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  1. I don't know. This is so top-heavy it's hard to put together a roster I really like AND get as many of my SB prediction in play. With 20 minutes left, this is my entry. Best of luck to everyone in! QB - Josh Allen - BUF - $40 QB - Aaron Rodgers - GB - $36 RB - Aaron Jones - GB - $25 RB - Gus Edwards - BAL - $8 WR - Davante Adams - GB - $36 WR - Stefon Diggs - BUF - $32 WR - John Brown - BUF - $18 WR - Cole Beasley - BUF - $15 WR - James Washington - PIT - $5 WR - Miles Boykin - BAL - $3 TE - Robert Tonyan - GB - $19 PK - Jason Myers - SEA - $6 TD - Pittsburgh St
  2. Not sure how feasible this will be, but if you can try and hook up the system one day/night when the kids aren't around and download all the updates and get it mostly set up so it's "hook it up and go" instead of "hook it up and wait" on Christmas. Took maybe 20 minutes to get mine up and running when I got it. Also, if you got the disk version, pop the games in and let it install/download. Might be a pain if you want to wrap everything, but wanted to give you that to think about as we're less then 2 weeks out.
  3. In the spirit of @QuizGuy66 here is what I would have done differently knowing what I know now. QB - Philip Rivers at $8 was a waste except for 1 week. I thought he was the missing piece combined with a solid O-Line and strong running game that would create softer defenses. What I didn't think was that Rivers was mostly finished. I feel like my thought process was correct but the production didn't follow. More on the Colts to come... QB2 - Roethlisberger at $11 was good value but I was surprised to see he didn't count for me once. Still like the value, but Russell Wilson was jus
  4. Those are all good points. Again, I don't deny it is collusion and I voted as such and would have treated it as such in my league. I guess I don't know what the "punishment" should be. Revoke the trade? Does that affect the outcome of the game and, as such, the playoff positioning? What if those 2 teams elected to process the trade before the following week? Does that trade get approved then? The variables involved are terribly intriguing...
  5. For the record, I voted "collusion". My point was the owner receiving Thomas didn't obviously throw the game. I think if the trade value was fair then neither owner has any right to demand/request/suggest a condition of the trade is to not play a recently traded player. If Mattison scores 2 points, is there 20 pages of a thread regarding collusion? I seriously doubt it.
  6. I didn't read 20 pages, so this may have already been covered. Nonetheless, despite the admittance of being asked to bench Michael Thomas it's not like he started somebody who was GUARANTEED a zero. Mattison may not have been the best option, but if he gets some garbage-time work or busts a 20-yard run then this isn't even a conversation.
  7. Well, if I mathed correctly, my ghost entry would have finished at 163.60 this week. Currently above the cut but that may change by the time the game tonight ends. It will soften the blow of missing the week 10 cut by less than a TD...
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