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  1. White is still sitting on the wavier wire, should I pick him up and cut Tranquill?
  2. Just picked up Drue Tranquill, LB, LAC, off of waivers, he didn't play much last week, is he still recovering from last year's leg / ankle injury? No matter how hard I search, I cannot find any updated information of his current status. Does anyone know anything about Drue's current status?
  3. You are correct, Matt Ryan averaged 18.46 points per game in my league last year. Thanks, your response is making me think more because I never participated in a rookie only draft, I did have concerns of what value would be available at 2.7 draft slot, I guess I was underestimating the value at 2.7 draft pick slot.
  4. Hi All, I picked up an orphan team that is PPR scoring, start 1 QB with IDPs and large rosters. This team barely made the playoffs last year, but was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. My RBs are ok, not great, and my WRs are good to very good, and TEs are ok to good. My IDPs are ok, but a little weak because they lack difference makers. IDP scoring is tackle heavy scoring and not big play scoring. We have our rookie only draft real soon, my QBs are: Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisbeger, and Drew Lock. Out of no where, this other owner offers me Matt Ryan for my 2.7, my initial reaction is jump all over this offer, is my initials reaction correct? I definitely am suffering from shock from receiving this offer. I know Ryan is no spring chicken, but I believe there is good value for at least a few years with this trade, am I correct? Thanks for all input.
  5. https://sports.yahoo.com/aaron-rodgers-wants-wr-randall-215303499.html Aaron Rodgers wants WR Randall Cobb back with the Packers
  6. https://www.nfl.com/news/aaron-rodgers-green-bay-packers-reworked-deal-concessions Aaron Rodgers, Packers close to agreement on reworked deal to bring him back for 2021 season Please excuse if already reported.
  7. I was thinking that very same thing, that is why I stopped when I thought of using what I was thinking as an initial offer. Some guys in my league are sharp and some are not. The other concern that I have is if you ask them what they want, they usually attempt a major rip off. I feel that at least if I have a reasonable initial offer when I ask, hopefully I avoid a rip off counter offer, and close the deal after a little negotiation. I was considering tossing in my next year's second and third rounders and / or some players that would improve his team in exchange for some of his useless players.. If I included a note asking him what he wanted in trade along with sweetening my offer as stated above, would I then be close to a respectful initial offer then?
  8. My league is 12 team PPR, 1 QB league with TE premium scoring, I can give good advise to others, but when I consider making trade offers for myself, I often lose objectivity. I am looking to trade for the 1.03, but keep my 1.07 pick (if possible). The other owner has only Goff as a QB since Brees retired, plus his team always seems to be near the bottom of our league's standings. We have 45 man rosters and start 11 IDP. IDP stars can score as many points as offensive stars. I keep considering offering Kirk Cousins (11th rated in QB scoring in my league) along with my second and third rookie round rookie draft picks for his 1.03 pick, but then I stop considering it because of the fear of that offer being insulting. I could beef it up some, but I would want / need some insight on what would be a good and reasonable offer to make in this situation. I am a contender, and I currently have a strong and balanced roster, but my RBs and TE positions need a little upgrading. The other owner has very weak LBs, and I have good depth at LB, so I could also toss in a few good LBs in trade for a few of his terrible LBs or add more draft picks or other players from my roster to my offer. I don't want to offer any other information because if someone wants more information about my league, it is very complexed and detailed. Thanks, any advise would be greatly appreciated!
  9. This year, I don't put a lot of emphasis on drafting RBs, even though in future years a few of them may pay off for their team. If I had a choice of Pitts, Chase, or any RB at pick three, I wouldn't even consider a RB. Disclaimer: I am very high on both Pitts and Chase. Also over time, fantasy RBs are kind of losing their luster, and the passing game emphasis is taking over. Also with short shelf life drat BPA and picking up a decent veteran back may be better for your team.
  10. I would approach this situation a little differently, I would send a quick note to the owners in the fourth and fifth spots, asking them if they are interested in trading for your pick. Then about the same time or maybe a day later or two later(if you prefer), post on your league's website in the trade bait and let everyone know of your interest in trading down. The reason I suggest this is there may be a contender or near contender in your league or an owner who may have a crush on a certain player, and are willing to pay a king's ransom to get the third pick. Why eliminate that trade possibility? If they don't make an offer that interests you, you are not committed in trading your pick. For example, maybe the Watson or Brees owner may want to jump up in the draft and over pay to move up to ensure that they draft a good QB. Not all 12 team league has the same scoring rules, I pay in a 12 team league where the QB scoring is very favorable compared to other positions Maybe some team have incredible depth at a certain position or two, but strongly desire your third pick. Again possibility to improve your team. Bottom line is, you don't know what all of your league mates are thinking. Why reduce or eliminate a chance of a great trade for you?
