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  1. Dropping my early pick, Travis Etienne picking up Ty Johnson RB Jets
  2. QB. Clev, Pitt. Solid duo here for waiting here. Both are strong playoff contenders. 1 should be there RB. Zek. Dallas my East fav. Expect big rebound from Zek on great O. Jones another playoff guy. Strong #2 RB. Moss another contender for playoffs. Ollisson role of the dice but Mike Davis is not much and they will check out young guys after out of hunt. This is very good RB core WR. Woods, Beckham, Samuel, Lazard, Perriman, Green. I really like this core also. 5 are playoff contenders. Perriman has chance to be #1 WR in Detroit who will get garbage points. TE. Giescki. Hurst. Both are solid. Only 1 has playoff smell but Hurst is sneaky. I expect Pitts to be more WR instead. In fact, I fear those who drafted as TE in dynasty could be in for shock down the line when Pitts moves to WR. This unit will do considering my other 3 are above average D. Dall, SF. Playoff contenders. I think SF rebounds this year and Dallas will be better with Micah added.Another solid duo pK. McManus, McCann. Denver is outside chance for playoffs. I like chances. McCann was most interesting pick for me. Wanted McPherson but sniped. But had to research all the PK. He has looked fantastic so far. I don’t think Ficken presents issue. Titans are playoff contender also. Might have been saved by snipe. The guy out there that scares me though is Borregelas in Miami. He will be cut and end up somewhere. The rest of the PK drafted afterwards all have big warts. Really like the makeup of this team. Feel if staying close, could have lots of playoff hopefuls which was thought process in beginning.
  3. But this is another great point. D will play all season long. Lots of players can miss time.
  4. My team QB. Ryan, Goff, Jones. I like this trio for really waiting. Ryan is dependable and think the other 2 can give me weeks. I would have taken Lock. And unlike Johnny, I think the Rams made a huge mistake and will be about the same. Detroit made out getting young QB and 2 1st. I think Detroit will work around Goffs strengths. Jones has pretty nice weapons RB. It is ugly. Zek is stud and target in any draft at value. Love the off season. Etienne. Who knows but he will get receptions. White could spell him occasionally. I think Kerryon has great talent but are the injuries going to derail. He was target from start. Read article that Deejay could be that surprise guy and Carson never picture of health. Only need 2 per week WR. To my ugly, goes the opposite. This group is high upside with lots of guys who can have big games in any week. All starters but Marquez who still has Rodgers. Not much to say here. It is the strength of team TE. Not great but it should be solid. With only .25 per TE extra was not a huge focus like WR. Here is hoping Njoku gets traded as what I expect to happen. Or he might only give me one week pK. I got 2 that should have jobs barring injury. Should have waited to get McPherson though in 24th round. Not sure much changes though. Only Malcolm Brown was a thought D. This is where hay can be grown and ripen the profits. Why 3. They score fairly well first of all and rather them as flex than any RB outside top 25. With 3, 2 probably score each week and wanted solid ones.expect all 3 to be top 21 some Context #21 D > #31 RB last year, #54 WR, #17 TE, #4 PK. We start 2-3-1 and 3 flex. That is 26-39-13. Leaves 39 more starters and only count 24 better
  5. Round 1. the only DND is Mahomes. But I am waiting on QB. Do I want Rodgers in the 6th as think value as QB8 but he has hesitant thought also. Brady in the 7th or wait for Ryan in the 10th. Even though Hills value does not excite me. I see tire difference at RB, down to Chubb also. I like the rest but Zek at 9 stands out. Thus would love that as my starting position in a draft. Even though how often does he really last that far. Round 2 This will depend on format. I have a draft coming up with only 1 RB needed. Thus none of the RBs excite me here but all WR seem like nice value. Only RB, I don’t mind is Aaron Jones but want to handcuff with Dillon for sure and still little scary with Rodgers situation. Plus I like value in 3rd with a few RBs instead. But I am probably looking at WR and think