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  1. I don't expect Trump or Biden or any president to be perfect in a crisis. I just want them to get out of the way until the experts tell them he is needed for something. Like pushing wearing a mask. Especially when the message changes from what was said early on as either information or circumstances change. I also want a president that shares the credit and takes the blame,
  2. They are expanding the brand, not removing the Mr and Mrs Potato Head toys or characters. As such they are renaming the brand "Potato Head" for the umbrella of products. The new product is to overcome limitations "... when it comes to both gender identity and family structure.” link
  3. I understand how regulated versus unregulated would change the above equation. I understand how regional differences in feasibly generating various forms of energy might factor in. But how does regional climate factor in the above? Are you saying that higher demand climates both increases the units sold and the rate (supply and demand) and thus higher demand areas just naturally also have higher rates? Regulated or not? I keep understanding you halfway at best so again forgive me if I am putting words in your mouth or asking you to defend positions you never staked ou
  4. You do that in Texas now. That choice for about 29,000 people is what backfired. They chose Griddy which instead of buying electricity from the wholesale market with fixed cost future contracts they bought the electricity on the 'spot market' as they needed it.
  5. There seems to be a disconnect. I think that you are saying that every everyday consumer of energy needs to be an expert in most of the peculiarities of energy production and distribution for there to be a different mix of power production and consumption than what has existed in the recent past? Otherwise their $20K bill is on them? Or the entire thing collapses? I don't want to be putting "words in your mouth" or asking you to defend a position that isn't your position, but I am struggling because while I consider what you are (or at least seem to be) suggesting possible I don't think it
  6. I'm at a lost in reconciling your position. You seem okay to have unregulated (i.e. you reject Orwellian paternalism) markets where unsuspecting consumers accept far more risk that they realize with their "too good to be true" energy choice. (Or some other choice.) But then you seem okay to have these consumers file lawsuits against their providers (and presumably others) to get out of paying exorbitant bills. Based on? Seems to me the providers lived up to their end of the deal and bought energy at wholesale prices for their customers and passed the bill along. Just as the contract says
  7. There are citizens that could make such informed decisions about their energy needs, but they would be the minority. Given people choices they aren't really well enough informed to make is how you end up with 20K bills for a weeks of energy. We shouldn't be allowing markets where there are real information gaps between the parties. Whether it be electricity, or health care, or home mortgages of a dozen years ago, of food from a century ago. In other words we really should stop calling exploitation "choice".
  8. @timschochet The answer to your question is whether or not the democrats learned from their mistake in 2009. While lots of folks will argue that the 2010 midterm was a referendum on ObamaCare I think one can argue that really it was a vote that the 2009 stimulus was too small and people were still hurting too much. I doubt that there is time to have a great 2022 economy as I think most of the damage is still unrealized, but can the democrats pump enough into the economy that people see the light at the end of tunnel? I doubt they will.
  9. Ditto head is (or at least was) a derogatory term that meant unquestioning, mindless supporter of an idea or person. Whether or not Rush's "ditto heads" really met that definition is not an argument I want to pretend to be able to meaningfully participate since I believe that you are correct in how the users meant to use the term. They took a term that meant one thing and used it as a label for themselves in a similar but different manner. Kind of like what Bernie did. ETA: But I just found it funny that " are so dependent on the media to tell you how to think and what to think th
  10. Kind of funny that was posted a couple of days before the guy that had a mass following proudly proclaiming to be "ditto heads" dies. Now we can argue how unquestioning those that embraced the label really were, but that is not really point. Nor am I putting you into this bucket.
  11. The political question here is does the government require the energy producers and suppliers spend the resources to have the extra capacity, pay for the extra maintenance, etc. for a once every decade or so event? Or does this get left to the market place to do cost - benefit analysis of whether the on going stuff that is mostly unneeded more costly than the once a decade scramble? I think there are very real real conservative versus liberal beliefs here, and I think what is happening this week is from selecting mostly from the conservative side of the political menu but I'm not sure it is
  12. Isn't the Texas governor the weakest in the nation? (And I moved from Maryland which is the strongest.) Those business crippling, consumer unfriendly regulations which would require being more prepared than the competitive price forces of the free market would be a good start, but that requires Texans (my neighbors) to stop electing the people they elect. (This isn't even a democratic vs republican thing as even democrats in most places won't "go there".)
  13. Maybe because a lot of leftist are more extreme than you might think and that kind of rhetoric is appealing. If that rhetoric is appealing then why is it not winning? Even if exclusively among democrats? Sure you'll point to a few exceptions that hold office or sell products via hosting political opinion shows, but those are just proving Tim's rule. (Of course I find none of these example actually extreme (at least in most common usage - again exception prove the rule), even if to the masses they sound extreme and are bad marketing.)
  14. I kind of think that the center, the real center and not those that claim to reside there has moved left faster than either end. I think that creates problems for the side that is being pulled away from faster than they care to move. Problems which we see everyday. The side that is being moved towards faster than they are moving away just get more acceptable to the main stream. In aggregate at least. On some very specific issues the group being "left behind" isn't really left or right despite how politics plays out.
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