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  1. Should have called the cops no matter what. More than likely they would have issued him a ticket and then it would have been all on his company. Technically not it is a no fault and the insurance is going to try to get out with as little liability as possible.
  2. The same SP for Cleveland all 3 times as well
  3. I don't remember it being there last year, but I didn't pay much attention. I can say this now because the DFS video this week had both and were very open about it, I switched over to rotogrinders.com for my DFS material. Covers every sport in depth. Quite a bit more $ but if you are serious it is a huge difference maker and you can purchase individual sport packages if you want.
  4. I actually do this quite a bit. I will smoke it all day on a Saturday when the wife is working and we will have it Sunday for lunch or supper. Like Joe said it is never the same as straight off the smoker but what I have found works pretty well. I will smoke, rest and pull the night before. I then put it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, I will put it in a crock pot with either apple juice or Root Beer and set the crock pot to low. I check it fairly frequently, making sure to stir, mix or whatever you want to call it. If it looks like it is getting low on moisture will add more of whatever I used.
  5. Middle school where my son goes has approximately 350 students 6th-8th grade. Email said no cases district wide. No protocols in place. If a student is sick stay home of course. We were told there would be no contact tracing in place this year. In the middle school last year they traveled with their homeroom to all classes, but this year they went back to previous protocol which is you have your homeroom, but each subject will have different students.
  6. 1st full week of school. 0 reported case in faculty or students. No masks (governor signed a bill late last spring stating public schools cannot require students to wear masks)
  7. Iowa's governor signed a law last year that no public school can require masks. There will also be no contact tracing this year for students at my son's school district. We are a smaller district (350 total students in the middle school 6-8th grade) and I think there was less that 50 cases total last year between faculty and students.
  8. Where in the ____ was this Twins team earlier in the year?
  9. It says a lot about Cruz the player when the crowd at Target field last night not only game him a standing ovation when he came up to bat the first time, but also after his first homerun. He is one of those players that deserves a ring no matter who he gets it with so GO RAYS
  10. If it is an Iowa thing, it must be the heathen in eastern Iowa because in western Iowa it is play catch. From a Costner Interview:
  11. From Iowa so of course I have seen it, multiple times.
  12. I just bought a chrome book for my mother-in-law. They do not have internet, so I bought one that was "on sale" from verizon that has 4g built in. Convincing her to get a cell phone was a battle but after she got one she fell in love with it and being able to catch up with friends and snoop on facebook etc. I got her an android phone so I went with a chrome book to try to keep things a similar to her phone as possible, plus she doesn't need the extra stuff. Luckily (or unlucky depending on how you look at it ) we live in the same town so it is pretty easy just to go to her house to help if she has questions or clean things up.
  13. I am a Twins fan (frustrating year for sure) but I will be rooting for the Rays the rest of the way. I have always been amazed at how they are able to put together a very competitive team every year despite being a small market team with a limited roster bankroll. Then Minnesota goes and trades Cruz to them. I know the trade had to be done, Minnesota got more than I thought the would for him and hopefully those players can be solid. I was a fan of Cruz when Minnesota signed him and he has been probably one of the best free agent signings in Twins history, very fun to watch and easy to be a fan of. Hopefully he can get a ring in Tampa because he deserves one.
  14. Looking for your experience if you use edge, chrome or something else. We are very much a Google family (android phones, android TV, Google smart devices) but lately I have noticed that chrome seems very slow and even unstable on some sites. I have read that edge is nothing like explorer (which I hated to use and only used when forced to with work) and more similar to chrome and in some cases more stable and less of a resource hog. What is your experience?
  15. Been watching more baseball this year. As a Twins fan it has been painful but it is what it is. Also playing more DFS baseball and have been doing pretty well. (part of the reason I have been watching more. The service I use, I am able to watch all games, so usually I have one on in the background but not necessarily paying attention to it. Wife is usually watching her tablet, so I might as well have something on the TV.
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