all look great. If trading allowed, I could see move down here. Round 3 Only DND other than QB is Antonio Pierce. I don’t see him running away with job like most and think he loses 3rd down to McIssac. Plus Fitz will be replaced by Heineke at some point. Wash players to me feel like DND to me in the end. love the value of Dobbin, and Swift here. Which makes decision hard as really feel Allen is huge value. I like Thomas also. My next fav RB value is Etienne in the 5th and where the conflict begins as in PPR, want the WR here way more than 5th round guys. 4th round love Lamb, Evans here. Don’t mind Robinson would not touch Pitts, Carson. And WTF players already hit my hesitant to draft page. Again if my Love guys gone and can trade, have attempted to move up in 3rd or down again. Starting with Zek, Ridley, Dobbins, K. Allen would be awesome. 5th round matters How I started now. If no trades and have Zek, Ridley,Allen, , Evans than Etienne is the look here. But the issue is what if he goes before pick because the next tiers don’t excite me at all. Sermon next best at 84. The WR tiers have dropped after Moore and like the TE but Fant in the 8th screams value to me and don’t mind Giescki, Engram, Tonyan or Irv Smith who goes later also. DND. Gaskins. I just think such a replaceable talent at any time. Hunt. Very talented but am I really drafting the 2nd fiddle RB this early. 6th round Like Golloday, Rodgers, Kupp. Go the opposite of Riffraff and feel Golloday will be alpha in NYG WR room. Rest open things up but don’t scare me for significant targets. Do I grab QB now or later. Knowing me, probably later DND. The rest. I feel round 7 has better talent Aiyuck is one that sticks out as really feel the targets are harder to come by here, than NYG. I like Samuels value instead. 7th round Like. Brady, Beckham, Stafford, Sutton, Chark, Sermon DND. Probably Claypool. I just think so many mouths to feed in Pitt plus James Washington is no slouch. But makes Big Ben consideration as QB later and easy to get away from. Maybe pair with Ryan as the targets are so enticing . 8th round love Noah Fant. He might even be 7th round pick in the end. I see Lock taking big step up this year. Love his off season could go any direction after this. You are starting to fill in the blanks. hopefully have 2 RB-4 WR-1 TE like D. Samuel, Waddle, Landry, TEs at this point. Maybe even moved up from trade down earlier to another round 7 pick.
  6. Considering that 56% is in nickel base @ 16% is dime, of all snaps taken during the 2019 season(can’t find stats for 2020) he will be the DE in such situations. And I believe nickel and dime probably higher but can’t guarantee as was 60% in 2018 and base was only 25% Their D coordinator coming from Denver who only ran base 27% of the time in 2019. Nickel was 65%. Chargers ran 29% in 2019. Amazingly only Seattle over 38% at an incredible 69%. I wonder if these so called people who control our destiny’s on players take common sense into the equation. of course, I traded for Mack before traded to Bears in my search for top DE and traded for Bosa this year at trade deadline. So I will be the disgruntled guy but am really looking at this as he rushes 80% of the time and I bet hand in in dirt for all nickel and dime packages.
  7. I know if I am Joey BOsa, I do not want to be classed as a LB over DE. They don’t make as much money when looking at top D salaries, DE, DT and 2 rush OLB are in the top 10 D salaries for Franchise right now it is 16. 069, 000 to 14,791,000. That is a fair difference in compensation. Lineup wherever you want, but make sure I am classed at DE. this one is interesting for Kyle Pitts on 2nd contract. WR is 15,983,000 to 9,601,000. If I am going out all the time, give me WR designation and why he scares me as drafting as TE. now if you can avoid Franchise Tag, than the Rush OLB can do well per Khalil Mack and Von Miller but Mack was DE moved to LB after signing his extension but guess was going to LB with Bears. will this impact how Chargers release D chart to media.
  8. Other. Zek Elliott. With Prescott back and so many weapons around, I can see 15 TDs for Elliott and his usage going on. in the survivor leaguers going on now, I had him 3rd in my pre draft list. I took him at 1.7 ahead of Henry and Hill. Kelce was gone.
