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  1. Point value, yes Extractable trade value, not yet People still trying to sell me obj like he's OBJ
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_opinion_in_the_United_States_on_the_invasion_of_Iraq
  3. Sounds more like 50 percent than 90 percent. A number I would not disagree with.
  4. Afghan war yes No way were they at that level prior to Powell testifying
  5. He went for 20 percent in two leagues last night
  6. In this case Powell owns it. The evidence was flimsy at the time. He was the fulcrum of support for the invasion. It’s weak noise if he passed the buck to his subordinates.
  7. If he was duped did he ever demand accountability from those that allegedly duped him?
  8. You’re entitled to your opinion and your perception is your own but I do wonder, what was admirable to him beyond stoic charisma and measured speech? He showed no integrity with My Lai, and he had first hand knowledge of war and still sent thousands of Americans and a million Iraqis to their death pursuing.. take your pick… ineptitude, a bush vendetta, corporate treasure. I think Ren is right I’m these ego driven careerists respond to little but I think their legacy is a powerful one, and to white wash everything they did in death does nothing to correct for the future. For reference, I think McCain is a hero based on strictly his pre political life. i see nothing courageous in Powell’s record. Had a chance to but was ultimately a weathervane
  9. He’s Colin Powell. He was quite possibly at the time the most respected and admired man in America on both sides of the aisle, he doesn’t take a back seat to anyone. I know death invites a certain level of hagiography and listen, Godspeed to him on his journey. But his failure here ruined scores of lives so his celebrated life should be checked against the ones who’s names we will never know. Powell had a chance to standup and make a difference in many places and whiffed or was too small repeatedly. He was by far a net negative in this world and this should be be acknowledged.
  10. I don't understand why people paint him as a victim in this. He chose to wager his rather impeccable credibility on a matter that was causing debate and division. I personally saw him as being trustworthy and it cost hundreds of thousands of lives. It was his job to be responsible for what is coming out of his mouth and he failed a generation of Americans.
  11. That should be grounding if not a fumble
  12. New sheriff in town. No reason to play dwill in a development year
  13. Part of me hopes not but part of me says get out without a catastrophic injury, have always enjoyed watching him play You get two arms and two legs, but only one neck. Take care of it
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