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  1. If you move brandy to the top of the list I'm in, that needs to be the #1 priority this third party will stand for.
  2. Here in SE Wisconsin we have a heat wave compared to you, high of 14 today.
  3. So I had my procedure yesterday, seemed to go pretty well. I had a couple polyps that were removed and an enflamed esophagus that is having a biopsy being done. The doctor was not too concerned. I went with the prescribed prep, that stuff tasted terrible. You would think in these times they could find some way to make this a little bit more appealing.
  4. So colonoscopy and endoscopy is a go for Tuesday, need to be COVID tested Saturday, then procedure set for Tuesday. I informed my wife and daughter that I need to get flushable wipes and yellow or clear gatorade, they gave me a weird look and my response was I just read about it on the internet. Thanks for the input all I ma nervously awaiting Monday when I start the pretreatment to clear the system.
  5. Due to positive COVID test results in my house (wife and son), my test was moved back a few weeks. I appreciate all the input, for example, get the poo out, gatorade, etc. I was told ot drink nothing red or purple, so you guys drinking yellow gatorade?
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