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  1. Dear Todem, Thank you for making me so much money on BLMN, CMCSA, EXC, STWD, GLPI, just recently NFLX. I don't have my complete transaction history lying around, I'm sure I'm missing at least another dozen super profitable tickers directly from you. So much so that I feel comfortable making light hearted jokes about the status of BLDP while I wait for it to come around. 🥰
  2. As far as I can remember we had one person in here who said his gf had some serious arm complications from the shot. If my memory doesn't fail me, it was not anything to do with the covid shot specifically, but rather the incompetence of the person giving the shot. I want to say she got jabbed into the bone instead of the muscle. Personally, nobody I know of had any adverse effects.
  3. If BLDP keeps this up, I'll be in the green by Christmas... 2023
  4. Seems like there should be plenty of data surrounding the number of women's restroom assaults to paint a clear picture of the enhanced risks of trans-friendly restrooms.
  5. Yes, what are the 30 year long term effects of taking molnupiravir?
  6. Well humans and chimps are 1.2% different. So 1/4 of that.
  7. You feel posting bed data from at least a month after the supposed incident means that the story is fake?
  8. Have they found the ballots that were filled in with Sharpie that didn't get counted?
  9. having to go to a dmv to get an id is cruel and unusual punishment, outlawed by the 8th amendment
  10. How can a major brokerage not be able to handle a SPAC transition seamlessly? I'm looking at you Fidelity and my shares of G8252P105
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