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  1. 10 minutes ago, The Frankman said:

    Whelp Giants hopefully can get Jones back somewhat healthy for next week, but really uneven performance tonight. Some questionable offensive decisions didn't help.

    That's not a common thought by anyone regarding this forum. I have never once heard anyone say "Boy that Sterling Sheperd really isn't a reliable player".


    EDIT: Amazing that he's Daniel Jones security blanket despite being so got dang unreliable. 🙄

    ONE TD...hasn't cracked 75 yards all season.  "Reliable"

  2. 22 minutes ago, The_Man said:

    Lamar missed those 2 open throws before he went out. But otherwise he had a very strong passing game, including being perfect on 2 clutch scoring drives when he came back

    Why is it hard to say that being a top 15 passer in the current NFL combined with being a once in a lifetime runner makes him a good QB?

    Let's see how you thrown clinching your booty cheeks.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    Same excuses everyone has, I'm not oblivious to it. And that's why I don't see them having much teeth right now. 

    I agree with you they are not a threat in the playoffs at all.  Talking heads that put it all on Lamar and don't look at how different this team is from last year are just ignorant.  That's really my point.

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  4. 20 minutes ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    I hear the announcers saying that Baltimore is a dangerous team...how? They have no offense really. 105 yds passing, no RB that seems like they can really take the game over, no receiver that hits 50 yds and their defense is pretty darn good but not good enough to win 3 road Playoff game IMHO. And this is Jackson's 3rd year? 

    Hate to point out the obvious but he is about to get PAID, no question he will get the midnight extension like many others in recent years. 

    I don't see Baltimore beating many of the playoff teams in the AFC right now. 

    It's almost like the offensive line is decimated, the defense isn't helping dominate time of possession, the WR's are trash, and all the extra weapons that help that offense like Andrews, Boyle, and Ricard have been nicked up.  ZERO analysis acknowledge this. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Andy Dufresne said:


    Gave up one of the top QBs for a guy coming off a wrecked knee in a diluted, tepid offense? And did it now as opposed to the off-season where guys retool their roster? I think the gun was jumped and lesser value than possible was acquired.

    He owns Dak and Herbert.  He got a stud WR for a QB with no weapons to throw to in a start 1 QB league.  League settings matter.  Pay attention, or go Dr. Dan on us and share with us how Sutton's knee is "wrecked" for his career.

  6. 23 hours ago, wlwiles said:

    12 team PPR, QB(1), RB(2), WR(3), TE(1), FLX(1) 

    Gave Watson

    Got Sutton

    Probably overpaid for a guy coming off an ACL injury, BUT:  It’s not SF and I have Dak and Herbert behind, and no reliable WR3 behind MT & Lockett (my WR3 is a CDavis, MWilliams, Ruggs rotation). Went shopping for a WR and this was the best I could find for a QB at the deadline.  

    Between the legs windmill slam dunk.

  7. 13 hours ago, Zyphros said:

    I’ll take Shenault and the better pick. MW isn’t anything special in PPR so I’ll go for ceiling. I’d be looking to package Shenault for a real upgrade though. I was a huge Shenault fan pre-draft, not that I’m writing the book on him yet, but I don’t see him being elite. 

    I own a ton of Shenault.  If i'm going to sell him i'd prefer to wait until after they draft a QB and his value jumps back up.  That all depends on teams needs, etc...

    Wait you may have meant pre-rookie draft and not pre-NFL Draft, in which case I agree.

  8. 8 hours ago, wgoldsph said:

    Payton needs to #### or get off the pot with Hill here. Winston already threw a pick in relief of Brees and it won't get better, so it's time to give hill at least a drive where he's supposed to throw the ball like a qb to see if he can play like one.

    This is a joke, right?  I'm pretty sure Muhamed Sanu has more career passes than Taysom Hill.  His contract is gonna screw them for years.

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