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  1. Did this at 10 am today. Got hgen at 17.91. Kept a few hundred shares of cydy for kicks. I’m sure I’ll be back in it eventually but the odds of approval are so overwhelmingly in HGEN’s favor I couldn’t resist.
  2. Hgen will probably drop 25% tomorrow lol
  3. What? How do you lowball an offer when like 6 teams are making one? Doesn’t even make sense.
  4. Gruden and Mayock are completely clueless and desperate which is a dangerous combination. GB could really eat their lunch here, would be pretty funny to see happen.
  5. Have to think if it comes to this the Pack would go after Gruden right? He’d give up a massive draft package for the guy. Probably would be one of the biggest overpays in nfl history.
  6. Yea I jumped on that todem stock the other day and amazon earlier this year when it hit 2950. Added Hgen to the portfolio but other than that I’m just cruising along.
  7. Eh I’ve had a good year before 2 days ago. It’s too much to get caught up in this day to day. I’ll end up 15-20% by December.
  8. My favorite thing about the stock market is that you can crush it like amazon and Apple did, and your stock will tank. You can also report horrible earnings, and your stock will also tank. Having stocks is fun and makes perfect sense.
  9. My only issue with it, and this is without the benefit of knowledge they have, is that I expect Brady to play at least 2 more seasons and maybe 3. Physically he doesn’t even look close to being finished.
  10. Sure the Falcons can come together and beat the Bucs, or anybody on a given Sunday but you think they’re a super bowl threat? I doubt they even make the playoffs.
  11. Just one of those weeks. It happens.
  12. Atlanta may have the worst defense in the league though. Same with Dallas. Neither will be serious contenders but they’ll be fun. Saints are the only one you mentioned I think could be good. Arizona is going 9-8 and SF has a mess at QB. Imo.
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