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  1. Oof. Manuel really did get screwed.How can this happen at the professional level?There's been lots of discussion about the lack of developmental coaching, including on the Audible, if I'm not mistaken. Especially with the limited offseason work, coaches just don't have the time to work on players because they are primarily focused on figuring out who their lineup will be and on the next game they play. Is it short sighted? Absolutely? But from their standpoint, why should they spend the time working on someone when they might not even have a job in another year or two. That said, with no salary cap on coaches, I'm actually surprised that teams don't have specific developmental personnel. Obviously not all teams can afford unlimited funds, but having a techniques guy just makes a lot of sense from a business development standpoint.
  2. Evan Silva said much the same thing on the DLF podcast. He didn't think he'd be ready for 2-3 years, however.
  3. I have this worry too, especially in dynasty leagues. Reid just doesn't seem to put much premium on his TE's, and I suspect they'll be getting WR help in the draft next year.
  4. McFadden is a FA next year, so even if they keep MJD, there's a decent chance that Murray becomes the primary backup. Of course they may bring in another RB, but if your bench is long enough, I'd consider hanging onto him until we find out the situation for next year.
  5. How much is Britt worth these days? Late third/early fourth round rookie pick?
  6. What's a realistic prediction of Teddy's value over the next couple of years? Is he capable of cracking the top-10 in 2015 or 2016? Top-20? Or is he more likely to be backup material even in 2QB dynasty leagues?
  7. Twitter will explode as soon as Gordon's suspension length is announced. And I'm certain Soulfly's cry/cheer will be heard throughout the lower 48. In the meantime, this thred is the best virtual popcorn money can buy.
  8. I'm sure he'll be taken in my 2QB dynasty league, but I've seen so many reports of his panicking under pressure (I'll admit I'm not a college film watcher myself, so entirely second-hand), that it really makes me nervous relying on him to ever develop into a top-20 player. $10 arms do little if you have a 10¢ head to go with it and I just fear a repeat of what happened to his brother where he was so shell-shocked all the time that he never developed into the player he could have been.
  9. I'm not sure this is entirely true. He always projected Vick in the 12-14 game range as a way to simulate some level of risk. I'll agree that his projections do tend towards best-case scenarios, but that's what the projections are actually *supposed* to do. It's up to the individual drafter to decide whether they're comfortable drafting a player at their best-case point, or at some discount due to their perceived risk.
  10. The reason why I like a league like this is the rookie drafts actually mimic the NFL drafts. Watkins isn't the consensus #1 and Sankey doesn't even sniff the top 3. There's actually value placed on QB and teams have to make much more difficult decisions on middling QB talent...much like the NFL does as well. Absolutely, and since having only 1-2 rosterable QB's tends to make for a poor team and therefore better draft picks, you often see those QB's going early. I'm certain that in my 10-team dynasty league, two QB's will be taken in the first three picks, and a third by the sixth. It's not a particularly strong QB class, but I would expect at least two more rookie QB's to be taken as well, though with the escalating salaries and 3-year contract for rookies, there's less incentive to take "stash and wait" players. As a note, 2QB works moderately well with 10-team leagues, but I'd absolutely push for Superflex in any 12-team or larger leagues as it's entirely possible for someone to get locked out of that 2nd QB, especially in an auction format, and there's no joy in having a team required to start a player who is either injured or not playing.
  11. Agreed, 2QB or Superflex leagues where there isn't an escalating cost to keep QB's from year to year can quickly become untenable after a while. In my dynasty league (which rosters somewhere around 40-50 QB's, including NFL 3rd-stringers in some case, since there is no waiver wire), we have one owner who has 6 or 7 starting QB's, while two teams struggled to start the minimum two. Fortunately, with escalating salaries at the end of every contract (and significant increases for players in the top-20, which is the majority of starting-caliber QB's), this situation won't last more than a year or two. Even crappy QB's are worth their weight in gold, so it's paramount that there's a mechanism to ensure that a few are returned to the free agency pool every year.
  12. Out of curiosity, if Graham gets tagged as a WR as he'd like (and your league's hosting site makes the change), how does this affect his ranking and our thoughts on TE's in general? Based on FBG projections, he'd be around the WR5, which is still pretty decent, though no longer a first round pick outside of WR-heavy leagues. It would also reduce the gap from TE1 to TE10, making it easier to stomach sloughing the TE position in order to get talent at other positions.
  13. Psychological addiction is definitely a very real thing, just ask any compulsive gambler. Though with anything that alters your brain chemistry, there will be a physical aspect as well. Just like taking testosterone supplements will make your body stop producing natural testosterone, or chronic antidepressant use can lead producing less neurotransmitters, any psychotropic drug is likely to have long-term effects. How great an effect, or how long the effect persists, are obviously the key factors here, but there *is* a physical effect. Unfortunately, we just don't have the data on such things yet since it's very difficult to conduct research on illicit drug use. But we'll know for certain soon enough now that it's becoming legalized.
  14. Keeping picks is definitely important (although if you can make advantageous trades for quality 2nd/3rd year players with breakout potential, you should definitely consider it). I disagree with ditching your veterans, however, unless they're merely backup quality or you can get solid upside players in return. I turned a team around from 2nd-to-last to 3rd-best in a single year, and that's a lot more fun that throwing in the towel for the season in the name of "building for the future."
  15. It absolutely *is* addictive. It's not addictive in the physical sense such as cocaine (although modifying your brain chemistry could potentially change this answer -- the jury's still out on that one), but the psychological impact is just as huge. It's like gambling addiction. There's something in your personality or brain chemistry that makes you crave that particular rush. Calling him weak or a thug is a huge disservice when the kid obviously has a problem. (Edit: the weak/thug comment was in reply to other posters). That said, give it 5-10 years and marijuana will no longer be banned by the NFL. There's too much evidence showing its effectiveness in pain management and treating concussion symptoms.
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