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  1. I thought the fantasy Gods blessed me when I got him 3 weeks ago on a whim. Boy was I wrong
  2. Not taking slater is going to bite them in the butt for years to come.
  3. Granted it early but he has looked pretty bad as of yet.
  4. Nah, that dude was pretty adamant I was wrong and made some insults so alls fair..........
  5. Bro, for all intents and purposes this dudes season as a fantasy player is done.
  6. You were saying............ The wear and tear has pretty much ruined him.
  7. His work and my work are a wee bit different
  8. I dont think white knighting and virtue signaling is a good indicator.
  9. Yep, he had an opinion that was probably supported by the majority
  10. I dont know man, seems to me that people just need to grow a backbone and move on with their life. So what if he uses that word. Let the chips fall as they may and see how people react.
  11. yep, anyone that says that they wouldnt be cancelled if the public got a look of their emails and text from the past 10 years is just lying
  12. The athletic story makes it seem like they are from gruden private to Bruce WFT account. Slippery slope indeed
  13. thats not what we are talking about here
  14. and the amount of white knighting in here is laughable at best
  15. smallish, has happy feet, locks onto one wr, Not seeing the hype around this kid, probably should stay at this rate
  16. Heaven help the franchise that blows a first on this dude
  17. Yes, I think its been reported he is going to play this out and hopefully re-up with Carolina in the offseason
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