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  1. The Democratic Party (at least how current comprised) doesn't survive if the Republican Party breaks up. I'm not sure that is a bad thing.
  2. Wait, we have been told by Trump supporters in this forum (not by you) for 4 years that his win in 2016 was a landslide. Biden got the same number of electoral votes, yet that is now not considered a landslide (and Biden got a record number of popular votes). Which is why I added the "(right?)"
  3. I think that someone that talked big with a large land slide victory (right?) could claim a mandate and expend his or her political capital to get this done in the midst of a pandemic. But every day delay, every day that we are closer to normal (whatever the new normal will be), every "band aid" makes this impossible. Now maybe a someone thinking big would have not had won this cycle (and I probably agree with this) but our big changes all happen when the GOP come in an rip up the tax code and ignore regulations while things are going good and then we get a crisis and democrats come in tip
  4. How about we just get rid of that $15 minimum wage. Get rid of that extra in unemployment. Get rid of unemployment. Not have any programs to defer or forgive or whatever for rent, mortgages, or any other commitments. Not have any pandemic related loans or what not. And the list of things to get rid of goes on and on. Instead how about we just institute a UBI and M4A and call it a day. Maybe we call this the the Covid New Deal or something catchy, but the positive end results will be lasting for as long as their is a republic. And if we believe that automation is the threat to the mi
  5. I doubt it! Who really gets to decide what amount to tip? I think most non control freaks feel held hostage to the tip given process. Except for those that aren't tipping much any way very few scale a tip based on actual service - she was to our table, but we don't know what is going on her life so just give her 20%. But don't insult him by rounding off incorrectly and giving him he has to deal with. And a billion other uncomfortable rules that are real or imagined. Few things are more uncomfortable, quicker to ruin the experience than a discussion on the tip breaking out at your ta
  6. But that is up to voters. I don't have a ton of confidence either, but "we the people" keep blaming our choices for being our choices.
  7. I'm not sure that Trump doesn't bring the GOP many more voters that would not be there otherwise as opposed to voters he obviously loses for them. I'm not so sure that when Trump says "only me" with respect to the GOP he isn't correct. And if I was a GOP politician that being unsure would seem to be crippling.
  8. Trump should have been removed from office for a good number of extreme circumstances but they were all "hard" and would not have been popular with voters. The left as in the moderate and/or establishment democrats in the House of Representatives refused to touch the emoluments clause, the Russian interference in our elections, and the obstruction of justice clearly laid out in the Mueller report. The Ukraine case was different because it was easy to grasp what happened and why it was wrong and was most definitely an impeachable offense. He was guilty. What happened a week ago is even clea
  9. Don't you see that you explained your own question? In some places it was so much easier to vote in 2020 than 2008 that someone less popular still picked up a larger share of votes. Or that when it is easier to vote the democrat gets a larger share of the vote.
  10. I kind of think of your fear of democrats here is pretty much the same as your fear of spiders. Yes the agenda will change with Biden occupying the bully pulpit. Yes democrats will offer up different solutions to the problems of the day then republicans. But democrats are not like republicans when it comes to "hammer through policies" because their just too big of a tent. Too diverse. Will things be left of what you would prefer - sure. But absent some additional national disaster there isn't going to be a New Green Deal no matter how much their should be. There isn't going to be any of
  11. I don't think we as a nation realized how deep the wounds were in 2016. We weren't yet feeling the pain in enough places to be thinking about healing. This sentiment probably should have been present back then and if it was we'd be a lot better off. I'm not sure if there was such a thread, but I assume there was a "come together behind the new president" sentiment being posted.
  12. Sorry about the way life has been treating you lately. Praying that it gets better for you.
  13. This thread, as in @Joe Bryant's post is asking the winners of this past election, specifically the presidential election to play nice without conditions that the other side also play nice. That those with their political side in power cannot control what those on the other side of the aisle does, but can control how they behave. And ultimately if maybe the winning side extending an olive branch in the form of reconnecting with politically distant friends and family, remembering that ultimately these are people we love will help facilitate some healing and moving on. And, while Joe never u
  14. Elected officials are really good at putting things into disconnected boxes such that they have such tunnel vision that it is not flat out lying like the rest of us might do but a very special skill to remain in the box such that the lie isn't lying.... in their mind that is.
  15. By the way, the link within your link is interesting
  16. I wonder if those that like divided government that is unable to do much of anything will consider a distracted government spending much of its time impeaching, expelling, and censuring itself would be a viable alternative. Probably too much to expel those that refused to wear mask, but a formal display of disapproval of some form is long overdue. (But of course only now becoming an option.)
  17. That is the executive order from the very beginning of his term. Was there mechanics involved that put names to the pardons over then next four years? Or was that all there was? (Asking - don't know.)
  18. fall in line, submit, and obey How does it go- The easiest GOP in DC is to be the Republican Whip. The hardest job is to be the Democratic Whip. Something about democrats being like herding cats...
  19. Right! They should have been given the opportunity to do the right thing. It should not have been expected. And getting two thirds (290 out of 435) of the House seems unlikely especially since 147 GOP members supported one or both of the objections meaning you'd need to flip two and not lose anyone.
  20. I am getting tough on my own people to stop negotiating with terrorists. The same way that you (maybe not you specifically but you as in the "law and order" crowd) implement policing and related policies without concerning yourself with BLM and Antifa backlash. Coming down hard on Trump and other elected officials who entertained the idea that they could install Trump for a second term is necessary for the health of the nation even if a few tens of thousand of die hard Trump supporters act out inappropriately and a few tens of millions feel under attacked because the people elected someo
  21. The fact that there are roughly 100 House member that would thwart the 25th Amendment does not mean that Pence and the Cabinet should not be doing the right thing. They should not need to be called to fulfill their job requirements. But we need to shine a bright light on these guys to find out who scrambles off to the darkness and who might be redeemable.
  22. Can just once we not worry about the backlash of those that are wrong. They don't worry about the harm they do to this nation, why should we constantly worry about hurting their feeling such that we do nothing. Enough!
  23. Did Brian Babin sleep through this afternoon as he rises proudly in support of the objection of the wide spread fraud that he and other great patriots have no doubts happened in November?
  24. Lloyd Smucker - in my district the election happened flawlessly, just the way it should to elect me so I can be here today to tell you that the rest of Pennsylvania was illegal and unlawful. Or something relatively close to this.
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