  11. Maybe he is over paying for Mixon in a deal involving Kelce (maybe he should change his offer). I am just looking at everything together, and I am very high on Pitts, and currently I don't see much additional future risk for Mixon, other than normal injury risk that any RB would have. Mixon had almost an entire off season to heal and workout, and he did not have surgery on his foot, so hasn't the buy low window on him closed some since last year? I would like to net out both Pitts and a hopefully healthy Mixon for two later firsts and two later second round picks and a thirty plus year old Kelce. Can Kelce keep up elite production for another five or six years? Maybe I am wrong, but I like Pitts and Mixon in dynasty (after those deals his team did get a lot younger). Sometimes, you got to pay what the other owner wants. Maybe our opinions differ some, if we all thought a like, the world would be a boring place I do not disrespect your assessment of this situation at all. I am just higher on Pitts, and a little less concerned of Nixon's injury risk than you are. And maybe he is underselling Kelce some. I still am haunted by memories of the KC offense struggling in the Super Bowl, and I sometimes wonder how long Kelce elite production will last. Anyways, thanks for the discussion, it did make me think about Kelce more, that is my main goal in these forums, to get better at dynasty fantasy football player evaluations. .
  12. Respectfully, the difference here is I am higher on both Pitts and Mixon. Please refer to Dr. Bramel Second Opinion Article, Injury Rounds, Five RBs Injuries To Watch, dated April 21, 2021, this article helped me to form my opinion on Mixon's return. If your league isn't a TE premium scoring league, I may drop Pitts a little.
  13. I tend to agree with this, just too much risk, and the return just doesn't justify the risk
  14. A 2023 1st? Any way to estimate if it will be an early or late 1st rounder? Where does that pick potentially lands in the first round would make me think about this offer.
  15. Is your league scoring TE premium? If it is, I would pay two late firsts and two late seconds for a potential difference maker. If you trade Kelce for Mixon and draft Pitts, you get a lot younger quickly. Personally, I would rather get Mixon and Pitts instead of who you might get with late round draft choices and an aging Kelce.
  16. One factor that I would consider is the status of your team, are you a current contender, or you starting a rebuild? Those two receivers are starting to get long in the tooth, but they would be great additions for a contender, but not so great for a team that is rebuilding. If I was rebuilding, I would want Chase.
  17. I totally agree with this, currently Wilson is worth more than the 1.01 by himself, I would decline
  18. What about Bryan Edwards from the raiders?
  19. If Kelce is that one piece that will strengthen you for a title run, don't be worried about a slight overpay (I do not believe the price you are paying is an overpay). Fournette is in some sort of RBBC with Jones, so Fournette's value isn't that easy to determine. What the main issue is, are you comfortable with your RB and WR depth after the trade is completed. Kelce is an advantage to own because he is easily the top TE, and his asking price can be very high. In a lot of leagues, Kelce owners ask for at least a STUD WR or RB in return. You are not giving away a STUD player, so you are not over paying. If you really want something, you need to give up something to get it. Hope this helps.
  20. This is a tough question to answer because some owners would expect the world in trade for Kelce, while other more causal fans might consider what you are offering them. Is your league redraft , keeper, or dynasty? If you are in a dynasty or keeper league, the other owner would probably want some very strong rebuilding type of considerations in return for Kelce. The players you are offering are young, and some owners may consider this deal, but a hardcore owner would probably want more or better players. Without knowing your league and fellow owners, this is a tough question to answer, I would wait for the other owner's response to your offer and go from there. Most owners would probably want a high end player or two because Kelce is perceived as a star player with something still left in the tank. Your players are young and good, but the owner who owns Kelce may demand a star player in return. In my league Kelce was offered to me for a top RB, and the guy wouldn't take anything else for Kelce. Hope this helps.
  21. We definitely need more information about your team and situation. Are you a contender or in the middle of a rebuild? Scoring rules PPR or not,? Strengths and weaknesses of your roster, ect. If that trade goes through you probably get a slight upgrade at RB, a WR who is a lot older (over 30 years old) and a downgrade this year, a slight upgrade at TE. Personally I would pass because to me Tyreek Hill is the best player in this trade, and I wouldn't give him up for two small upgrades at other positions. Some players like Swift are still very young, and no one knows how well he will develop as an NFL player. I don't know your situation, so the best I can do is speculate about it.
  22. Nothing on the WW, does that include the SF back up QB who will start for Garoppolo?
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