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  1. It took polio 6 years for half the population to be vaccinated.
  2. Because he understands supply chains. Biden understands the Chinese paying hunter for Joe's help.
  3. 1)Your #1 is ridiculous.....he didn't. It went exactly as it was planned. If. If. You are right and he has skills in supply chains, why can't he fix the current situation? Because...... reasons. (You give credit to biden that belongs to trump). 2) he ####ed it up. Tim. He blew it. Horrid. 3) child poverty is solved? Good news. Can I get a link. Because in Michigan I still see it. 4) well. Wow. 5) 6) 7). Well I'm glad u like those loser positions. Biden is incompetent. 😎 how do you like his entanglement with China? Is that positive?
  4. It's almost like a division is being stoked.
  5. People are allowed to run tuff guy.
  6. Much like the DOJ overreach to protect teachers unions. School board meetings are a state issue.
  7. He rattled them off? A question was asked. He answered and your response was he "record keeps" and "Women have it worse" followed by dozer telling him he's not a victim. If he was a female and listed that I'm sure your bleeding heart would have railed against how unfair it was.
  8. This is exactly NOT free speech. Seriously, it's not that hard. But it says a lot.
  9. Yea my son wanted me to drive him out to see the protestors.
  10. Well then let's see the convictions for insurection. something other than misdemeanors and parading. Can you acknowledge that fact. I mean it not what you think it's what you can prove. An insurrection, and don't bother with the "prosecutor s are being nice by cutting deals".
  11. The dems have moved farther left. The Republicans moved left as well. Just a lot less.
  12. It was a riot. Identity politics. Coming from a leftist is funny. America is under attack. The stasi left.
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