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  1. He got the Titans 8 wins in 10 starts last year.
  2. Count me as someone who'll wait for vaccines that have been properly tested. I'll not try the Russian or Chinese versions any time soon
  3. According to Fortune.com the NRA spent more than 30m helping Trump last time around
  4. No, that's not the scary bit. The scary bit is that after the election, whether Trump wins or loses, they'll still be around
  5. Given the lacklustre performance of your government, not much. Perhaps some governors will step up to the plate again. As of right now, I think the IHME estimates for deaths need to be adjusted up, and not just a little bit.
  6. This is an example of chanting. Whatever the people on the video you linked to were doing, it wasn't chanting
  7. Coronavirus polls 82% of republicans, 33% of independents, 8% of Democrats approve of Trump's handling of the Corona virus. Overall almost 40% approve and 56% disapprove
  8. Something about biting that hand that feeds, probably
  9. He isn't. No need to speculate about that
  10. Monoclonal antibodies to begin UK trial A new antibody treatment is to be trialled on Covid-19 patients in UK hospitals. Monoclonal antibodies, which are potent, laboratory-made antibodies, will be given to about 2,000 people to see if they are effective against coronavirus. It forms part of the UK Recovery Trial, which found that a cheap steroid called dexamethasone could save lives. The first patients will be given the new drugs in the coming weeks. Prof Martin Landray from the University of Oxford, who is co-leading the Recovery Trial, said: “This is the first type
  11. Sounds like just the type of situation the police is trained to take care of. At least they didn't shoot anyone. Small mercies, I know. Worst case scenario, just some bad oranges
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