  9. Especially in PPR league where you only need 1 RB and can start 4 WR. Probably the preferred starting unit each week. I would think WR is way more valuable than a RB in this league.
  10. Probably 14 as I am leaning towards 3 QBs now being only team not to draft one. Add in a few more week 7 byes. Ruffrody with 4 people on 1 bye week and numerous with 3 with lots to still draft. Other teams will have a rough bye week also.
  11. Lol. That is what happens when you preselect all the time. Just draft on who is top of the list over bye weeks. Plus the is more experiment for IBL more than anything. I will say the RB craze is on. But I only ever want to start 2 per week max. Rather my flex come from WR or TE over RB. Etienne was my first reach. Other players who will score better out there but gave me RB 2.
  12. Put my 2 cents in Waddle. I think he has the most upside juedy. I think less talent than Waddle coming out Sutton. How will injury affect Bateman. He would be higher if not in Baltimore Claypool. His numbers really decreased as season went along and league caught up. #3 WR on team right now. Chark. An okay talent overall Gallup. Will be nothing better than #2 WR in career
  13. The opportunity is meddling #2 at best and I see the Jets bringing in a 3 down back type in 2022 with extra resources they already own. In fact they could be the Miami of next years draft with an early 1st to trade down with QB in place and while not nearly as good of QB draft class it seems heavy at top of the draft. Jets draft their Harris, Etienne or Williams to help out Wilson more. This team has some talent but will have growing pains and I see a top 5 pick in 2022 and they still have Seattle’s 1st. So you are drafting to trade but does a meddling #2 get you back the draft capital you spent this year on the guy. I am thinking not.
  14. I went the opposite on all these except Rodgers 1. Don’t forget that Giants have a real TE in Engram over Herndon and Barkley will get his share also. Crowder with 10 million will be gone while Giants still have Shepherd and Slayton. Add in that Golloday is an alpha WR while Davis/Mims are more #2 types. I also like rookie QB learning with rookie WR 2. agree close but could see Sr. Brown as less competition for targets by far. Both seem replaceable but voted Rodgers because of Aaron. Goff is an underrated QB though 3. Brown might be better WR on draft capital but Collins in perfect situation to succeed now. If Washington falls out of the race at all, you will see Allen or Heineke and the gun slinging mentality of Fitzpatrick will be gone. While Houston QB are nothing to write home about if Watson gone, they will be picking up garbage yards as my favorite to have pick 1 next year. That will be new QB, one way or another. I doubt Collins ever has time with Watson. So big opportunity for Collins to succeed before being a replaceable part like the guys at #2 both are by new draft capital 4. I am the opposite on opportunity plus size does matter to me. Eskridge will put up David Moore type numbers only. Lockett and metcalf looked down contact wise for a while. Palmer could be #3 with Chargers in a hurry and they spread ball around more. With Williams gone after this year and Keenan getting up in age, Palmer has a chance. With the measurables, I think he could easily be the best out of these 8 guys. Plus easily with best long term QB in tow.
