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  1. Not that I see them doing it, but could the Bucks treat this guy similar to how negative fan interactions happened in NY or Utah and ban the guy for ever?
  2. Not sure if correct, maybe someone else read it but when Tucker and Durant were face-to-face the guy who went onto the floor and pushed Tucker was Durant's personal bodyguard? If accurate I would think the NBA would do something about a personal bodyguard running onto the court.
  3. This is rich, now Wisconsin GOP is sending a group to watch the audit process in Arizona, as if this is the appropriate process to audit counts. The trip is being paid for by a group called Voices & Votes whose mission is, "Voices and Votes works to protect free speech from cancel culture and ensures that American voices are heard where it matters most, the ballot box."
  4. yeah I don't get it, Buchnevich made a legal hard check, then when skating away he gets semi-punched in the back of the head then repeated stick taps to the back of the legs while skating away, while it looks like Matha is saying something. When the play goes out the the zone Mantha skates towards Buchnevich instead of the puck while raising his stick with two hands. Buchnevich jumps and throws a punch with the hand holding the stick, the other hand is not touching the stick. Not sure why this is dirty while a few days earlier the league deemed it relatively ok to punch a player on th
  5. And there you have it, evaporating like a fart in the wind. New Foxconn Agreement with Wisconsin
  6. Thanks for your feedback. By water it down would that be through ice or just water? I am definitively interested in trying these to see the differences. Again I appreciate your input.
  7. So another couple asked my wife and I to go to a Bourbon Dinner tomorrow night. I don't know much about bourbon, we are not bourbon drinkers, but the list of the bourbon includes Angel Envy Rye, Elmer T Lee, and Stagg Jr. I am more of a beer drinker but was thinking about moving more towards bourbon. I looked online and it looks like these are good bourbons(?) does anyone have opinions on the list provided?
  8. Not sure if it is sarcasm, if it is then you agree with me if not then I don't know what to say. I'm speaking from a Bucks fan perspective. @SWC and @mr. furley can agree with me.
  9. I don't chime in on this forum much, but the 76ers are second in the league in average free throws per game at 25.7 per game, the Bucks are 17th at 21.6. Yesterday the Bucks had 24 free throws, slightly above their average. I can't tell you why the 76ers didn't get to their average, but missing Embid probably had a lot to do with it. As a bucks fan I can tell you complaining about ghost calls are going to fall on deaf ears. As fans we spent the the late 80's, all of the 90's, 2000's, and into the 2010's seeing our team get hit with ghost calls. All the better teams got the calls form
  10. Add to the fact that they had Turcotte and K'Andre Miller last year. With that much talent around they had no business being in the basement. I think it shows the importance of strong defensive net presence their stats year over year shot percentage dropped.
  11. If you move brandy to the top of the list I'm in, that needs to be the #1 priority this third party will stand for.
  12. Here in SE Wisconsin we have a heat wave compared to you, high of 14 today.
  13. So I had my procedure yesterday, seemed to go pretty well. I had a couple polyps that were removed and an enflamed esophagus that is having a biopsy being done. The doctor was not too concerned. I went with the prescribed prep, that stuff tasted terrible. You would think in these times they could find some way to make this a little bit more appealing.
  14. So colonoscopy and endoscopy is a go for Tuesday, need to be COVID tested Saturday, then procedure set for Tuesday. I informed my wife and daughter that I need to get flushable wipes and yellow or clear gatorade, they gave me a weird look and my response was I just read about it on the internet. Thanks for the input all I ma nervously awaiting Monday when I start the pretreatment to clear the system.
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