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  1. Based on records from last year, here are the teams with 10 most difficult schedules heading into 2020. Hardest schedules 1. Steelers: 155-115-2 (.574) 2. Ravens: 152-118-2 (.563) 3. Bears: 149-122-1 (.550) 4. Packers: 147-124-1 (.542) 5. Vikings: 144-127-1 (.531) T-6. Bengals: 144-128 (.529) T-6. Lions: 143-127-2 (.529) 8. Raiders: 142-128-2 (.526) 9. Browns: 140-130-2 (.518) 10. Rams: 140-132 (.515) The Steelers and Packers both have 10 games against playoff teams from last year, which is the most in the NFL.
  2. Recently have read the first 3 Mickey Spillane, Mike Hammer novels and am now on my 2nd Raymond Chandler, Philip Marlowe novel. Will continue to alternate
  3. Watching his interviews, I like him. His game in the NFL remains to be seen. If Julio leaves before this or before the 2022 season, he will get his chance. Pro day speed wasn't good, but he could be one that it doesn't matter (game speed does).
  4. IRA +1.21% Roth -2.47% Brokerage +0.85% Just slightly down overall. 14 stocks up, 18 stocks down, 3 stocks even. I'll take it.
  5. Dan Campbell: Derrick Barnes will wear No. 55 and play the MIKE LB role
  6. Good ones that I have seen off the top of my head (I generally don't go for them, especially great ones, and I don't/wan't watch them) - Yojimbo - A Fistful of Dollars Scarface Ocean's 11 (Eleven) The Fly Cape Fear 3:10 to Yuma Little Shop of Horror's The Man Who Knew Too Much (both by Alfred Hitchcock) The Front Page - His Girl Friday Maybe more I can't think of at the moment. But generally, why do a remake of a great film? Makes no sense to me. Reamake the bad ones and make them good
  7. https://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article.php?article=how-to-maximize-twitter-for-fantasy-football Others to follow for fantasy and nfl info - @MattHarmon @MattWaldman @The FantasyFive @SigmundBloom @CecilLammey @fbgwood @RapSheet @TomKislingbury @PFF @AustinNFL @McShay13 @JohnClaytonNFL @mortreport @DaveKluge @adamlevitan @xfantasyphoenix @AdanSchefter @NBCSEdgeFB @4for4football @MikeClayNFL @fbg_dodds @JeffHaseley There are so many more that cover fantasy football. Someone I follow is writer/producer/director/model/act
  8. Chase has the talent and the quarterback to eventually be a top 5-10 WR year inb and year out.. That isn't everything though. We shall see.
  9. * Drafted him and will look to flip him for a 2022 1st if he has early success edit: 5th running back, IDP league
  10. Curtis Weaver 'ready to hit the ground running' after missing rookie season
  11. Quinnen Williams: Breaks bone in foot(RotoWire) Williams likely will need surgery after breaking a small bone in his foot, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports. Analysis: The surgery, assuming it happens, would come with a recovery estimate of 8-to-10 weeks, ruling Williams out for OTAs and June minicamp. He'd still have a shot to be ready for the start of training camp, though the Jets might ease him into practice even if he seems healthy again. Williams looked the part of a No. 3 overall pick in his second pro season, finishing 2020 with 55 tackles and seven sacks in only 13 games.
  12. From PFF (they had him as lb 6) Day 3: Jabril Cox was the top player on PFF’s Big Board entering Day 3. We projected him as a second-round prospect. He is such a smooth player in coverage, showing as much both at North Dakota State and LSU in zone coverage, when going up against tight ends and while covering the slot. This past year for the Tigers, Cox ranked third among Power Five off-ball linebackers in coverage grade. His play strength isn’t anything special, though.
  13. KBLB was .15 at 3:30 then shot up to .17 at the close
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