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  1. Kathryn Hahn is AMAZING. That scene where they showed Wanda watching her 1950s self and Vision saying welcome home was so dope. God this show rules.
  2. He’ll still be drafted in round 7 in my fantasy league
  3. this is my target price for every stock
  4. living a blessed sports life that’s for sure. I need some of this GameStop money to pay for all the Bucs and lightning crap I’ve bought in the past few months
  5. Absolutely nothing I have done with gamestonk has worked so I am naturally back in for more. I want my money
  6. Man you are definitely in the game.
  7. Gee I can’t imagine which one is going to happen
  8. Well I certainly have enough so I’m not buying more but let’s goooooo
  9. Canes had the nerve to beat the Bolts 4-0 last week and then the Bolts beat them 3 times in a row. Love to see it.
  10. During the daytime it’s all garbage - but it’s going to pay for itself in waves come the next few weeks. They’ll have almost every low to mid major conference tourney game. 11 am Wofford hoops, hell yea.
  11. I like the mid-major college basketball and football and watch 2-3 hockey games on it a week. Easily worth 5 a month, that’s like 1 watered down drink somewhere.
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