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  1. You should give the actual record of abandoned children. Since you know what it is. If not you look rather petty and blue team.
  2. He didn't call GWB a war criminal he said he would be impeached by today's standards. He said Biden meets the standard for war criminal.
  3. The left always misses the obvious. The guy wanted to keep his job so he stabbed his boss in the back. He got what he wanted. If he actually believed trump was unhinged you resign and say it. You don't give his political enemies a weapon. The guy is just another political hack. It's like you guys got the talking point memo. "His hand picked" what a joke.
  4. Joe biden is the dummy and a sellout to china. When guys like yourself can admit it we can save from the left.
  5. How about the guy who is primarily responsible.....where the buck stops
  6. Looking into? Who is doing that? where are they doing it? How ate they doing that?
  7. If she's wealthy. And she cared as much as claims. she would use "her money" not someone else's. She would be an example. Instead she tells others to do what she won't. Naive.
  8. Lol Canada. Your left wing are soft. You have a quality military. But you don't strike me as that. Go get me a coffee
  9. Shows the depth and breath of deep state. And shows the crap advice trump was receiving from the time he started as president till he left. No wonder trump constantly had to over rule the experts. He did know better than his generals.
  10. She is wealthy. She might not have monetized it yet. But you don't sell your stock on the way up. Very tribal pro blue post.
  11. This is a highly uneducated post. Are u a recent grad? Those are generally market (capitalism) economies. Democratic socialism is socialism-marxism.
  12. I think you aren't following the flow of his post. He used cretins first. Now if he used cretins after. You might be right.
  13. Marie Antoinette. I don't care I'd she goes to party. She is wealthy. Have fun. But can you stop preaching while you are at a party. She is as bad as Francisco D'Anconia.
  14. Thanks @Mr.Clutch. You haven't given my a 🤣 in a while. Looks like I got that one right.
  15. Biden is a con man.next level narcissist. But Twitter was beyond him.
  16. Biden is a nice horrible president. Trump Is a very flawed person. But a very effective president. But yea. Some people can't get beyond their hatred. That's on them
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