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  1. One would have to be absolutely insane to draft Green at this point no matter what the round. Why sign up for this headache? Feels a lot like the Gordan situation of years gone by. There is just no round he could fall to me where I would want to deal with this right out of the gate
  2. The other "cop", the one with the full head of hair seemed like a legit psycho. You could tell he has done some stuff and is just cool and calculated about it.
  3. They never explained it but it appears that one of the cops that was an enforcer for the cartel is still a cop. He was wearing a uniform and doing the weird religious stuff
  4. https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1294978495383310336 this is very classy from Biden
  5. Come on dude, lets not do this, she knew exactly what she was doing and how to phrase it. go back and watch, go back and read immediately after the debate, she had this teed up from the jump. This wasnt a spur of the moment comment. And like I said she is going to have to answer this over and over and she is going to have to do a better job then saying "it was a debate" while laughing. You can admit its not a good look. You can do it
  6. Come on man, she insinuated (strongly) that he was a racist and laughs it off to being a "debate". Man thats not cool. You know she is going to get hammered over that going forward and she needs to tighten that up a bit.
  7. Fan or not this is pretty weak from her and she is simply going to have to do better of explaining things going forward. What does it matter if "it was a debate"? she sounds dumb https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1294460476865171456
  8. I am pretty sure calling someone during a debate a racist (in so many words) and then saying that they believed the accuser of the same guy is pretty out of the ordinary
  9. I really dont care how it reads and yes it would be a concern no matter who it is. As I have said numerous times in the Biden thread one of the huge negatives about him for me is age. Its a tough job and I would prefer someone a little more dialed into todays environment like say Obama was. Joe is just an old man at this point. Who the hell knows what the stress of the job will do to him and he has hinted already at dying in office and being a one term president. In regards to Kamala, if the democratic party feels the need so strongly for a black female to become president then they shoul
  10. Because she isnt running for President. Biden is. It would be a weak sauce move to shoe horn a black female into the position just on general principle. Its cheap. She should win on her own merit. She got trounced out of the primaries with ease but yet the we are going to hand her the Presidency. You really dont have a problem if that were to occur?
  11. After sleeping on this I have an uneasy feeling that if Biden wins then about a year into it he steps down for whatever reason and they shoe horn Harris in. Seems like a realistic possibility.
  12. If she was a horrible candidate in 2020 whats going to make her a "very good " candidate in 4 years?
  13. She called him racist but now she is on board. I really hate politics
  14. If the panthers invested in newton by building a solid oline then who knows how many super bowls he would have won
  15. The level of....I mean, its just breath taking how incompetent an American President can be with basic math and simple soft ball questions. This is like a SNL sketch come to life
  16. I work for Hewlett Packard in the late 90's early 2000's. Their model (and I think all of our competitors at the time) was to get the actual printer as cheap as possible and then squeeze hard when it was time for you to buy ink. The thought process was that people look at printers in a more valuable way then paying for simple ink. People are really hesitant to just throw out a printer even when they realize ink for said printer is probably close to $80 to replace. Totally a mental aspect in their sales strategy. My last printer I bought sometime last year was like $45 dollars.
  17. I shouldnt be surprised that the pandemic has been politicized but for some reason I thought, maybe just maybe our leaders could work together and push through this. But alas.........
  18. Just did the Tyson youtube rabbit hole. Holy crap I had forgotten what kind of animal he was. What would his career been like without the faux rape prosecution?
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