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  1. No, one study that contradicts what you'll find elsewhere is not enough. That doesn't mean it is wrong and that it won't cause a rethinking of what was previously determined. There is also the Rockefeller study that suggest that it could very well be correct. All that said, it is anything but idiotic to double the protection (even for those in Kentucky) by getting and requiring the vaccine in a healthcare setting. Those that were vaccinated are more willing to wear a mask than those that are not. So stop making it political. During a national, yet alone worldwide crisis such as a pandemic their are civic duties that are simply imposed upon individuals by the social contract. But some are instead tearing up their draft cards out of irrational fears and claiming to be the true heroic patriots.
  2. Did you read your link? What happens when someone who was infected gets at least one shot of the vaccine? I think that this is more representative of what most non political types have devised- https://www.nebraskamed.com/COVID/covid-19-studies-natural-immunity-versus-vaccination
  3. The person choosing not to answer the question is lying to no one. The person filling out the form would have little reason to know why the race and the separate ethnicity question is on the form. No patient in this scenario is interacting in any way with the CDC. They are just doing the tedious paperwork (or online forms) we all do whenever we see a provider (at least for the first time).
  4. That society is slowly moving forward. Leaving the "wrongheaded", those that have "gotten it wrong consistently and with such self-confidence", those that should post "Please don't take me seriously", etc. behind. As far as history is concerned this is just once again "the world is going to hell in a handbasket". Sometimes there are missteps like the 40+ year disaster of electing "faith based" conservatives, but ultimately we progress no matter what. In the market place of ideas we should expect that if given enough time the truth will emerge. In the trial in the great crucible all of these impure, flawed arguments will eventually be burnt off. If only this could be accurate. What a much better world it would be, despite the protestation of those finding their ideas and ideals falling to the wayside despite winning at the ballot box. Probably a safe assumption.
  5. There is of course a great deal of debate on whether the universe will exist forever or has a "shelf life". So even if we believe humans will somehow carry the virus off of earth so it survives when the planet is consumed by the sun, it is still iffy that the universe will actually be around forever. Sorry couldn't help myself!
  6. If you can promise me 3-1 against the AFC North, you can pick the 1. Deal? Since you failed on your end of the deal, you need to go 4-0 now.
  7. If the polling data shows what one wants to believe then it is the rare exception that got it right.
  8. His data attempts to answer what percentage of the population was vaccinated by various demographics. The CDC data does not and cannot answer that question.
  9. But the CDC isn't asking, it is aggregating the data reported to them by the states which is reported to the states by counties which is reported to the counties by providers which is reported to the providers when registration forms are filled out. Kaiser is doing surveys. They get to toss out incomplete or inadequate replies. What they are is fundamentally different so this is an apples and oranges comparison. They are not interchangeable sets of data such that one set is good and another is bad for the same set of questions. One is good for some questions, the other is good for others. There is some overlap in the data and its presentation which makes it ripe for the CDC data to be repeatedly misrepresented as to what it is showing. That doesn't make the CDC data wrong, it just makes those misrepresenting it uninformed or liars.
  10. But it is more than those that opt out of answering. I answered because I know how that information is used (I presume including your wife's research from time to time), but my data is not included because my state is explicitly listed as an exception for that data. Oh and where I am included "Data from 209,701,005 people with at least one dose administered. Race/Ethnicity was available for 123,229,777 (58.8%) people with at least one dose administered." and "Data from 178,982,950 people fully vaccinated. Race/Ethnicity was available for 113,821,088 (63.6%) people fully vaccinated." So more than a third of those vaccinated are not in the data at all and some of us are only in one set versus the other due to how our state reports.
  11. Cool you have a link that you either don't understand or you misrepresent. Which one is it?
  12. Sure it is. In the eyes of the law, currently, there are no "insurrectionists" being charged for 1/6. Which means that there was no insurrection despite the excuses. If the law won't recognize that there are insurrectionists, then what else have YOU got besides your opinion and hurt feelings? This is not rebuttal to my point either. In fact your assertion that none of the insurrectionist are being charged with insurrection supports my point that the prosecutors are going for lesser charges where there are obtainable guilty pleas.
