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  1. If I may offer a suggestion, the normal snake draft is pretty punitive in the playoffs - not only is there no shot at the player you want if you’re not the top pick, but the difference between a top player and pick 10 is pretty significant. Consider either moving to an auction or just do a “anyone can start any player once during the playoffs” type setup, and the winner is whoever scores the most points through SuperBowl.
  2. I like your SLA point. I also think there should be better consistency between the projections and all the other sources of info FBG publishes. The daily updates, Sunday updates, web site player updates, and projections should be in sync, so that if one of them “knows” a player is out, the others update to reflect that.
  3. Respectfully, I disagree. I will give you two specific recent examples where these inaccuracies either impacted me or almost impacted me this year: Week 16: I had a decision to make between Tee Higgins and Russell Gage. I knew Brandon Allen was cleared, but both Dodds and Bloom projected Ryan Finley to start and Allen to sit, and never updated the rankings. I needed to make the call by Saturday, and assumed both Dodds and Bloom know something, and Finley will start and benched Higgins. I wouldn't have made that call if I knew Allen would start. Of note, I've seen plenty of situations wher
  4. Love Bloom’s stuff as well... this isn’t a “Bloom” issue - there are mistakes with many projections, mostly ones that are easily correctable. As another obvious example, Tietgen projects Stephon Gilmore for 3.7 tackles this week, right above the blurb on the Gilmore player page (dated Dec 23) that says he’s out for the year...
  5. Some suggestions : instead or PPR, do points per first down; SuperFlex; get rid of Defense and Kicker positions; TE premium (e.g. 2 points per first down); auction (I feel this is a must, exactly no one I know goes back to redraft once they’ve tried an auction); insert rules that make your league quirky / interesting (e.g. coach position, Rookie position (yes, in redraft); add competitions on top of the normal routine (survivor, best ball, play-off fantasy, etc).
  6. Joe, appreciate what you’re saying... just so you know, the volume of mistakes increased significantly later in the season. I’m in enough leagues and check the projections here enough where I spot “weirdness” frequently, and there’s definitely more weirdness in the last 2-3 weeks. I agree it’s not lack of effort - I’ve seen Bloom update projections frequently within an hour of an event happening. It is lack of quality control, IMO - there are either fat finger type mistakes or things that didn’t get updated as new info emerged, but should have been, especially for marginal players (all the exa
  7. I like both Bloom and Dodds, but projections have been of poor quality, once again. Case and point this week, both Dodds and Bloom had Ryan Finley starting for the Bengals, and didn't bother to change it, even though Brandon Allen was not on the injury report at the end. This type of thing happens weekly. For example, the week after Mims was on COVID list he was widely reported to be back, but Bloom didn't project him for any stats. I've given up on raising these types of issues, because the answer is inevitably enter a ticket... which means the users play quality control for FBG.
  8. Super team! QBs: KC + Baltimore RBs: McCaffrey, Kamara, Elliott, CEH WRs: Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, Deandre Hopkins TEs: Kelce, Kittle Flex: Andrews (TE) Ks: Butker, Tucker Ds: Pittsburgh, San Francisco
  9. Facta sunt potentiora verbis

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