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  1. I don’t understand the sister Jean thing. It’s kind of odd and weird.
  2. In an interview this past year Trey talked about how page and mike were really taking this thing seriously so thats why I have my reservations. I just can not fathom the band giving the thumbs up to 15+ thousand venues. I bet they punt until next spring. Like I said hopefully a festival is in the works
  3. I hear you man but that just adds another layer of crap they have to figure out and I seriously doubt the venues or the band wants to deal with that. Plus I would imagine for a Sept show they probably have to make an announcement around june/july and believe it or not that is not that far away and the numbers for covid are still up there. I seriously doubt that they want to deal with all of the headaches. Just my 2cents
  4. 0.0% chance. I would think 2022 would be the first time we see shows. Hopefully at some point in the next 24 months they throw one last festival. I am dying to get one more in before its over
  5. Its a huge thing (or used to be huge) on subways in NYC
  6. I think that hypothetical is statistically impossible. Plus you are forgetting there are women from other cities involved as well.
  7. Are you saying all 14 are lying? Simple question.
  8. Can you give me an example where double digit women accused someone of sexual misconduct and they pretty much all had the same story? And you are kindof being a jerk insinuating all of these women are lying when there is a fair share that look to have professional businesses and licenses. But if you can show me this stuff happens at this magnitude then I can always change my opinion.
  9. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31113664/summary-lawsuits-deshaun-watson
  10. I cannot think of any way staying silent is helpful at all at this point.
  11. Dude if you are going to keep commenting on this topic just read one of the many articles on the Houston Chronicle to educate yourself. A large bulk of the accusations are from separate women that are licensed masseuses that have legitimate business. Yes there are a couple I believe that he solicited from Instagram but more were licensed in one way or another.
  12. Outside of the sheer number of accusations, the fact that he hasnt said anything in a week or so is telling to me. If this was happening to me and it was false wouldnt you be in front of every news camera denying it?
  13. Thats really not what the accusations are at all. I mean like completely opposite in fact
  14. From the article in the Houston Chronicle it details about half dozen of the women involved and most of them on paper seem like they are running a professional business and not escorts. State licensed masseuses and professional strength and stretching vendors. On paper it looks pretty bad for him. I suspect he will get dinged half a season appeal it down to a handful of games and still play for the texans. But like you said there is no easy way out here and the fact that Watson is on some soapbox screaming his innocent has me confused as well.
  15. Like I said. I am not smart enough and too old to know how these games are played with 20 year olds. I have to think though since it’s happening with such frequency that it’s a thing to do these days.
  16. No offense but it reads like they should know better. When in fact I am too old to know how this game is played.
  17. Good post. This is where the baseline starts. Read this before you post again. At the very minimum he is a moron.
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