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  1. Rotogrinders.com has a Nascar package that is separate from their monthly subscription. The man in charge of it does a good job with articles every week on trucks, xfinity series and cup series. They had an early offer of $400 for the season, but I think it is $500 now.
  2. Once a person gets to this point, it makes the whole process much smoother and for lack of a better term "easier". It is what is talked about in AA as the Higher power. As TheFanatic has said, anyone who wants to talk about it or as questions, please PM.
  3. My wife's company posted a job opening for a Director position in Dublin Ohio. Is there anyone here that lives in the area? We currently live in Iowa so would be a big move for us, but we only have 1 child left at home (biggest thing that would prevent the move - teenager). We have talked about pulling up our roots and settling in another place and this came about sooner than expected. It looks like housing there is quite a bit more than other locations, but not sure about other things. Climate would be pretty close to the same the way it looks, so maybe we will wait until something furthe
  4. I am looking at a gaming computer for my 13 yr old. I have been out of the computer arena for a long time and have no idea what is good anymore. I am mainly looking at an entry level for right now, but the ability to upgrade in the future would be a big plus. Does this computer fit? He would mainly be using for steam games with buddies (ie. Minecraft, and whatever other games 13 yr old boys are into). Amazon computer If it doesn't, what specs should I be looking for? I am hoping to stay under $800 right now. He has the monitor, keyboard, mouse because our old computer died.
  5. If you have to move the Grill at all, you will hate the Monument due to the small Casters. I have never had a Monument Grill, but I had a Charbroil Infrared with the small casters. In the house I lived in at the time, I kept it in the garage so had to move it outside whenever I grilled (a lot). I had a caster break on my 3 different times and had to get them rewelded on the bottom. I was one of the main reasons I switched to a weber with the larger wheels.
  6. By then you will be to the age you won't be able to sleep past 5:30 because that is what old people do. :getoffmylawn:
  7. Congrats and enjoy the wild ride. It really gets fun once they become teenagers.
  8. Rated them a 9, they are right near the top of my list. As was said earlier, they have to be soft. A Hard snickerdoodle is not a good snickerdoodle.
  9. This isn't necessarily a 4k question but a tv question in general. Do not not make a "not smart" TV anymore? I am looking for something to put on my deck to watch baseball games in the summer so I am not looking to spend a lot of money. Wal-Mart had a 40" OMN for black friday at $89 and I missed out on it. I have a firestick that I will be using so I don't need a smart TV and it doesn't have to be 4k. I have an overhang is all that will be protecting it and I will be taking it down for the winter.
  10. When I was laying in a hospital bed after a car accident (not alcohol related directly but was related indirectly because it was partially triggering my seizures) and they brought me two cans of beer with pharmacy labels on them because they were trying to trigger seizures to determine what part of my brain they were coming from, I knew it might be time to quit. As someone who has been sober for 18 years, I will tell you that you have to first admit and understand you have a problem. As was said earlier, find a support system. Mine in the early going was AA, Part of my sobriety w
  11. I saw the local Wal-Mart had a 45" Omn Smart TV yesterday for $89. I have been looking for a cheap TV to hang outside on the deck for watching baseball in the summer. I went back today and they were gone . I realize it is a cheap knockoff, but I am not looking to spend very much because the only thing it will be protected by is the over hang of the house so I am looking for a tv that if it only lasts for a couple summers it is no big deal (I will bring it in the house in the winter but don't want to take it down every night in the summer)
  12. Does anyone else feel that OU went way to conservative in the 2nd half, almost playing to not lose instead of to win?
  13. https://twitter.com/BryanDFischer/status/906719921006034944/video/1
  14. I thought the same thing last week when all of the top teams were falling. I really don't want to see them embarrass themselves again this year in a playoff game.
  15. I saw you post about a site that has live games for $10 per month. I would love a link if you don't mind.

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