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  1. "The fact is that (insert something I disagree with) has given (insert those with whom I agree) a better chance at winning No need to study this by using science, it is so because it fits my narrative." * *not an actual quote This seems to be a textbook example of confirmation bias
  2. That's quite an echo you've got there @Manster
  3. The polls are always wrong? Statistics is not a science?
  4. Yep, precedent has been set. It still won't be civil war
  5. That is totally not true. Zow has quit in this thread a number of times
  6. The atypical thing is perhaps that this year March regression waited until March to appear
  7. 2 laps around Green Lake in the morning and evening. Rule number one: Cardio Topical these days
  8. I'm sure we'll fatten you up again over here in Europe come summer - just wait until you see all the deep fried Scottish delicacies
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