  15. just to give a little different view. I also like tiers . Our league has some quirks that change some things. In my home league. 14 team PPR SF TE Premium, IDP Start 11 O and 11 D. Lawrence Fields, Wilson, Pitts, Lance, Chase Harris, Jones, Smith, Waddle, Etienne Williams, E. Moore, R. Moore, Friermuth, Sermon, Marshall, Bateman Mills, Rodgers, Carter, Palmer, N Collins, Toney Parsons, J. Davis, JOK, Bolton, Z. Collins Phillips, Paye, Tryon, Rosseau, Turner, Werner, Long, Tremble, Trask, Mond, D. Brown, ,McPherson, Patterson(Pk have more value than 99% of leagues) Holland, Moehrig, Grant, Browning, Surrart, Oweh, Odigizuma, D. Fitzpatrick, St. Brown, Powell, Koonce, Ossai, Schwartz, Barmore, Basham. E. Jones, Ojulari, Eskridge, Barnes, Cisco, P. Jones Gainwell, Stevenson, Atwell, Deablo, , Perkins, McGrone, Sterns, J. Smith, Bates
  16. For me. Chase is tier 1 tier 2 is too big. I see big differences amongst these guys. i fade Toney, Eskridge, Atwell. Give me the Moores and Rodgers instead. Even Collins and Palmer I like better tier 4 to me should be your top D even with D importance not as much. Give me a stud D player over a few O guys and the rush OLB who could have been DEs should be faded. LB more important than DL especially in this draft. Parsons, Davis, JOK, Bolton, Collins and Werner stick out to me as top 6, D players. So I got a few moving up a tier and guys like Oweh, Paye being probably LB in 3-4 going down. Think less talented Clowney for years in IDP with LB designation.
  17. JAX- Lawrence NYJ- Wilson SF- Lance Trade Dallas Pitts CIN- Chase Mia - Smith Trade Philly- Fields Trade NE- Jones Denv Sewell Trade ATl. Surtain
  18. Comes down to team need my league that is similar but I see less importance to RB as can start 1 RB but 6 WR, our mock probably goes like this. Plus 14 teams making QB even more important Team A- Trevor Lawrence Team A- Zach Wilson Team A- Kyle Pitts Team A - Jamar Chase Team B- Justin Fields Team B - Trey Lance Team C - Jaylon Waddle Team D - Mac Jones Team E - Najee Harris Team B - Travis Etienne Team F - Devonte Smith Team A - Rashod Bateman Team E - Pat Friermuth Team B - Javonte Williams 2 weeks ago before a hanger on who owned picks at the top it goes Team A - Lawrence Team A - Pitts Team B - Chase Team C - Lance Team A - Wilson Team A - Fields Team B - Jones Team D - Smith so who owns can matter. In my league being 14 teams and QB scoring so well, you better start 2 or you are dead and only 2.33 per team for starters.
  19. Here is the factor, is what are the other owners doing in this case. I did a similar deal but without the nice advantage of Huntbfor early pick. I gave up 1.3, 1.7 and 2.12 in 14 team SF PPR TE premiumIDP to guy who owned 1.1 and 1.2 for 1.5, 1.6, 2.1. The thought was I get Chase or Pitts and one of Fields or Wilson over Chase or Pitts and Mac Jones or Wilson/Fields and Waddle/Smith. Liked that top 6 tier break. Of course thought 1.4 was QB for sure in Trey Lance as guy has loved. But he traded 1.4 to drop to 1.7. So now I will get 2 QB or better yet, a QB and trade other pick for a ransom with value of QB. 7 teams in league only one useful QB(One with Prescott/Newton, other with Carr/Dalton, another with Wentz,/Jimmy G) and one has zero but first 4 picks in draft plus the 12, so he will take care of. The other 3 have Mahomes/Jackson/Mayfield as starters. I like the trade for you but in my league, I see a clear 6 and feel 7 is a big drop. But if you have mocked it out and are happy with Smith, Waddle, Jones or top RB than the trade is great. We only have to start 1 RB and thus less premium put on. While you probably get RB here with greater premium. In my league, I see first RB going 9 or 10. But knowing your teammates and mocking out before and after is always fun. I don’t play in league but 16 team SF in similar fashion as my 14 teamer but they draft before draft. . and I know the owners. Guy holds 1.3, 1,4, 1.6 and 1.8 and know he is huge Bama fan. So I would have mocked him taking 4 Bama players and tried to get to 1.5, 1.7, 1.9, 1.10 knowing my guys would drop. He did disappoint with taking Pitts at 1.3 but took Smith over Chase, Jones over Wilson or Lance and tooK. Harris Bingo. Value was had later that will not happen in my 14 teamer. So how do you mock before and after.
  20. Guess. Need to defend. that gets said a lot in the last few years
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