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  1. Total gamesmanship to imply he was going to play last week or this week, hammys are always a month
  2. When is Ronnie Stanley back? May be worth holding to see if he can change the landscape
  3. 4th and goal on the 1, he runs hyde this is guy who wants to get fired
  4. Giants may also look to brightwell, he’s been getting some good pub
  5. Looked ugly, would bet he’s out at least two weeks. but Jones will be a question mark facing la next week
  6. Was able to get him for aj brown this week, pumped!
  7. I believed in him but this is right on the money. I think Williams is also hurt by having a more limited college load
  8. Brown is probably still dinged and i expect a total lay down by Jax with the Meyer stuff, can’t see a competitive second half which limits his ceiling. Sanders in a shootout type game most likely. I do like aj as the main option.
  9. Good ones mentioned so of those not seen, hard to do much better than rookie year Portis, THAT was electric wouod Also give a nod to Randy moss as a rookie doing things we never saw
  10. So you’re saying the Jacksonville coach will be way worse in every way? Sounds about the jags
  11. Just so you know, this is why I subscribe
  12. You don’t take a guy 3 to let G flop around like a putz
  13. If he plays, you play him. He’ll be shot up with crazy dope
  14. There had been a thought at one point that smoking was actually and ironically a bit of a protection to the virus but who can know? With mike double vaxed there’s there obviously so much we have yet to learn. The podcasts leading up to this are so haunting, believe it was August 4th or 9th and he was still on the air just getting. Ready for the season and he mentions not feeling well
  15. Get well joe and just heartbreaking stuff about tags. There’s a go fund me, let’s blow it out for his wife and kid
  16. Starting with confidence…. Out of desperation… 18 team guillotine league
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