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  1. He's not reliable in real football either. Not a single player is out side of Gallman, as I said.
  2. Seems like a very Giants thing to forget that Gallman has been the only reliable offensive weapon this year.
  3. I see a lot of ignorance when it comes to the big picture of the Ravens offense this year vs last year. Lots of details left out...looks like a lot of lazy hack fantasy analyst i hear. Lamar's offensive line being decimated, and the defenses inability to get stops and dominate the clock is the big difference.
  4. Akers pretty much had the exact same measurables at the combine as Dalvin Cook. What's this talk of him not being blazing fast?
  5. Let's all move forward and put our focus on your Mike McCarthy thread.
  6. I agree with you they are not a threat in the playoffs at all. Talking heads that put it all on Lamar and don't look at how different this team is from last year are just ignorant. That's really my point.
  7. It's almost like the offensive line is decimated, the defense isn't helping dominate time of possession, the WR's are trash, and all the extra weapons that help that offense like Andrews, Boyle, and Ricard have been nicked up. ZERO analysis acknowledge this.
  8. I always cheer against the traditional, huge fanbase teams like the Cowboys, but they've made it really difficult with QB's like Romo and Dak.
  9. All you had to do was spread them out 4 wide and let a guy get open, but no you insist that you can run the ball.
  10. He owns Dak and Herbert. He got a stud WR for a QB with no weapons to throw to in a start 1 QB league. League settings matter. Pay attention, or go Dr. Dan on us and share with us how Sutton's knee is "wrecked" for his career.
  11. I stayed away from making any win now moves in dynasty for this exact reason. Have fun with giving up future picks for a player that may not even be available in the fantasy playoffs.
  12. I own a ton of Shenault. If i'm going to sell him i'd prefer to wait until after they draft a QB and his value jumps back up. That all depends on teams needs, etc... Wait you may have meant pre-rookie draft and not pre-NFL Draft, in which case I agree.
  13. This is a joke, right? I'm pretty sure Muhamed Sanu has more career passes than Taysom Hill. His contract is gonna screw them for years.
  14. Still waiting for Frank Reich to out-smart everyone and use Rodrigo Blankenship on 4th and short.
  15. Back in for the 4th down run as I ironically just ate some crescent roles.
  16. He ran his 40 at the combine injured with like a bruised taint or something.
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