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  1. I don't think you understand how this is working. 3 players that were confined to each other versus 20+ and a coach/assistant that were in amongst everyone and cases still rising. Denver did not have any other cases/positives show past the first. Baltimore is still having positives.
  2. Is there any reason you have a 9 play drive up by 14 in the 4th quarter and you do not call one running play?
  3. Is it telling that it was Williams the last series and not Jones even though it was all run plays? Up until that drive he had 4 rushes for 11 yards. Neither back had space but Jones did make a couple runs go fro. Negatives to positives.
  4. Get two bad teams out of the way, and not have to worry about flexing it out at the end of the season?
  5. Two totally different owners. Ford's have a history of failure. This is probable the 2nd time in about 30 years that Itilich has screwed up The Wings or the Tigers.
  6. Collinsworth brought up a good point last night about Stafford not getting out of the pocket anymore to make time for Calvin to get open. Lombardi is trying to run the wrong type of offense for Stafford. We are relegated now to having 3 possession receivers and that is not Stafford's or Calvin's type of game. Get rid of Lombardi and bring in a OC that is willing to let Stafford loose. I don't care if he only completes 65% of passes, as long as he actually keeps the defenses honest and off the LOS so that the running game gets going.
  7. Drinking the Kool Aid brah...2-0 Peace If GB wasn't coming off their bye I would be drinking it. Right now I'm getting the sugar and the spoon just in case they do go in there and change the streak.
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