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  1. If you recognize this about your first post then why did you post it? It is of course dumb to criticize the president for doing what he (and his scientific advisers) are asking all of us to do. Beyond dumb.
  2. I have lots of ways to respond but I can't think of any that would achieve the desired result of changing your (or any lurkers) site lines, your angles to share in the perspective that I enjoy. Nor do I see any way your going to bring me to your section of the forest to see it your way. So I think I'll say good night instead.
  3. I think it starts when those in the middle stop taking the action of Mitch McConnell as a reason to blast "both sides".
  4. There is a lot to get through here and I'm not likely to do your thoughts justice in this first reply. I guess I want to reserve the right to think a bit, but my knee jerk reaction is that this hardly all that different from gay marriage will destroy the institution of marriage argument (just look at those Scandinavians) . And that it was insulting for the gay community to use the civil rights language of the civil rights movement. This is all Deja vu. The rash of legislation today is so reminiscent of the DOMA style amendments of 2004. Heck, me telling you that these reactionary action
  5. And also under Title IX the opportunity for females to compete on a level playing field are substantially affected by the inclusion of folks who have advantages that come with a male biology. It's a bit of a Catch-22 you've put out there. Which has been acknowledged since the beginning. This is a balancing act. That is what makes it complicated. All or nothing means choosing to care about only one set of impacted individuals. We shouldn't do that. We should neither exaggerate nor trivialize the risks involved. No matter what we do there will be those individuals that benefit a
  6. Try #3 - hopefully the board is up long enough (for me at least) to hit submit. Keeping it short. I'm not the polar opposite of a blanket "no" meaning I support a blanket "yes". Instead I'm the polar opposite of this is "simple". The post from yesterday that it is remarkable that we are still talking about such things in 2021 should be clear evidence that this is not so simple. That sports associations and federations are still trying to figure this out after at least five plus decades should be evidence. We may never be able to completely figure out how to properly balance the socie
  7. I am "arguing about" the small percentage of the population that does not fit into a neat biological male or a biological female categorization. The people that a doctor or third grader can look at not be able to objectively determine that person's sex. Because the six most common measures of sex since the 1950s (chromosomes, gonads, hormones, secondary sex characteristics, external genitalia and internal genitalia) either don't all align and/or because none of these are "binary". So yes minutia in the sense that there are a small percentage of people that do not fit is simple, objective bi
  8. Refuting bad "intellectual design" arguments doesn't change my religious beliefs any more than it does yours. My view isn't dependent on simple, neat classifications of who is a male and who is a female. It doesn't depend on all trans athletes being trans for the same underlying reasons. It doesn't even depend on those where their biological sex is a subjective determination being trans. My beliefs are shaped a bit by knowing that its not this simple, but ultimately it is based on the need to provide these children and young adults (talking Title IX) with the benefits that athletics provid
  9. But "biology" is simply not as clear as you are suggesting. There is enough variety in how our chromosomes mix with our hormones mix with the development of genitalia such that there is a continuum between male and female where some small but significant numbers don't fall clearly in one group or the other but somewhere in between. Like, but not necessarily the same a gender identity. The Myth Of Biological Sex
  10. While @IvanKaramazovjumped on the bandwagon that straw man was created prior to posting that article. Somehow saying that the WNBA was caught off guard by Layshia Clarendon and that the Olympics were struggling with Caster Semenya means a lack of understanding of middle school XX and XY biology. One of these fits into this discussion pretty well of "biological advantages", the other probably not so much.
  11. I never made such an argument. Never came close. That was the strawman that was built.
  12. There wouldn't be much issue if that 3rd grade girl stuck her entire life being forced to live as a boy because those doctors and nurses found the exercise easy could just be a girl. Could make the decisions to not be forced to become man. It isn't those supporting these girls and these boys abusing "science" to make claims. At no point in this thread have I, nor any major participant that I remember stated that trans athletes should automatically be allowed to participate where ever they wish. The argument is simply that women's sports exist under Title IX to promote the same bene
  13. You mean a condensed version of published material? I assume you don't mean conservative perspective on political and social issues? https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/trans-girls-belong-on-girls-sports-teams/
  14. We don't separate athletes based on their reproductive capabilities. How we typically separate such athletes might make for a good proxy, but it is not really the case either.
  15. I didn't write the editorial. The title is a bit unfortunate if not understandable. But I'm not promoting a middle school understanding of sex and gender either and then insulting everyone that accepts that this understanding is incomplete.
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