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  1. Hes made over 700 million dollars by being a lawyer, I think he knows a bit more about what he is doing then some rando with a josh gordon infatuation named soulfly.
  2. Sweet Jesus, there is so much just WTF in this post. Godalmighty
  3. "These pants are chafing me, mind if I take them off?"
  4. Help me understand this. Or is it simply a lost cause. I have no dog in this fight and probably dont like any of the parties involved. But walk me through this. Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan are friends. Sheryl Underwood on "The Talk" calls Morgan racist and Osbourne takes offense and asks for examples of what he has done that is racist Underwood doesnt respond. Osbourne is placed on leave and then ultimately fired from her job. What in the holy hell is going on these days? We cannot even talk about race or ask someone to clarify wtf they are talki
  5. Lol all you have done is implied the lawyer (and by proxy the girls) are lying. Gtfo
  6. Unless there is some stuff like with Michael Jackson where the victim identified his penis or whatever.
  7. Why does it matter if he goes to the cops? Does that make Watson less guilty?
  8. I was referring to the stories of her praying for a win.
  9. I don’t understand the sister Jean thing. It’s kind of odd and weird.
  10. In an interview this past year Trey talked about how page and mike were really taking this thing seriously so thats why I have my reservations. I just can not fathom the band giving the thumbs up to 15+ thousand venues. I bet they punt until next spring. Like I said hopefully a festival is in the works
  11. I hear you man but that just adds another layer of crap they have to figure out and I seriously doubt the venues or the band wants to deal with that. Plus I would imagine for a Sept show they probably have to make an announcement around june/july and believe it or not that is not that far away and the numbers for covid are still up there. I seriously doubt that they want to deal with all of the headaches. Just my 2cents
  12. 0.0% chance. I would think 2022 would be the first time we see shows. Hopefully at some point in the next 24 months they throw one last festival. I am dying to get one more in before its over
  13. Its a huge thing (or used to be huge) on subways in NYC
  14. I think that hypothetical is statistically impossible. Plus you are forgetting there are women from other cities involved as well.
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