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  1. Biden bill pays federal employees to stay home with kids. Nothing is to good for the seiu.
  2. Are you asking for a what about? I'll need u to get a runnersworld link. I'll get you a Homer link if you need that.
  3. To late Father Biden it is. Now I'm gonna walk over and sign that executive order.....thank you. Come on man
  4. Um. Err. I shouldn't have that word. The Chinese are positively positive about Biden.
  5. Franken got replaced by dem. No prob. But.... They won't do that again
  6. Do another search. I know you are the board cop. I'm cognitive disodence.
  7. CNN is to many what briebart is to you. It is ignored. Try to find a link from ladies home journal.
  8. He is on the Democrats team. When push really comes to shove. He isn't going anywhere. He is on the Dems team. The single most important thing.
  9. Don't you have a bunch of employees? You would fire them if you found out they shared her views?
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