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  1. Yep. You can have Brown i need a miracle to win this. Kelce is so huge, you have better QB, WR, K also. so will keep Watkins and hope he has another one of those huge days he is capable of when owners write him off
  2. Okay. Will go TB D as only chance to win is them doing great vs Mahomes sammy Watkins leaves me Brady, Brate, succop roster Brady, Fornette, Helaire, Jones, Evans, Hardman, Watkins, Brate, TB D @Stinkin Ref
  3. Okay. Only chance is screw job. i dont have to worry about TE now. so will take ronald Jones mecole Hardman @Stinkin Ref
  4. Will keep Edwards Helaire and Fornette and take my ### kicking 1. Mike Evans
  5. You sure about that. I think only 2 in the end. Bass should confirm. I would keep Lazard if so. Still who gets 1st pick choice.
  6. Do I go 1st with high score this round or does Ref with high score over 2 i will be protecting Adams and Fornette. Ref will have to draft Rodgers. amazed to finish first. I drafted terribly last round. Sniped everywhere at TE. Bell was awful pick with no looking into it. Should have taken Brate over D. I pre selected Brate next. anyways. Let me know who chooses pick 1st.
  7. I would be burned if this happens. After that, I had 2 guys as even and thus why pick #3. Could happen but thought no way, I get who I want and take pick 3. even though, I should feel grateful to finish 2nd with having the worst keepers by looking at things. My 4th and 8th round picks. Yikes
  8. Take pick 3 keep Landry and being so early, looks like Fornette. This one could crush but not looking good right now
  9. Take pick 3 keep Landry and being so early, looks like Fornette. This one could crush but not looking good right now
  10. The battle for Kelce. Sorry Holloway. No Kelce for you. Adams, Hill, Mahomes, Rogers or Jones is nice consolation price. Of course, OM could catch me wsy to go James Washington
  11. The goal this weekend is to survive as one of the 8. KC-GB has 7 excellent players to add(Rodgers, Mahomes, Jones, Hill, Adams, Kelce, Tonyan) and 4 more (Bell, Williams, Watkins, Lazard) that could go fairly early. So other than surging really thought about next week 1. metcalf. With that in mind, I can see Seattle going all the way and thus picked accordingly. With extra spots, easy to have one other go off, if he struggles but the upside too much. Almost took Henry but I really expect Titans to get demolished and thus passed) 2. Jones. Had to go RB here with WR depth. I did have D
  12. Results semis WSL crippler 306.9 Norseman 267.3 Maggot 235.1 SSL Crippler 298.9 Broncos 282.5 Bicycle 273.8 MBSL Go DC 251.7 Shadow 234.6 Mr, Irrelevant 214 Championship Crippler 166.2 + 153.3 = 319.5 over Norseman. 155.7 + 134.1 = 291.8 Broncos 130.7 + 169.65 = 300.35 over Crippler 183.95 + 96.8 = 280.75 Go DC 171.15 + 109.4 = 280.55 over Shadow 158.15 + 94.15 = 252.3 Crippler 5 wins since 2015(6th overall. 9 Final Apperances since 2015 Broncos 2 wins( 2 overall). 3 Final Appearances
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