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  1. Isn't a definition of insanity 'doing same thing and expecting different results' Biden should be doing all he can to get money out of the economy. There is nobody anywhere near the govt with the cajones to do what Volker did in the 70s. Not that we could survive 17% interest rates.
  2. Ancient city. Ancient rules. You start a fight you might lose land.
  3. If you think the usa is bad. Try a socialist utopia like california.
  4. Obama gave putin crimea. He gave the ukrainians blankets. Trump gave ukraine weapons. Obama gave putin uranium1. Trump opened up oil production and lowered energy prices. Nothing hurts russia more than low energy prices. In fact biden should threaten putin with continuing the keystone unless darkside is handed over.
  5. Well i wouldnt want to look foolish now would I. I better not do that.
  6. Btw i assume this is a joke. You dont believe obama was tuff on russia do you? I mean before trump was elected. Unless you think telling vlad to "cut it out" is tuff.
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