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  1. if you're factoring in the cost of gas, also factor in the cost of buying the hard shell. those 2 things together might equal shipping (and your piece of mind).
  2. I use cash to pay for gas at my local place. They're the cheapest around here and charge even less per gallon if you use cash so that's about the only reason I carry money. Still, if I hit the ATM I'll take out like $300 just so I don't have to deal with the hassle again for months.
  3. i feel like i'm in a similar situation. we live below our means. i think about toys sometimes but don't buy them (finally broke down and purchased a hot tub - medical helped convinced me). I've never even owned a new car. do usually go on vacation once a year but that's the splurge i guess. always shop around for cheapest i can find though. have friends in similar and i know lower income situations and they seem to buy toys often. i think the difference is savings and debt. besides a mortgage and 1 car payment, we have no debt. in addition, we've saved money for our kids to go to college and towards retirement that may have us retiring at 60, maybe even semi retire earlier. i believe the "toy people" don't have that money saved like we do.
  4. no kids in college, but my daughter is a rising senior in high school. her high school is following a similar schedule as the colleges around here (philly burbs) are doing. start school 2 weeks early, go through to thanksgiving, classes online after that til end of semester. come back later january.
  5. 2 reasons. 1, the expectation was that a 2nd wave will hit in late fall. So, starting early gets kids in the classroom. Even if they have to close earlier than Thanksgiving because the wave comes sooner, they at least got like 2 extra weeks in person by starting early 2, by starting early, they end earlier. that means at Thanksgiving students can go home and not come back. This is to reduce the virus being contracted when people go home for turkey day and then all of them bringing it back for the usual 3 weeks after that. go to school in summer 2 weeks early cuts out 2/3 of it and then final 1/3 is done with finals online.
  6. My wife and I have walked the dogs every day since this started. We have a fenced yard so almost never did it before. Now it's a good excuse to get out of the house. My gym is at work (those 2 days I'm in the office) so I can't hit that right now. And my wife usually goes to a local gym...
  7. Keep in mind for the WFH right now, they are probably also stuck with a spouse and kids at home. I worked from home 3 days a week before this happened. Now it's all 5. But the big difference is now my wife and 2 kids are here too. I've actually been fine because we're all working and my kids are older and doing school work. But I can imagine it's hard from some people to concentrate with those distractions. Plus, I'm sure many are spending their time starting at facebook or the news with all that's going on.
  8. In my case it didn't make sense. The people who would have been reporting to me worked from home a couple days a week. Didn't see any reason to not allow it. They did sorta bend and said maybe I could do 1 day a week as meetings allowed. I said okay, cool. Then we started talking about vacation (we get a lot of time here) and I was like, FYI, I bank my vacation so I can take off every Friday in the summer. New boss was like, ok, but you can't work from home in the summer then. ??? um, working from home isn't being off. Once I heard that I was like forget it.
  9. I get more work done at home, ftr. On the flipside, I eat more when I'm home though.
  10. Positions below manager at my company can work from home. I was offered a management job and turned it down because working from home is so awesome (and the pay jump didn't make up for that). I worked from home 1 day a week for many years. Then added a 2nd day about 8 years ago. Then this year got them to add a 3rd day. So I only go into the office 2 days a week. Could easily work from home all 5 days if they were cool with it. Been at company over 18 years.
  11. Max for me would be 1 hour. If I drive into the office right now, it takes an average of 55 minutes and that's in traffic the entire way. Public trans most times and the commute is the same though with walking and driving to the station. Luckily I work from home 2-3 days a week now.
  12. would be interesting to see if the school still feels that way if a boy asks a boy to slow dance.
  13. Hadn't been pulled over in quite a long time, probably about 14 years at the time. Got pulled over entering one of those 25 miles areas too while on vacation in Ohio (I live in PA). I think I was going over 40 also. Had the whole family in the car. Cop was nice, let me off with a warning and then told us places we might want to visit while we were in town.
  14. interested in a similar road trip at some point, also coming from the philly area.
  15. Disappointed I've never been able to make it down to 1 of these, but always love following along. 1st class operation imo.
  16. 1st off, if you do the jelly 1st and then contaminate the PB, that's pretty silly. jelly needs to be refrigerated after you open it, PB doesn't. so you're putting jelly into the PB and then sticking it in a cabinet. in the days before squeeze jelly, i used 1 knife to get some jelly out (but haven't spread it yet), wipe off knife on bread, then use on PB. now i just squeeze the jelly out so only 1 knife. don't see a reason to not use 2 knives if you're worried about it though. the dishwasher doesn't care.
  17. the 2 votes for moron are probably selling themselves short. you were able to figure out how to vote in the poll in the 1st place. that alone probably scores you out of the bottom 10%
  18. I debated how above average I think of myself, but settled on 20-40% range. I probably could have gone 20% but I'm also humble Why? Was always a good student. Had some honors classes in highschool. Graduated college in 4 years with a dual major. Have a master's degree. Participate in trivia games in bars and events and always finish in the top 3rd of all participants. But I also realize that 1, there are a lot of people in the world who just aren't very bright, so that helps bump me up. And I also know there are many people brighter. Sure, I had honors classes but it didn't finish in the top of my graduating class. And sure, I have few degrees, but they were from state schools, not some ivy league. And sure, I finish top 3rd at trivia nights but I rarely win.
  19. Dogs are awesome. Been married 20 years and had 4 of them. But if you're looking to convince her otherwise, let me share some of the cons. Traveling or coming home late is very difficult. You either need some family member to help you out or have to pay someone to do it. 1st 2 dogs were small and my mom could watch them. Current 2 dogs are big and mom is older now. So we have to pay someone whenever we travel. Dogs are pretty damn expensive. Few hundred (or more) but to buy them. Even if you're adopting a rescue. Vet bills are crazy high, even for the normal visits. Some day the dog will be old and you'll be attached to it you'll spend even more to keep it alive. Dog food, toys and so on, all cost. You'll have to spend time (and possibly money) to train the dog, assuming you don't get one that is already trained. Might have to say goodbye to your nice carpet or nice things if the dogs decides to destroy them during that process. If you don't have a fenced yard, you'll have to walk the dog on the regular. That includes in the rain, in the cold, in the snow. And if you are lucky enough to have a fenced yard, get rid to pick up dog ####. Even though your wife (and kids if you have them) will say they'll take care of the dog, it would not shock me if you end up being the main person training and taking care of the dog. I was the guy who didn't want a dog and my family finally wore me down. And yes, I take them to every vet appointment. I am the main person training the dogs. And I do a lot of the daily stuff for them (although the kids and wife do feed, etc too). If you end up like me and get a dog, there are a lot of positives to it too. I've been really lucky with the dogs I've had and they've brought a lot of joy to our family. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  20. was going to say any silver, but of course i've picked up pennies before. but i've also left them. usually i pick them up and hand them to my son (he has a huge jar of coins). but all of it depends the conditions of where the coins are laying.
  21. A few weeks ago was the 1st time in a long time. And I didn't get anything. My daughter asked to stop there so I got food for her and my son. I probably ate a few of their fries, but otherwise nothing for me. Kids never really wanted MickeyDs, we were more Wendys people (or 5 Guys) on the rare occasion we get fast food burgers. They got a MickeyD gift card from someone at Xmas so they gave it another shot. And we have a McDonald's 1 block from our house.
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