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  1. Canes had the nerve to beat the Bolts 4-0 last week and then the Bolts beat them 3 times in a row. Love to see it.
  2. During the daytime it’s all garbage - but it’s going to pay for itself in waves come the next few weeks. They’ll have almost every low to mid major conference tourney game. 11 am Wofford hoops, hell yea.
  3. I like the mid-major college basketball and football and watch 2-3 hockey games on it a week. Easily worth 5 a month, that’s like 1 watered down drink somewhere.
  4. I think his accuracy is pretty great, but a lot of the times Pitts was just running wide open like the other team wasn’t playing D - he didn’t have to make a lot of hard throws, and I don’t think he has nfl velocity for the deep balls or the long outs. He reminds me so much of Alex Smith, who admittedly has played a very long time.
  5. Don’t have to tell me but half the market is scared money.
  6. Today is definitely going to wash some people out of the market imo
  7. Yea I have friends, including a nurse, worried about the variants. As long as people get their shots it seems like we should be fine. Funny thing about RK Jr - we are watching some 1960s docs over the weekend and he’s on there giving interviews and comes off very thoughtful. Googled what he’s doing in life and boy was that a surprise.
  8. When amazon and tesla suck but you own gamestonk
  9. Seems like to me that everybody is getting out of these prestige stocks or whatever you want to call them in order to chase the fast money.
  10. Polling also suggests people are more in favor of getting it now. I guess when they saw their meemaw get it and then not die right after it made them feel better.
  11. “At least I have gamestonk today”, he says to himself, unbelievably.
  12. I don’t think that’s a bad rap. That’s more or less what I said.
  13. Hi. If you’re getting ready for March, KenPom has Loyola-Chicago as the 10th best team in the country; and yet you can get them at +4500 to win it all, the 21st best odds. Seems like decent value to me. I don’t bet much, just getting into March mode and noticed that.
  14. Any worries about robinhood or another service shutting it down again?
  15. I have bought the stonk. Excited for it to go back to 40 bucks or whatever.
  16. So what’s GameStop going to? I’m extremely stupid but addicted to gambling and considering a handful of shares again.
  17. I can’t believe the GME thing. Again!! Fills me with joy.
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