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  1. Watson was soliciting massages from girls on Instagram from other cities and flying them in and meeting at random hotels. But yeah guy keep siding with him there is surely nothing to see here. If it was 1 or 2 then yeah I could see your point but it’s over 9 and that’s one hell of a conspiracy
  2. By multiple women? If it was 1 or 2 then I would be open minded about this but its 20 or so now and his behavior isnt doing him any favors
  3. And they are all randomly from different places. If this was 1 maybe 2 women then spidey sense would perk up but 7-9. Come on man.
  4. The Covid relief deal is going to help sink the economy in the long run. As well as raising taxes.
  5. I am not being silly when I say this. I honestly believe myself and about 5 other posters on this thread could sit in a room over a weekend and create better storylines and writing than the garbage they are showing us. They have so many damn balls in the air its hard from me to keep up. So I mean what happened to Darryls girl, is she still out there? It was all so vague and stupid and now the preacher (who after a decade?) is still wearing his collar? I mean come on.
  6. I guess pretty much everyone has given up on this show. I mean this thread was on page 4
  7. Nope. Thats it. Rachel Lindsay was making the rounds on the interview circuit raising hell and she did 2 of her own podcast "calling out the racist culture" of the Bachelor. She spearheaded everything. I noticed last week she went on with Simmons trying to to say she didnt do any of that but her actions speak otherwise. She is a terrible person.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Great article and pretty much explains everything. Harrison just said pump the brakes on throwing this 18 year old under the bus. Harrison essentially got fired because an 18 year went to a plantation party 3 years ago. Its literally insanity.
  9. Hes gone now. We are in bizarro world. He tried to do the right thing and got bamboozled. This is just getting insane. I cannot believe he lost his damn job because he tried to defend the actions of an 18 year old girl. Good lord this is nuts
  10. No Louis, we didnt miss anything. His arm is completely shot and he was struggling throwing easy passes. But keep the excuses flowing
  11. As a once huge Cam fan its sad to see. If someone wants to argue he isnt all you have to do is look at the game logs from last year and look at every game after he threw 20 or more times. Its brutal and his arm is completely shot
  12. You misunderstand. Trust me I have cut a toxic sister in law completely out of my life and its refreshing. (there is even a thread on here about it) But I dont publicly throw her under the bus. I am just saying they are still family and you shouldnt go chernobyl just because you can. edit-here is the thread https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/726027-horror-stories-of-greed-after-a-family-member-dies/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-17932305
  13. Perfect post My dad has been hammering the "you can choose your friends you cannot choose your family" mantra my entire life. No matter how crappy you may think they are at the time you just dont betray them like that. Then inevitable divorce is going to be full of lulz
  14. Good post. Doing what they did is just crazy and so unnecessary. They already had the Netflix and spotify deals and for the most part pretty beloved worldwide. Going to Oprah and airing the dirty laundry knowing the family isnt going to dignify their allegations is cheap and petty.
  15. I mean he is not wrong here, not wrong at all. "In the middle of a pandemic that has already taken over 2.5 million lives, a staggeringly rich and entitled couple living in a $14 million sun-kissed California mansion wanted us all to know that THEY are the real victims around here." "'I couldn't even meet my friends for lunch!' wailed the Duchess of Delusion, who flew to New York for a $500,000 baby shower with all her new-found celebrity pals, then flew back to London like any good eco-warrior on George Clooney's carbon footprint guzzling private jet."
  16. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9338343/PIERS-MORGAN-Meghan-Harrys-nauseating-two-hour-Oprah-whine-athon-disgraceful-diatribe.html Just a brutal beatdown
  17. She can say whatever she wants the crown will never respond
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