  13. Oh, that is fine. Don't disagree. Feels kind of anti climatic.
  14. A few federal judges seem to think otherwise and have questioned the Constitutionality of the charges of the felony obstruction of an official proceeding charges. Thanks for the FYI. I don't see the relevance as a rebuttal that it is accepting lesser charges to get guilty pleas however.
  15. Other than the preamble I don't think much of the Constitution is "utopian". That is unless one believed that "compromised" could be "utopian". Other than that I'm only guessing as to what you might mean in terms of applying these thoughts to the current political environment. One of those guesses is that you are asking us to really consider the "imperial presidency" and how that "ends" that we may support are not worth achieving if the "means" are via the executive branch (i.e. the President) exceeding their Constitutional authority. I guess a corollary would be that Congress keeps ceding such authority to the executive branch by setting vague goals in legislation and then assigning regulatory authority to work out the details to one administrative agency or another. If you want to go "all in" maybe also opposing the Supreme Courts growing fondness for its shadow docket, but while that may fit the overall sentiment that we are getting too deep in the "ends justifies the means" thinking it seems like a stretch in the context of the Constitutional thoughts. It that is not at least close then
  16. A shame that the federal government seems to be going so light on these 1/6 defendants by not even trying to charge them with the more serious crimes just for easy plea bargains that protect the conviction rates.
  17. If this law were to last long enough to transition to a new normal I think there would also be many more "when in doubt" abortions in Texas because there would be no time to waste pondering whether or not one can make the pregnancy and raising a child work. Don't have time to work through the emotions and thoughts to make the hard life altering decisions. There would not be time for discussions and counseling from one's support network. I know that 6 weeks is earlier than many even know they are pregnant which will only play more into the "when in doubt" mentality and resulting routine actions that would develop if this were to last. While not at first, I cannot help but think that overtime this would lead to many babies that would have been wanted if only their was time to think being aborted in the haste to beat the deadline.
  18. Being afraid that some scary looking person might harm you - always justified. Being afraid that an attacking mob might harm the people you are protecting - unjustified. To think otherwise is pure hypocrisy!
  19. Hate to break it to you but Carter has been moving up in the rankings lately. But yes it was a terrible mistake made by Reagan Democrats which in most places are now registered Republicans.
  20. I doubt we will ever see American troops in Afghanistan again. No matter how much of a safe haven for terrorism it returns to being.
  21. As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9-11 I have been reflecting back on that day and thoughts of just how successful we have made those attacks on our country. The hijackers and Al-Qaeda could never "win", but we could certainly "lose". And in many ways we did! I remember the "thank God" we had Bush as president posts as Al Gore would not have gone into Afghanistan posts. I don't think that they were correct as I don't think there was any chance at all that we were not going in. But the question was simple "What were we going to do that the Soviets did not do a dozen years earlier?" Turns out just be dumber. I remember that some of us agreed with Donald Rumsfeld that we should get out (both Afghanistan and Iraq) and just be ready to go back over and over again if needed. But the sentiment for the masses was "we broke it we bought it". So we abandoned candidate Bush's campaign promises of no more nation building, never entering into conflict without an exit plan. Poor Barbara Lee was a traitor for warning us against the vague, open ended Military authorization which has been exploited since over and over again by one administration after another. Want to give Trump some credit? He was probably the best at not exercising this power. So sure voters are to blame for what happened in Afghanistan. But that blame starts with the cowardly surrendering of our values on 9-11. Are we safer today? Did we get our taste of revenge? Was it worth it? I the dollars spent? The lives lost? Did we win? Who is to be blamed?
  22. Same as every single day since "Mission Accomplish". Yes, I know "Mission Accomplish" was Iraq and Bush, but what day was it? The actual date?
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