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  1. Damn this thread has fallen off. And last night was crystal clear that the producers are rigging it. Hall brawl and fessy. Come on now. Also how did dummy Leroy not see that the last person coming out of the crater was either stealing Kam or Kacey. He has played a good game so far but man is he dumb. The look on his face as he was processing fessy telling him he was going to steal Kasey was priceless. Its like it never occured to him that it could happen
  2. I think its more of a confidence booster than anything. Basically saying "hey man you are our guy for 2 seasons, no pressure on year 1" That kind of thing. Plus like you said 18 million will be nothing in 2022 when the cap skyrockets. No brainer move IMO
  3. With the exception of cmac (which was an insane hurney deal) they are all on cheap contracts
  4. This board in general is dripping dry. I think Joe is handing out 6 month bans in lieu of his new "be nice" mentality. It is what it is
  5. You are on to something here. Instead of some stupid outside threat, make it about Maggie and Negan and make the survivors choose between the 2 with Judith siding with Negan and carol and Daryl split as well. Some internal conflict would be cool.
  6. Weird injuries, terrible coaching, terrible oline, terrible weapons and thrown straight to the wolves at the age of 20 from the jump with no acclimation period. So many variables against him. He will be fine in Carolina
  7. Sewell, Slater then Surtain We have to build the line and Slater should be there
  8. I think Lance is a talented guy but holy hell he is a massive project. I mean like at least 2 years away at least before he can be a starter. Not throwing a lot in High school, only playing 17 games at the FCS level, having a year plus off. I mean he may be good but he has to go to a situation where he can sit and learn and not get thrown to the wolves too early
  9. Surtain solves 80% of their problems on defense
  10. I am just saying I doubt the niners are looking at him as an option. He is the greenest and most inexperienced of the top 5 and he would need IMO 2 years just to get up to speed. The speed difference alone will take him one year of starts. And throwing him out there too early could ruin him. San fran is built to win now and I dont think they have the luxury to try and groom a guy like lance. Which is why I think they can pick Jones and start him this year if needed.
  11. It was incredibly stupid to introduce that storyline for just one episode and then just leave it like that. Covid or not all in all this season was a solid F
  12. Maggie sucks. She is not as useful as negan. Certainly not as ruthless
  13. Uh, no. That was pretty terrible as a finale. The backstory of Negan episode should have been like 4 seasons ago. And wtf has maggie done thats more important than Negan. I mean negan took down the whisperers pretty much all by himself. Maggie just jetted when things got rough.
  14. No I read that I am just saying I want to see the text. If you are going to accuse someone of that you better produce the evidence
  15. I want to see the text and what the slur was
  16. My gut says picking Pitts makes ATL an automatic playoff team but my brain says drafting surtain immediately turns around that defense. So either selection makes the falcons better from the jump but picking a qb hopefully will pay dividends in a few seasons. If I was a fan of that team I would want either of the first 2 options probably leaning toward pitts. Their offense would be unstoppable with julio, mike davis, riddley and then pitts. Thats sick
  17. Yep. You can argue he is there for 3 more years.
  18. Wow. Thanks. Supposedly the panthers staff really likes him.
  19. Patrick surtain brings instant credibility to that defense
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