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  1. Maybe we’re being negative about this bc that’s what we are trained to do? Guess it doesn’t really matter till Monday morning either way.
  2. Jesus Christ Cav your posts are a real ride
  3. Well in the end, at least we all have each other
  4. Well, if Hgen is even moderately successful I’ll get out of this even steven at the least. We’ll see.
  5. Always said a Friday evening news dump was bad news.
  6. Can they still get an EAU or is this curtains?
  7. Survival benefit: There was a 24% reduction in all-cause mortality (primary endpoint of the study) in the leronlimab versus placebo. first bulletpoint...
  8. Results out. 24% reduction in mortality. Still reading... https://www.cytodyn.com/newsroom/press-releases/detail/501/cytodyns-phase-3-trial-demonstrates-safety-a-24
  9. I understand that, understand Bitcoin and own Bitcoin. If you just want to say that this has value because a bunch of people attach value to it, that’s fine but also doesn’t mean they will continue to do so in the future. But you can’t just yell blockchain at me as the reason why a widely available video of Mason Plumlee making a layup has value. There are plenty of worthless crypto assets.
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