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  1. I think I'm going to have to adjust my yearly investment goals. This month has been nuts after the downer of the last week of January.
  2. Halved my RIOT after a double up. Sold OESX for a small profit. Sitting on some cash for a bit.
  3. Added some to IPOE, started on OESX, keeping a close eye on DKNG to get some trading shares.
  4. Told myself I would sell all my MRO if it ever hit 9. Could only bring myself to do half.
  5. Did a whole lot of trimming across the board today, such a great 4 day run I couldn't help but take some profits and reduce my cost bases. Went from 0 to 15% cash.
  6. So glad I didn't purchase back those amazon shares. May as well wait until it hits 3000.
  7. Sold half of these this morning as well as some GBTC. Looking to get back into KR.
  8. Time to get some larger sample sizes I guess.
  9. Happy for this. The mental and social benefits of inclusion vastly outweighs the possible competition imbalance.
  10. Come to papa. Oops, joke's on me, was a little slow. Meh, I'll pass on reacquiring them. May as well just buy SE.
  11. AMZN is going to blow the doors off this afternoon. Sold a few shares in anticipation of the 10% drop afterwards.
  12. SE is everything I wanted AMZN to be. 💖
  13. In for 3 GME. No way I'm going to tell my kids about this some day and say I didn't try to stick it to the man.
  14. That's when all the pretend shares that were sold at $30 have to become real shares, no matter what the current price is.
  15. Persistence paid off. It's no AMC, but I'll take it.
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