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  1. Somebody up thread said I act like he’s a D-leaguer and it’s not that, it’s just that he’s so obviously talented and it doesn’t seem like he’s working to get better. Something like that shot from an NBA player is embarrassing, period.
  2. I tried telling people all off-season here that he was a product of the worst D-1 line in the nation at FSU and if he went to Bama instead (that’s who it came down to) he woulda been a first round pick. People kept saying he was missing holes and I was like trust me there were never any holes. A rare hit for me on the fantasy football thing.
  3. Loved every minute of it, but I knew it was going to be super super weird.
  4. Kathryn Hahn was truly made to play a 50s sitcom wacky next door neighbor. She was born in the wrong era.
  5. The Rams are in the final 8 literally because of their awesome defense.
  6. The WaPo website had 11.1M vaccine doses yesterday but somehow only 10.6M today. Weird.
  7. These worthless rags are rooting for cheap scare headlines so they can get clicks while the world burns.
  8. I haven’t said anything even remotely close to this lol. It’s you misinterpreting my words and then placing your own emphasis on what you believe my opinion to be. All I’ve said is the relative lack of success of his quarterbacks in the league is irrelevant. If you aren’t able to engage in a good faith conversation there really isn’t any point in going on here.
  9. Isn’t a plan announced by somebody who isn’t even the president yet the sizzle?
  10. Kind of surprised the market doesn’t like the Biden money machine plan.
  11. I couldn’t think of a more pointless example than a coach trying to go pro over 20 years ago with Danny Wuerffel as his QB. Has nothing to do with Urban and Lawrence whatsoever.
  12. Going from Gase to Saleh has to be one of the biggest coaching upgrades in recent memory.
  13. Yes I’m in, if fdas under whatever alias he has will come along so he can draft us another 12th place team.
  14. Simmer down. The only reason to ever do this league is to piss you off.
  15. Yea I don’t really get the argument of wow this terrible QB did great for him in college so he must not be a good QB coach. If anything it solidifies how good of a coach he is.
  16. His system was obviously not run by the teams who drafted his QBs.
  17. Meyer’s job in college is to win games with his college QB. What happens to them after they leave him and go pro isn’t on him. And if there is one thing Urban has done, it’s get a lot of production out of his QB position.
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