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  1. Think you missed the big one. New Orleans crushed GB week 1 and then got blown out themselves Week 2.
  2. 22 for zeke, 27 for pollard. Not time to worry yet. Pollard is still out there returning kicks. If they wanted him to take over for Zeke he wouldn't be doing that. I will start to worry once they pull him from special teams.
  3. Looks like a defender came down on his ribs. They walked him to the locker room during that drive.
  4. Won him at 33%. Not sure what others bid. Just FYI, T.Jones went for 16% and Ingram went for 10%.
  5. For me it is the hover bar at the top. If I am switching tabs, I don't need to see that drop down every time I move from a tab to choose a thread. Make the blue bar at the top clickable rather than a dropdown when you pass over it.
  6. What are peoples thoughts on Kmet? Outnapped Graham 41-14, Graham only had 2 targets- one of them inside the 20. Kmet's were all outside.
  7. NO worries. I would have to look, but did he ever have a game like last night in Detroit? He seemed much more relaxed and able to read the defense.
  8. When did he ever have that in Detroit for more than 1-2 games at a time.
  9. And he somehow still has no running game to help him. Hopefully that part picks up as the year moves along.
  10. Here is the clearer thing to me. Atlanta could have had either Gallman or Davis back in March right. They signed Davis to a 2-yr deal, Gallman doesn't sign until a month later with SF on a 1 year deal. If Atlanta really wanted Gallman why didn't they go after him back then? They obviously felt Davis was the better fit.
  11. Got him at 5.3 yesterday. 23rd RB off the board ahead of Gaskin, Mostart, Edwards, D.Harris (6th round by me), Edmunds, and Hunt (these were the rb taken in rounds 5 and 6). Gladly take and use him as my RB2.
  12. So to answer all the questions. We start at the last pick and draw ping-pong balls from the fantasy trophy from pick 180 all the way to #1 (15 rounds). It is all tracked via excel, an html site, and the draft order is input to site called FanDraft.com. Those online are able to draft that way and we also have a skype call going for those that are not able to be in person. Picks are 3 minutes apart and we have not had anyone miss a pick in 21 years that I have been a part of the league. Whole draw and draft takes about 5 hours total. I guess there is always a chance that someone could end up with those picks, but I don't think that it has ever been that bad. I would imagine things would be different if it was for big money but all we pay each year is $10 and that goes to the host for food and some to the commish to pay for our website.
  13. This is going to look really odd. I don't like the way the boards format. We are a full point ppr redraft, 6 points for passing, running, receiving TD's, and bonuses for 25 completions, 15 rushes, 100 rushing or receiving yards, or 300 passing yards. Our draft order is completely randomized for each round. I was team 1 (traded 1.9, 3.1, and 4.1 to team 7 for 1.4, 3.12, and 5.3) 1.1 Team 4- D. Henry 1.2 Team 2- C McCaffrey 1.3 Team 3- D Cook 1.4 Team 1 (from Team 7)- E. Elliott 1.5 Team 9 (autodraft)- A. Kamara 1.6 Team 12- N. Chubb 1.7 Team 10 1isco- A. Jones 1.8 Team 6- A. Ekeler 1.9 Team 7 (From Team 1)- T. Kelce 1.10 Team 8- J. Taylor 1.11 Team 11- S. Barkley 1.12 Team 5- D. Adams 2.1 Team 3- P. Mahomes 2.2 Team 11- S. Diggs 2.3 Team 8- N. Harris 2.4 Team 10- T. Hill 2.5 Team 6- A. Gibson 2.6 Team 4- D. Waller 2.7 Team 7- D. Hopkins 2.8 Team 9 (autodraft)- J. Mixon 2.9 Team 1- J. Jefferson 2.10 Team 5- C. Edwards-Hilaire 2.11 Team 12- C. Ridley 2.12 Team 2- J. Allen 3.1 Team 7 (From Team 1)- DK. Metcalf 3.2 Team 6- G. Kittle 3.3 Team 11- AJ. Brown 3.4 Team 5- J. Robinson 3.5 Team 4- D. Montgomery 3.6 Team 12- C. Carson 3.7 Team 9 (autodraft)- K. Allen 3.8 Team 10- M. Sanders 3.9 Team 2- A. Robinson 3.10 Team 8- T. McLaurin 3.11 Team 3- D. Swift 3.12 Team 1 (from Team 7) R. Woods
  14. August 29th this year. Was the weekend that worked for everyone.
  15. Did anyone contact Mr. Landry to let him know he was on the clock? Been almost a full day.
  16. Very well could be, but they said unknown illness. I am sure it will come out by the end of the night. Surprised nothing was said in the pre-game about it.
  17. Interesting "time to invest in some pension plans," I guess I drafted a team that is over the hill. Maybe it will be like the 2002 Red Wings.
  18. Well, some might consider Windsor South Detroit.
  19. Possible the way it was edited or filmed but the lineman going on about wanting the cake was a bit of a cringe.
  20. You are all so right. This lineup feels weird. QB: Rams- Truly believe Stafford, if he stays healthy, will be back in the top 5 or 6 on the Rams RB: Gaskin- Needed to get a #1 and this is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. He will be hit or miss again this year I'm sure. WR: Adams- Always near the top and should be consistent points all year TE: Jarwin- Needle in a hay stack at this point with TE's. Will he take the lion's share or share with Schultz? Adkins- Does he elevate his game with Fells out of the way? K: TBD DEF: TBD
  21. Thought he checked into the League 3 thread and made picks there.
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