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  1. Not sure what that means. Also I have 2 warning points? Huh?
  2. I logged in to this site for the first time in 6 years to look at old music drafts. So...yes?
  3. Watched Frida the other night. One of the best movies I've seen in a long, long time. Plus Salma Hayek naked.
  4. Oh ####. Totally agree with this and can't believe I didn't post about it before. My wife and I watched this the other night and it was crazy. RIYL King of Kong.
  5. I watched a lot of these when they originally rolled out on vbs.tv a few years back. I remember liking them. Thanks for reminding me to check these out.
  6. Man On Wire I know this has been around forever, but it was my first viewing and I enjoyed it.
  7. Just put that in my queue. If you like that - this one is about the guy that crossed over back in the Korean War, "Crossing the Line." http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Crossing...8403#height2296 What is the name of the North Korea doc everyone is talking about? Is it "NG Undercover: Inside North Korea"?National Geographic: Inside North Korea
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