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  1. What information is included in the data they are extracting? Are the auditors getting name, address, how the voter voted, etc.? If so what says Cyber Ninjas don't put a list together of all the voters and how they voted, then give this information to the Republican party to focus on how they convey messages to certain people in the next election cycle? Is there any protection of the data to ensure this does not happen?
  2. Good call Brasky. My son plays youth hockey in Wisconsin and has played a Minnesota team in the summer, the talent there is a different level. Wisconsin probably could be lumped more accurately with Illinois than Minnesota, but don't tell folks in Illinois they would go nuts that they are not at the same level as Minnesota.
  3. Living near the Chicago area I hear plenty of horror stories out there of families paying all in $100 to $200k to only have the kid quit because he was burnt out and just wanted to get to school like their friends instead of dedicating more years in juniors before becoming a college freshman at the age of 21. Hockey is a unique sport in that successful college players move out of the house in mid-teens (15, 16) and play in the juniors (NAHL, USHL) with the hopes of getting into a college program (D1 or D3) by the time they are 20 or 21.
  4. My son played in the Hodag tournament two years ago, we had a great time. Hung out in the hotel with a bunch of snowmobilers, but our drive was like 5 hours.
  5. The brother of a teammate of my son plays in an ACHA program at UW Milwaukee, not a big program but gives him the opportunity to play in college. Some D1 schools do have ACHA (I know Iowa Sate has a program).
  6. Hockey does not have any D2 programs, D3 are mostly made up of kids that are playing AAA or juniors by the time they are seniors in high school. Basically a lot of people essentially hire agents which get their kids names out for colleges. The problem you are facing is the talent level, schools are not looking at kids in high house programs or even travel, they are going to the elite/AAA level games to find kids. There are opportunities for ACHA which is club hockey, these programs are opportunities to kids to play college hockey but at lower levels compared to D3 hockey.
  7. I'm trying to understand something, didn't the Bucks lose a second round pick last year due to the sign and trade tampering concerning Bogdanovic? Isn't what Miami is doing essentially the same thing as Milwaukee? If so why doesn't the NBA come down on them?
  8. Live too far away to drink then try to drive home and our family is a cat family so there's that. Best of luck to him for future success.
  9. After one of the games, my buddies and I went to Water Street, hit a bar called Mel's (if I remember the name correctly), but who walks in, Marty Conlon. We just watched him get man handled by some center during the game, but since I am the tallest of my buddies they made me find a way to stand next to him to really gauge his height. He was still much taller than I and the girls flocked to that guy.
  10. A friend of my wife's and her husband were at the game, somehow they made in onto the court during the celebration/trophy presentation. I am a part of that generation that was too young to remember the championship in '71 but remember all the losses in the 80's to the Celtics/76'ers, then the dismal years of the 80's and 90's. purchased season tickets to watch the likes of Marty Conlon, Lee Mayberry, Todd Day, Kevin Duckworth, Greg "Cadillac" Anderson, Brad "The Vanilla Gorilla" Lohaus, Benoit Benjamin, etc. I spent the night texting to my old buddies who shared tickets with me and we all could not believe they finally did it.
  11. My 19 year old and 16 year old daughters wanted to head down there tonight, we told them to stay home and skip it, it will be too crazy. My oldest had a friend who had her drink drugged a few weeks ago. As much fun as it may look I would imagine it is a nightmare getting in and out of there.
  12. My daughter did the same thing, she came into the family room with the game on and said they got this why are you watching? My wife proceeded to tell her she just jinxed them. Kids nowadays don't understand the true intrinsic value in jinxing your team. Me on the other hand I know, I didn't even watch last nights game due to my jinxing capabilities.
  13. About three or four years ago my son, who is now 12 started playing lacrosse, for us being a hockey family this sport was very new where we didn't know the rules of lacrosse. Recently, my son made a travel team playing in higher level lacrosse tournaments. In fact next weekend he is playing in The Grail tournament in Indianapolis, sounds like it is a pretty big tournament. Nonetheless, any seasoned lacrosse parents out there that can offer any insight on these tournaments, # of games, spacing of game starting times, etc? Or any insight on preferred gear? We have been having my son use his hockey shoulder pads gloves and elbow pads, but now want to get him more specialized gear, looking for any insight on what to do and what not to do. Any help or recommendations you can make to a newbie will be much appreciated.
  14. Not that I see them doing it, but could the Bucks treat this guy similar to how negative fan interactions happened in NY or Utah and ban the guy for ever?
  15. Not sure if correct, maybe someone else read it but when Tucker and Durant were face-to-face the guy who went onto the floor and pushed Tucker was Durant's personal bodyguard? If accurate I would think the NBA would do something about a personal bodyguard running onto the court.
  16. This is rich, now Wisconsin GOP is sending a group to watch the audit process in Arizona, as if this is the appropriate process to audit counts. The trip is being paid for by a group called Voices & Votes whose mission is, "Voices and Votes works to protect free speech from cancel culture and ensures that American voices are heard where it matters most, the ballot box."
  17. yeah I don't get it, Buchnevich made a legal hard check, then when skating away he gets semi-punched in the back of the head then repeated stick taps to the back of the legs while skating away, while it looks like Matha is saying something. When the play goes out the the zone Mantha skates towards Buchnevich instead of the puck while raising his stick with two hands. Buchnevich jumps and throws a punch with the hand holding the stick, the other hand is not touching the stick. Not sure why this is dirty while a few days earlier the league deemed it relatively ok to punch a player on the ice to the head in a defenseless position. I love hockey but watching the league's inaction on Wilson's plays negates pushes the league more towards the need to have "tough guys" to patrol the ice. Back to the stone ages of hockey.
  18. And there you have it, evaporating like a fart in the wind. New Foxconn Agreement with Wisconsin
  19. Thanks for your feedback. By water it down would that be through ice or just water? I am definitively interested in trying these to see the differences. Again I appreciate your input.
  20. So another couple asked my wife and I to go to a Bourbon Dinner tomorrow night. I don't know much about bourbon, we are not bourbon drinkers, but the list of the bourbon includes Angel Envy Rye, Elmer T Lee, and Stagg Jr. I am more of a beer drinker but was thinking about moving more towards bourbon. I looked online and it looks like these are good bourbons(?) does anyone have opinions on the list provided?
  21. Not sure if it is sarcasm, if it is then you agree with me if not then I don't know what to say. I'm speaking from a Bucks fan perspective. @SWC and @mr. furley can agree with me.
  22. I don't chime in on this forum much, but the 76ers are second in the league in average free throws per game at 25.7 per game, the Bucks are 17th at 21.6. Yesterday the Bucks had 24 free throws, slightly above their average. I can't tell you why the 76ers didn't get to their average, but missing Embid probably had a lot to do with it. As a bucks fan I can tell you complaining about ghost calls are going to fall on deaf ears. As fans we spent the the late 80's, all of the 90's, 2000's, and into the 2010's seeing our team get hit with ghost calls. All the better teams got the calls form the Celtics in the 80's to Pistons, then the Bulls, it was a constant that seemed to never leave the Bucks.
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