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  1. Or the starting safety or samuel or Joseph or Little or Cosmi. Fitter just tried to get cute. I get the value aspect of it and I get how he thinks all of the talent is just jumbled together after the first 16 or so picks (which I dont agree) but man there was a ton of line talent we just let slide right by. Jenkins, while he isnt a LT he would be an insane addition for this line. Rt or guard or whatever. After reading about Christenson he seems pretty meh
  2. I hate to be negative but I agree. WTF are they doing. We dont need a WR or TE. Hell we just signed 2. We need line help and we let a whole lot of it go right by us. I think Fitter just tried to get cute on general principle. A WR in the 2nd???????????? Do these guys realize that you need an offensive line to win games?
  3. I’m with you. San Diego drafted slater and immediately named him a starter. We are going to regret passing on him
  4. San Fran looks terrible today. They made a bad trade and then panicked.
  5. We reached for Horn and let Slater slide past us. WTF is this team doing??????
  6. I would get next years 2nd and be done with the prima donna.
  7. I mean the #3, their 2nd this year, 2nd next year and a player. I would do that for a disgruntled 37 year old qb
  8. That offense would be insane. They would have 2 solid looks at the SB with that roster.
  9. That trade was dumb. We should have either kept him and waited to see what happens tonight. We traded him and we are paying his salary. Say what now? A 6th isnt anything. I am just praying the front office doesnt try and get cute tonight. Just pick a damn LT at 8 and be done with it.
  10. He wouldn’t have played for 2 full years. No way he can get up to speed at the nfl level coming from the fcs in that short timeframe. It’s too much of a project. His lack of overall starts on the high school and college level coupled with his crazy low passing attempts is just too much to overcome. He is years behind in reps. It’s not going to work no matter the physical freak he is.
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