swag already.
  10. Also, Jules Winnfield is in about the same boat as I am, so he should make the deadline as well.
  11. Can you confirm that Jules Winnfield is paid? He says he sent in his money yesterday.
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