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  1. This thread is the gift that keeps on giving. He set multiple records tonight.
  2. I wanna give guys props for throwing rankings out like this cuz it's bold, but Brandin Cooks at 29 my man?
  3. I got a stacked dynasty team that just can't get the right lineup. PPR QB: Lamar or Stafford Pick six here RB and WR...start at least two RB's or WR's... RB's - Barkley, D Cook, J Taylor, Mixon WR's - Diggs, Godwin, DJ Moore, Ridley, Sutton
  4. He would have had 200 yds and 2 TD's if he didn't have paddles for hands.
  5. Funny that on the very first page of this thread from 4 1/2 years ago there were people saying stuff like "that big hit is coming"...still waiting for him to miss a game due to injury.
  6. I was involved in this exact trade about 1 1/2 years ago in a league and here we stand with it still be being a dead even trade.
  7. I LITERALLY backed up my opinion with facts. It's not the QB's fault when they fumble when they are hit when they finish their dropback. That fumble is on the offensive line or the RB in pass protection. I also never called a specific poster an idiot.
  8. Fixed so OP could avoid triggering his octophobia
  9. At what point does the SF training staff or practice style get held accountable for the injuries and Shanny doesn't just doesn't get to write guys off as "not tough enough"? I'm starting to get weary of teams that just mount up countless injuries over the years. I wish there were analyst that tracked which training staffs were with which franchises year-to-year, cuz this stuff isn't a coincidence. There are ways to train to help prevent injury and it sure seems like certain teams ignore it.
  10. Courtland Sutton finishes as a top 12 WR in PPR
  11. If Trautman's injury is serious i'm considering taking a long look at Juwan Johnson, but he's still out there in the 4th quarter. Am I reading too far into that? Either they don't see it as a necessity to protect him or they don't think the Trautman injury is serious.
  12. This is every 3rd round pick i've made since I got back into dynasty: 2017 - 1 League 2.12 - Golladay (close enough to be mentioned IMO, but it's fine if it doesn't count) 3.02 - G Everett 3.06 - Kupp 3.09 - Elijah Hood 3.12 - Mahomes 2018 - 2 Leagues 3.12 - DJ Chark 3.04 - Trequon Smith 3.12 - J'Mon Moore 2019 - 5 Leagues 3.07 - R Armstead 3.09 - M Boykin 3.11 - Diontae Johnson 3.05 - Goedert Also traded tons of 2019 3rds for 2020 2nds during these drafts 2020 - 6 Leagues 3.01 - A Gibson 3.01 - A Dillon 3.02 - A McFarland 3.04 - J Kelley 3.06 - Trautman I'll never understand the rush to throw these picks away, and as I mentioned there are always teams with rookie fever when you are on the clock that will give up a future 2nd.
  13. I sent out a trade to move Golladay two hours after he was injured. I didn't see the news until later that night. I just deleted the trade then sent it again putting in the comments why I sent it and sent it again.
  14. https://sleeper.app/i/j363YB986WGV 2 spots left Auction will be hosted on MFL just because it has more flexibility. I will then move the rosters to this Sleeper league. $10 yearly, $20 upfront for two years through leaguesafe 12 team PPR Superflex auction (slow draft - 12 hour timer) 1.5 TE premium 0.25 point per carry
  15. Lots of irony in him becoming your favorite player while calling people sheep. Did you buy his rap album too?
  16. No matter what side of the issue you fall on, I think we all can come together and agree that Cole Beasley is an attention w#0re.
  17. Westwood one radio almost always has a better crew than TV.
  18. This one has moved quick...12 team PPR Superflex https://www79.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=21337&O=17
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