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  1. Used: Off: JAX, GB, AZ, BUF, LAR Def JAX, CLE, CAR. BUF, NE Week 6: Off: Indianapolis Def: Indianapolis
  2. Used: Off: JAX, GB, AZ, BUF Def JAX, CLE, CAR. BUF Week 5: Off: LA Rams Def: New England
  3. Used: Off: JAX, GB, AZ Def JAX, CLE, CAR Week 4: Off: Buffalo Def: Buffalo
  4. Used: Off: JAX, GB Def JAX, CLE Week 3: Off: Arizona Def: Carolina
  5. Wait, the point of the game is to have positive scores? Now you tell us! Used: Off: JAX Def JAX Week 2: Off: Green Bay Def: Cleveland
  6. You can’t rely on the draft dominator this year. It’s been very buggy, and support has been poor. Sometimes it works, other times it gets “improved” to the point it doesn’t work. Same for RateMyTeam and others.
  7. Thank you - this is probably the best draft I've had ever in Anarchy leagues - pretty shocked I was able to get away with sooooo much value. That said, I indeed agree I am finishing last, injuries rule in this setup, and I've had my early round picks sniped by injuries in the last umpteen years here. Good luck to everyone.
  8. Oh, no! Woe is me. What am I to do?
  9. Thank the heavens I was right and the 31 year old RB on a possibly worst offense in the league in a 4-player committee is still available. I may have to take him on the way back in the last round 🤑
  10. @Anarchy99 David - ahem, is it just me, or did @5Rings draft 5RBs and 3TEs? Didn't think that was allowed - apologies in advance if I am wrong.
  11. To be clear, we don't award PPFD to QBs. We find it balances the positions best that way.
  12. That's fair. I've long held this position myself. But then, tickers and box scores stopped tracking a lot of things we wanted to have in our scoring format. I also think the number of folks who check their scores via tickers and box scores is at an all time low now - most people just prefer live scoring from their app, based on your league rules.
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