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  1. The opportunity is meddling #2 at best and I see the Jets bringing in a 3 down back type in 2022 with extra resources they already own. In fact they could be the Miami of next years draft with an early 1st to trade down with QB in place and while not nearly as good of QB draft class it seems heavy at top of the draft. Jets draft their Harris, Etienne or Williams to help out Wilson more. This team has some talent but will have growing pains and I see a top 5 pick in 2022 and they still have Seattle’s 1st. So you are drafting to trade but does a meddling #2 get you back the draft capi
  2. I went the opposite on all these except Rodgers 1. Don’t forget that Giants have a real TE in Engram over Herndon and Barkley will get his share also. Crowder with 10 million will be gone while Giants still have Shepherd and Slayton. Add in that Golloday is an alpha WR while Davis/Mims are more #2 types. I also like rookie QB learning with rookie WR 2. agree close but could see Sr. Brown as less competition for targets by far. Both seem replaceable but voted Rodgers because of Aaron. Goff is an underrated QB though 3. Brown might be better WR on draft capital but Collins in perf
  3. just to give a little different view. I also like tiers . Our league has some quirks that change some things. In my home league. 14 team PPR SF TE Premium, IDP Start 11 O and 11 D. Lawrence Fields, Wilson, Pitts, Lance, Chase Harris, Jones, Smith, Waddle, Etienne Williams, E. Moore, R. Moore, Friermuth, Sermon, Marshall, Bateman Mills, Rodgers, Carter, Palmer, N Collins, Toney Parsons, J. Davis, JOK, Bolton, Z. Collins Phillips, Paye, Tryon, Rosseau, Turner, Werner, Long, Tremble, Trask, Mond, D. Brown, ,McPherson, Patterson(Pk have more value th
  4. For me. Chase is tier 1 tier 2 is too big. I see big differences amongst these guys. i fade Toney, Eskridge, Atwell. Give me the Moores and Rodgers instead. Even Collins and Palmer I like better tier 4 to me should be your top D even with D importance not as much. Give me a stud D player over a few O guys and the rush OLB who could have been DEs should be faded. LB more important than DL especially in this draft. Parsons, Davis, JOK, Bolton, Collins and Werner stick out to me as top 6, D players. So I got a few moving up a tier and guys like Oweh, Paye being probably LB in 3-4
  5. JAX- Lawrence NYJ- Wilson SF- Lance Trade Dallas Pitts CIN- Chase Mia - Smith Trade Philly- Fields Trade NE- Jones Denv Sewell Trade ATl. Surtain
  6. Comes down to team need my league that is similar but I see less importance to RB as can start 1 RB but 6 WR, our mock probably goes like this. Plus 14 teams making QB even more important Team A- Trevor Lawrence Team A- Zach Wilson Team A- Kyle Pitts Team A - Jamar Chase Team B- Justin Fields Team B - Trey Lance Team C - Jaylon Waddle Team D - Mac Jones Team E - Najee Harris Team B - Travis Etienne Team F - Devonte Smith Team A - Rashod Bateman Team E - Pat Friermuth Team B - Javonte Williams 2
  7. Here is the factor, is what are the other owners doing in this case. I did a similar deal but without the nice advantage of Huntbfor early pick. I gave up 1.3, 1.7 and 2.12 in 14 team SF PPR TE premiumIDP to guy who owned 1.1 and 1.2 for 1.5, 1.6, 2.1. The thought was I get Chase or Pitts and one of Fields or Wilson over Chase or Pitts and Mac Jones or Wilson/Fields and Waddle/Smith. Liked that top 6 tier break. Of course thought 1.4 was QB for sure in Trey Lance as guy has loved. But he traded 1.4 to drop to 1.7. So now I will get 2 QB or better yet, a QB and trade other pick for
  8. Guess. Need to defend. that gets said a lot in the last few years
  9. Amazed. Nothing on rookie talk for 2021 DL. There is no big name guy here. I think some interesting to provide more depth to a position that is already deep. Kwity Paye, Greg Rousseau, Carlos Basham are the top 3. But must go to 4-3 D or value suffers unless in big play league Chrisian Barmore(DT), Quincy Roche, are next best Azeez Ojulai, Joe Tyron, Joseph Assai, Jayson Oweh are all edge guys who would be good in your 8 pt per sack to 1 pt per tackle but in my home league useless unless drafted to 4-3 LB. The strength of this draft and one that makes me wary of so many Mi
  10. QB. Burrow, Goff, Fields i think QB is very important but hate to put big resources in as usually sets you back. Burrow looked great last year and I expect Cincy to build around. Any of the other vets like Stafford maybe safer but not as high of ceiling. I will own Goff everywhere. I think has talent and now they will build around his strengths over him fitting coach. I can see top 10 season. Fields should start by mid season at least. Only bad landing spot might be Atlanta but high rookie QBs seem to play. If I last that long might make difference. I drafted 3 last year and had zero in w
  11. Should have been AJ Dillon also but thought 2nd TE huge too. Wish I had taken Irv Smith but went over it a few times in my head. Sometimes, I should go back and look at pre selects. I could have got Goff at the next turn and knew this was true. I wanted 2nd QB. So many guys I did not want. Other than Lawrence, what rookie QB. Who will NE, Wash, Chicago have. Don’t like Hurts, what happens in NO, Tua sucks, Bridgewater average and no guarantee to play half the season, and does Darnold start for Jets or rookie. What about Jimmy G. At time, no one knew about Big Ben and word came out soon as fi
  12. Yep. You can have Brown i need a miracle to win this. Kelce is so huge, you have better QB, WR, K also. so will keep Watkins and hope he has another one of those huge days he is capable of when owners write him off
  13. Okay. Will go TB D as only chance to win is them doing great vs Mahomes sammy Watkins leaves me Brady, Brate, succop roster Brady, Fornette, Helaire, Jones, Evans, Hardman, Watkins, Brate, TB D @Stinkin Ref
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