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  1. A guy in my guillotine league got the axe and he had Mahomes, Dalvin Cook, Kamara, DK Metcalf and Kyle Pitts.
  2. That song reminds me of my son. He played QB and at halftime he went over to play in the band. They played that song every week. Probably the only QB that was playing a trombone instead of in halftime meetings.
  3. It seems like the contest will get easier as we go along. 25% cut rosters will be less each week. I wonder if having later bye weeks are now better?
  4. The leader this week only has the 18 minimum roster. Three RBs. The second top scorer also has a 18 man roster. Including Gus Edwards, he'll have 7 of 18 players on bye or out in week 7. That includes both of his defenses.
  5. That is quite the cut line. Scored 195.85. The contest may actually get easier as we go along. Now I wonder if later bye weeks are better than earlier ones.
  6. I set up the Survivor contest manually as a league, put in the scoring rules and lineup requirements and put in my roster. That should give you a good estimate.
  7. I seriously considered M Williams and considered Watkins and Eskridge.
  8. The Projections turn into actual points scored after their games are complete. When I go to the matchup dominator tab, I only see 19.14 points projected for my team. That is the one player that hasn't played yet. Waller is projected for that. Otherwise all of the points behind each player are actual points scored running down the page. Waller is the only player that has numbers for projected points, Floor, and Upside. All of the other players just has numbers in the one column since there's no more floor or upside to be had.
  9. The FBG League dominator app has actual points scored after games are complete. I already have a spreadsheet made extended out for 14 weeks. I just filled in the numbers from the app and I have 157.75 points with Montgomery soon to be counting points to knock off Robinson's gigantic score. Also need Waller to start scoring as soon as he exceeds Pittman's score as well.
  10. I actually picked my players based on a very scientific approach. First of all I like the names Justin and Marquez. Does anyone else have three Justins and 2 Marquez's on their roster? I didn't think so. I also went for single syllable names. I have 20 players but also have 12 single syllable names/words on the roster. Fields, Nick, Chubb (bonus), James, Gus, Tee, Kyle, Pitts (double bonus), Jake, Greg, Green and Bay. Nick Chubb single syllable, Najee Harris not single syllable.
  11. I went TE heavy this year. My projections have them counting points most weeks. I did like Najee Harris and his upside but didn't want conflicting byes. Even with Chubb costing more than Harris, his projection was more than enough to make up the difference. I went back in forth with Jefferson or Thielen but wasn't going to have both. Thielen's projected point to value ratio was higher than Jefferson's but I could not get a team to produce as many points with him in it. Thielen and Higgins were basically interchangeable for me. I tried to get one more player on the roster with either Stevenson or Jakobi Meyers but some player combinations just didn't work out. I decided that having a few stars on the team over hoping for five or six average players performing was well worth it. Yes there is risk of injuries, but I have plenty of competition for starts between quality players. Not swinging for a single here. For QBs had to go with Wilson over Rodgers and Brady. I don't want a top scoring player on a late season bye week. Hopefully he duplicates the free for all from the 1st half of last year. Fields will probably be getting playing time after week three at the latest. QB - Russell Wilson - SEA/9 - $17 QB - Justin Herbert - LAC/7 - $16 QB - Justin Fields - CHI/10 - $7 Between Chubb and Harris, Harris more upside to explode. Chubb will get his and no bye conflicts with other RBs with a very high point projection vs. cost. Basically change player names into projection numbers and values and you have my thoughts. RB - Nick Chubb - CLE/13 - $26 RB - David Montgomery - CHI/10 - $22 RB - James Robinson - JAX/7 - $16 RB - Gus Edwards - BAL/8 - $11 Would've liked to have three receivers with 200+ point projections but had to let the three of mine fight for a start each week. Pittman and Callaway for upside. WR - Justin Jefferson - MIN/7 - $25 WR - Tee Higgins - CIN/10 - $18 WR - Michael Pittman - IND/14 - $9 WR - Marquez Callaway - NO/6 - $5 WR - M Valdes-Scantling - GB/13 - $3 1 1/2 PPR. OK. TE - Darren Waller - LV/8 - $27 TE - T.J. Hockenson - DET/9 - $19 TE - Kyle Pitts - ATL/6 - $17 Three kickers in case one gets the boot. PK - Jake Elliott - PHI/14 - $3 PK - Greg Joseph - MIN/7 - $3 PK - Evan McPherson - CIN/10 - $2 Only two here but teams don't get cut like kickers do. Hopefully no covid cancellations. TD - Green Bay Packers - GB/13 - $2 TD - Dallas Cowboys - DAL/7 - $2
  12. Now I know that I have eight players that you don't have. But three players are just a few dollars over.
  13. Union of Fantasy Football Dumb Asses. UFFDA. You too can become a Dumb ###. But not if you don't play.
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