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  1. They just activated Landry so I dunno. I’m pretty desperate this week so may just have to go for it.
  2. Imo the stock market should go up everyday
  3. God bless crypto, our safest and most reliable investments.
  4. I forget the exact amount but ratings for these series are down a huge number from 15-20 years ago. Sure, people have more to do, but it’s an even bigger drop in numbers than other big sports.
  5. I truly think the only way Amazon has an earnings report spike is if it splits, which isn’t going to happen. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.
  6. Yes but if the owners were concerned about that they’d shorten the time of these games significantly. That’s what’s costing them money and future growth.
  7. Parked was jammed yesterday on a rando Tuesday in October. Definitely not going to happen.
  8. I don’t particularly care either way. I just see it being a war with the umpires union.
  9. That’s fair, ok, but umpiring has been awful forever. Eric Gregg was an abject disaster in the 97 series. Why would mlb change it now?
  10. Why? The Rays got screwed with the zone way worse in game 4 of the LDS. Sox fans were cool with it then.
  11. apparently you just can’t walk on the rides either when you buy it. I could see walking by space mountain and seeing a long line and thinking ok that’s worth 7 bucks to ride it right now, but then it schedules you to come back later in the day. No thanks.
  12. We went yesterday for my son’s birthday (can’t believe he’s 4) - there were guest services booths all over the park and they all had 20-30 people standing in line with their phones out. I had never noticed that before so I went and asked somebody what was up and they said the lightning lane thing wasn’t working Imagine spending 20 bucks per person for this thing and then it not working and then you’re waiting an hour in line to complain.
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