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  1. I have asked before, but how is a national election rigged? Who is in charge? How does it work? Surely there is a line of communication that involve 100's of people. Why just rig the presidential race and not all of them? Come on man stop this crap
  2. Welp. Good luck with that since there is zero evidence to that claim.
  3. https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1294978495383310336 this is very classy from Biden
  4. If you saw a rope pull configured with a loop on a door and saw the other doors with the exact same pull you would go to authorities?
  5. Its on all of the garage doors. Somebody is obviously ###### or trying to stir stuff up. Whoever found that needs to be fired asap
  6. And honestly what exactly is her powers, they made a big deal about how she got them and forgetting her past but they didnt really go into detail about what it was exactly.
  7. Just saw it and to be totally honest not really sure what I watched. They crammed a ton of stuff in there and made it like 30 minutes too long. I will watch it again on netflix or whatever but the movie just didnt do it for me, not really sure what they were going for there. But Brie in the NIN shirt was all sorts of nice. She is one fine lady.
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