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  1. I think you gave Darnold for free. I'd take Sutton by himself over 1.06 this year, but it is at least in the same ballpark.
  2. 12 team, ppr for WR/TE, .5 ppr for RB, start QRWWWT + 2 flex, 4 year max contracts, $500fa per year with rollover Gave - Kerryon Johnson (4 yr), Gesecki (devy 1 more year), pick 1.03, $50fa Received - Kamara (3 yr)
  3. He's probably saying that it is a bad trade with the Kamara side winning by a wide margin.
  4. Williams is a noticeably better interior runner and blocker. Jones is noticeably more explosive and better in space. Throw in Montgomery and I don't think any single back gets more than 1/2 the total touches between the three of them, barring injury or fumble-itis. Both sophomores are worth taking a chance on in case they separate from the, um, pack, and a 2nd rounder is a reasonable price to pay, but don't roster them as any more than a RB3/4, imo.
  5. Philip Rivers was ppg QB2 in 2015 over the first 8 games, the last time Keenan Allen was healthy. Plenty of upside as long as Allen is healthy, especially with the added weapons.
  6. 10 team, 1/2 ppr for WR/TE only traded a 2018 4th rounder for Ladarius Green. I don't need a TE, but I still think a flyer on Green is worth it. I will hopefully know before the season starts if he is a keeper or a drop.
  7. The TEs and Kamara were the only other considerations at 10 for me, but I have J.Reed and H.Henry, needed a RB. Zay Jones was available as well, but I'm not high on him. I was leaning Hunt at 10, but figured he or Kamara would fall to 14, so pick 26 was free for my purposes.
  8. 12 team ppr, start Q RR WWW T + flex My RBs: L.Miller, D.Martin, T.Coleman, + scrubs My WRs: M.Thomas (N.O.), Dez Bryant, M.Crabtree, J.Crowder, D.Jackson, M.Lee, P.Dorsett Made two trades during rookie draft: Gave pick 10 Received 14 and 26 (drafted K.Hunt and J.McNichols) Gave Brandon Marshall Received picks 18 and 21 (drafted M.Mack and C.Godwin) Drafted Hunt, Mack, McNichols at RB, Ross, Godwin, Golliday, T.Taylor (tenn) at WR
  9. In my two rookie drafts I have preferred other RBs in the area Williams is going, and since I like A.Jones just as much, I like him later. I picked Jones at #28 in one league, but in another league I had 10 picks earlier than that, so I watched him fall to #57. There are 5 owners new to dynasty in this league, and two more that traded all of their picks before the draft, so that may explain the fall.
  10. Also traded Malcom Mitchell and Austin Hooper for 2018 2nd and 3rd. Had to make roster space.
  11. 12 team, start Q R WWW T + 2 flex. .5 ppr for rbs, 1 ppr for wr/te. Team A received M. Bryant, pick 1.09, 2018 1st (7-12), $75 bb (teams get $500 per year to use on fas and rfas, $ rolls over) team B received Mel Gordon. ~~~~~ Team A received C Meredith, 2 2018 1sts (7-12), 2017 pick 17 Team C received Jordan Howard, 2017 pick 31 ~~~~ Team A has picks 3, 5, 9, and 9 picks between 15 and 33, plus 4 2018 firsts and 2 2018 seconds. Team A: Brees, mariota abdullah, procise, yeldon, Rawls, sims
  12. 12 team, start Q/R/WWW/T/ + 2 flex, PPR for WR/TE, .5 PPR for RB I traded pick 9 and D.Green-Beckham for Rawls, pick 20, and a few blind bidding bucks (7% of yearly dole) I'm down on DGB, and my opinion of Rawls actually went up watching him a few times this year. His #s were terrible vs Rams and Cards, pretty good against the rest overall, despite a bad O line. I think Seattle addresses O line. Rawls is still young, 24 in August.
  13. New 12 team league. Start QRWWWT + 2 flex. PPR for WR/TE, .5 PPR for RB. Team W gave 2017 1st rounder (projects to be top 6, but not an absolute certainty) Team J gave Rashad Jennings, Paul Perkins, Andre Williams I would really, really, appreciate input on this trade.
  14. 12 team, 1/2 ppr for WR/TE, 4 year max contracts Gave Josh Gordon (1 year) Received 2017 2nd rounder (high) ~~~ 12 team ppr, no contracts Team A received Josh Gordon Team B received 2017 1st rounder (mid)
  15. 10 team, start QRRWWT + flex, 1/2 ppr for WR/TE only. 5 year max contracts. 5 man rookie squad, 2 man 2nd yr player squad. (so one could choose to not assign a contract until year 3) Gave - R.Cobb (2 yr), Maclin (2 yr) Received - L.Treadwell (rookie squad), L.A.Rams defense/ST (1 yr) Context: I have AJ Green (5 yr), O.Beckham (4 yr), K.Allen (3 yr), Julio Jones (1 yr), Devante Parker (2nd yr squad), M.Mitchell (RS) Maclin would not fetch more than a 2nd rounder, Cobb with 2 years would not likely get a 1st rounder, so I packaged them and pushed the valu
  16. Yeah, I helped a guy out big time last preseason... "No, I'd rather keep Knile Davis than take Devonta Freeman from you." *hangshead*
  17. I was wondering about Rodgers as well. From a dynasty value standpoint, it seems that his value took a pretty big hit this season. I am in two dynasty leagues, and his finish this year varied pretty significantly between them -- QB6 vs. QB12 in total points, QB9 vs. QB16 in ppg. But either way, that is definitely a down year. Combining that with his age, I could easily see him in a lower tier than Newton, Luck, Wilson. I admit to being a big Wilson fan, so I have some bias. Comparing Newton vs. Wilson, I do think there is a counterpoint to the positives gianmarco posted for Newton, at least to
  18. This was Milkman's 1st post referencing pick 1.06. I read this to say that if Perriman gets taken in the top 20 that that would put him in the discussion for 1.06. I don't see Milkman anointing Perriman the no brainer 1.06 right now.
  19. I've read that his drops are concentration related. That, and the route running, could be solvable problems. I haven't seen him play yet, just relying on others info.
  20. https://twitter.com/EricDeSalvo/status/580861609301671936/photo/1 Scout reactions when they looked at their stopwatches
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