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  1. Have they found the ballots that were filled in with Sharpie that didn't get counted?
  2. having to go to a dmv to get an id is cruel and unusual punishment, outlawed by the 8th amendment
  3. How can a major brokerage not be able to handle a SPAC transition seamlessly? I'm looking at you Fidelity and my shares of G8252P105
  4. Au revoir MRO, until we meet again in the 10s. 🥰
  5. Bringing logging jobs back to America. Good job G.I. Joe!
  6. Shouldn't we have seen a women's sport or two just up and disband by now? Does Connecticut girls HS track even exist any more?
  7. Good to see all these 3-5% jumps in stocks I own. All it cost me was a 40-50% drop to get there.
  8. Outside of family separation, he also used tariffs as a weapon to get Mexico to beef up their security to help stem the tide. While I didn't agree with the methods, the results were very effective. He went from horrible publicity about kids not having toothpaste to not a whimper about the border for the rest of his presidency. Our asylum laws are junk. This is on Congress.
  9. First non-guaranteed pack opportunity and .... There was an error sending the reservation request. Please try again.
  10. I almost forgot to grab the pack today. Got a Labron football pass assist # 19373/∞ a worthless LE and a worthless regular to go along with my other worthless LE and worthless regulars.
  11. This might actually be a well timed buy instead of right before a 5-10% drop. Going to mark today on the calendar.
  12. Bought a little bit of WY on the drop to get a slice of the lumber pie.
  13. AAPL crushes every single metric, announces huge stock buyback. Stock sinks.
  14. Why is it so easy for the right to see the shallow smokescreen connecting menthols to the AA culture, but when it comes to voting rights, their deduction skills completely leave them?
  15. Option 2: Sell Alaska (+500t) Option 3: Day Trade DogeCoin by having Elon Musk tweet the direction we want it to go (+5.8t)
  16. Raising taxes is out as defined in your problem. Eliminating 100% of the discretionary spending you listed wouldn't be enough, so tariffs it is.
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