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  1. China holds a trillion in US debt. Maybe just call that one even and we go forward
  2. Why cancel debt? Give ALL americans a check for 50K. If you have student debt, credit card debt, medical debt, put it toward that. And if you've budgeted or sacrificed you'll be rewarded and kept whole.
  3. I think its like a baseball deal when they have to send a prospect WITH the bad contract, they'd probably have to ship a second rounder with him. And to get out from under this, it would be worth it
  4. Give me a pass rusher Next year is another bandaid year while they realize Jones isn't the guy
  5. I have liked his talent (who doesn't) but I think now more than ever you need what Fields gives you when your likely comp is Zack Wilson. Defenses are so athletic I think you need the threat of running to keep defenses honest.
  6. QB1 of this draft to me, Jets fans were up in arms losing the 1 pick but you can't go wrong with him or Lawrence. Fields looks like a mix of Mahomes and Lamar, the king of guy you want in this decade of the NFL
  7. The Owen tribute was.... so... stupid or needless This was just, I've never seen a night like it based on -1 being involved, not a purely happy deal but a celebration and every sense and its one of the five best nights I've ever seen in wrestling
  8. in this music vein, hearing this new Zappa doc by Alex Winter is great, its still an in the theater price on prime but I'll get it sometime this weekend
  9. Dealt, about Card Mechnic Richard Turner. If you watch it, just get it, don't read about it. Great ride
  10. Taking out dislike of a character on an actor is stupid, so I don't endorse that if they were hard on them But this show peaked with 4 female characters going to the bridge, I didn't see anyone complaining. Because they were credibly built in a storyline. Rose Tico was a pretty awful character but thats not Kelly Tran's fault
  11. The fanbase became a lot less "toxic" when you gave them a good product
  12. takes like this are why I want to see that old thread, looks like it was rabbit holed,
  13. is that thread gone? would love to read some of that now
  14. Did the Last Jedi thread get wiped? This series is such a gift, what a joy to watch and the ending was just a bonus. Just phenomenal in terms of design, story, themes, loved it. Rian Johnson should be ashamed of himself. Let Grogu use force powers to retcon the whole universe, Let Filoni and Favreau re do episode 8 and 9
  15. I threw out an idea for a 69 yard touchdown bonus. But it has to be exactly 69, no more no less. My league actually loves it and may try it next year. Make those plays from your own 39 a little more interesting ive also been kicking around doing a limited number of mulligan plays. Maybe 1-2 a year you can swap a guy out. The strategy of when to use it interests me
  16. I thought I heard yesterday Kelce is leading the NFL in receiving. To get that from TE is amazing. Although in my 3 leagues, Kelce owner didn't make it one and got bounced last week in another. But Kelce was a second rounder. Robinson, for where you got him, was just transformative. Top 5 back, multiple week winners out of him, he saved a lot of teams. Cook also a good call but he went as high as 4 in many leagues.
  17. I see a lot of Marshawn Lynch in him. I do like his ability to take a pounding, I'm sure it will catch up with him, but while he's been unspectacular apart from 2 games, he's fairly steady. Mixon and Drake owners probably wish they had him
  18. Gruden cost them that game, should have stuck with Jacobs on the goaline, defense was spent and he was finally moving the ball
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