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  1. This exchange the Trump lawyers had in court today in Philly is gold. Judge Paul Diamond to the Trump campaign lawyer: Diamond: Are your observers in the counting room? Trump campaign: "There's a non zero number of people in the room" Diamond: "I’m asking you as a member of the bar of this court: are people representing the Donald J Trump for president, representing the plaintiffs, in that room?" Trump campaign lawyer: "Yes." Diamond: "I'm sorry, then what's your problem?" https://twitter.com/kadhim/status/1324491213693739011
  2. Golden Horseshoe is a great track to play. They have 2 courses, Gold and Green I believe and both are really fun courses. Fords Colony is okay, nice place but Blackheath was in terrible shape when I was there. I think Blue Herron is supposed to the nicer course there. One place I would suggest, and it looks like you are coming from the North like me so you can hit it on your way back is Royal New Kent. Very challenging course, but it is just as fun and fair to play. There are tons of courses down there, but I would be sure to hit Golden Horseshoe and Royal New Kent if you can.
  3. So I ended up going to best buy tonight to check things out. Turns out they had a 55KS8500 open box sale. Someone stole the one connect samsung cord out and returned the tv, it was still in it's original packaging from Samsung when I looked at it. I ended up getting out the door for $1010 after tax and negioating the price down more. Very happy with this tv, got it setup tonight and still doing some calibrating but it looks great. Now time to buy a receiver and 4k cables...
  4. Thanks for all the input. I am most likely going with something in the KS model line, I've been searching for deals but haven't found anything that made me pull the trigger. At this point should I just wait until the holidays / Super Bowl time or does everyone expect these prices to stay some what stagnant.
  5. Thanks, that's what I thought. And I just realized the current PS4's don't support 4k/HDR gaming, but they are releasing a new one that will so that is not an issue either.
  6. Good timing on this thread... I am in the market for a new TV, won't be able to afford the OLED so I am going to be sticking with a Samsung SUHD HDR 4k most likely. So my question is if I get a new TV, I would have to get a new receiver that had 4k capabilities to see that quality through Netflix or other 4k streaming methods correct? Right now I have a Samsung plasma TV from 2009, and have a pioneer receiver that I have my PS4, cable box, apple TV hooked up to and run surround sound through it. I see the newer receivers today have "4k passthrough", and my receiver is older and does not have 4k technology built in.
  7. Great start to the season. I was listening to a podcast that mentioned the theory I linked below. THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. http://www.bustle.com/articles/173030-this-mr-robot-season-2-theory-is-so-bonkers-it-just-might-be-true Very interesting if true...
  8. Speaking of Shenandoah, I was thinking of taking my girlfriend and pup for our first camping / hiking trip over Memorial Day weekend. We have gone to Acadia National Park several times to do some hiking but stayed in a cabin. Does anyone have experience / tips with the first come first serve camp grounds? Our plan was to leave arrive mid morning Friday to reserve the campsite for the trip, but I know it will be packed with the holiday weekend. Is it feasible to expect to get a campsite by arriving Friday?
  9. I'm heading out to San Fran for work at the end of the month, and thinking of bringing the clubs to get a round or two in while I am there. Any solid public courses people would recommend there? I did a quick search but did not find anything that jumped out.
  10. i hate you.No swearing. Slamming clubs or yelling Man what a course. The tee shot at 1 with the clubhouse 10 yards away and everyone watching was terrifying. They had their club championship in the AM, so when we went off late afternoon the greens with lightning fast and the pins were in near impossible locations for a player like me. Highlights of the round was a sand save on 4 where my bunker shot hit the pin, and I was able to tap in for par. And #6 which Is the hardest hole on the course, draining a 20ft putt (sadly for bogey though). All in all it was an awesome experience, and the fact that I struck the ball well and still shot a 112 puts things into perspective. But walking that course in near 90 degree weather had me exhausted by the end.
  11. Set to play at Merion this weekend, something that has been in the works for over a year. Any Philly guys have the chance to play it? I'm around a 17 handicap and think anything under 100 is a big victory.
  12. Where at? We played Landis Creek, which used to be Limerick. We play there every 4th of July because they have a special where it's $17.76 to play that day. I know it well. That's pretty cool about the deal, didn't know that. Pretty easy course, but 10-12 is a tough little stretch of holes (that freakin tree on 11). I always have problems with 16 as well. Yeah. We hate those two holes (10 and 11). Every time I play there I hit a beautiful shot that lands dead center of the fairway only to be stuck behind that stupid tree in the fairway. Such a stupid hole. I know this course very well also. I played up at Macoby Run this weekend and I am having some serious issues. 40/52 on the day, which made it incredibly frustrating. I can't get off the tee box at all, and think I hit 2 fairways all day. My irons and chipping was spot on thankfully. The problem with my drives now is at the top of my backswing, it feels like I lose my grip on the club causing me regrip midswing, close the club face and hit it into the ground. It got so in my head on the back 9 I would almost pause at the top of my backswing to change my grip. Any advice on this?
  13. I should have walked you through the whole course how were the greens They were in good shape, we all thought they were fair but some of the pin placements were pretty difficult. Some of the views on the course were awesome though, definitely suggested if you are in the area.
  14. I really liked that Links at Lighthouse Sound course in OCMD. We got done in a little under 4 hours and it was beautiful out with a nice bay breeze. I played the front 9 well with a 43, but fell apart on the back 9 for a 50. My driver is a still a mess, I didn't even bring it out I just used a 5 wood or 6 iron depending on the hole length. All in all it was a solid track, thanks again for the tips Belljr. I was the only one in my group to stick the green on the par 3 5th because I took an extra club as you suggested.
  15. What tees are you playing? I will tell you every shot you should play on every hole. I play to a 16 right now, so judging by the scorecard either the blues or golds but my driver has been giving me issues lately.. Good - they have recommendations at the course for your handicap. One time a group I was with tried to play whites and I literally almost quit They finally settled in on blues. I usually play gold but anyway this is from the blues. It will probably be a bit breezy. hole 1 will play down wind usually and is technically reachable. However everyone hits driver and either blast it into the giant bunker or pulls it a little left and ends up on the hills or in the range. Smart play is it a 200 yard safe shot then hit a wedge in Hole 2 - tee shot, there is more room to the left then you think - is reachable par 5 but need to hit really good shots I could go on Seriously - it's one of my favorite courses there along with Bayside, The greens are usually fast and true. Tough great course. If the winds are "normal" that day Hole 6 is a par 3 will be into the wind. It's usually one extra club without wind. It's all carry with no room to miss eta: it has been about 3 years since I was there last What kind of overall yardages are we talking about for these tees? Gold - Blue - White the scorecard on their website has it listed gold- 6556 blue- 6041 white- 5548
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