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  1. Not sure what that means. Also I have 2 warning points? Huh?
  2. I logged in to this site for the first time in 6 years to look at old music drafts. So...yes?
  3. Watched Frida the other night. One of the best movies I've seen in a long, long time. Plus Salma Hayek naked.
  4. Oh ####. Totally agree with this and can't believe I didn't post about it before. My wife and I watched this the other night and it was crazy. RIYL King of Kong.
  5. I watched a lot of these when they originally rolled out on vbs.tv a few years back. I remember liking them. Thanks for reminding me to check these out.
  6. Man On Wire I know this has been around forever, but it was my first viewing and I enjoyed it.
  7. Just put that in my queue. If you like that - this one is about the guy that crossed over back in the Korean War, "Crossing the Line." http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Crossing...8403#height2296 What is the name of the North Korea doc everyone is talking about? Is it "NG Undercover: Inside North Korea"?National Geographic: Inside North Korea
  8. That North Korea documentary by National Geographic is a ####in trip.
  9. You having problem with Orb over 3G now? Seems a lot of people are. Very annoying.Not really. Obviously wifi is better, but I have the quality turned down slightly (not too noticable) and works great. Been very happy with it.OK, thanks. Over 3G I get about 5-10 seconds of video and then the quality goes to brutal.I would definitely recommend moving the "streams optimized for" (I had to look it up) slider to the middle of 3G or so. Seems fine to me. I watch TV all the time on it and stream a lot of music. Movies not so much.To what extent does this eat up your data plan limits? Say, for example, that I wanted to listen to music while I was at work for 8 hours, streaming off my home computer. What does that cost me?
  10. I always loved my chucks. Most comfortable shoe evah.
  11. A decent pair (for visual)http://www.tobi.com/product/17751-nudie-je...?color_id=21191 Ridiculous1. They're over $100 2. The fit is horrible 3. No man should EVER. EVER. wear skinny jeans 4. Is that sheen? Terrible. I would have to kick my own ### if I wore those.Gotta agree with the last two poasts.
  12. Glass of Maker's in hand. I could get in to this whisky thing.
  13. Not always. But Scorsese does, and yes, he's great at it.
  14. I like Jones as an actress. She plays up her child-like nature so that her manipulations fly under the radar--she gets away with it much easier than a more outwardly-manipulative character would. But at the same time she's still unsure about what it is she's doing, and that comes across perfectly. She's conflicted in a world where she's not sure if she loves her life or hates it. She wants to love her man and the life he provides, but can't because of what he's done to her. I think she's great.
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